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  1. Amen to that. In light of a recent forum banning spree targeting the min/max number-crunchers (aka players who actually know class mechanics and contribute constructive data - any self-respecting MMO's coveted audience), it's abundantly clear SSG is barely keeping afloat holding on to the IP like drowning man to a straw. All that's left are the narcissists using Lotro as platform for self-aggrandizement and using o-forums as punching dummy for their own mental health issues; may as well shut down all servers except Landroval. But, it is what it is. p.s. To be fair: I was wrong about my earlier Bullroarer thread getting deleted, my bad. It's still there and I must've overlooked it while trying to locate it. Can't find a way to edit this thread's title, but if the phrase "deletes thread" can be removed for sake of accuracy, please do.
  2. Can't make this up... "No, it's not the Steed of Many Colours, it's the Steed of Shifting Hues!" the only alteration is the dark brown horse hide instead of original grey.
  3. That pic has been the visual reference so far, though I reckon after the patched servers are back up it will draw more mentions by name as screenshots will be shared around. Even if its color scheme is altered (say, deep colors instead of the original pastel tones), the very concept of..."shifting hues" is such a painfully obvious ripoff of raid steed it is indeed comical. Literally word-for-word synonyms, even the steed icon is identical. Because picking a new original name for this steed to better hide its origin is... what's that whimper over there... yes, SSG intern, thinking hurts.
  4. (intro for context: I used to post here 4 years ago under same username [without underscores], but have since forgotten my password and no longer have access to email I used to recover it). I've been mildly and tacitly supportive of SSG after they split from Turdbine, but they sure have a talent at taking player support and ramming it up their ass. This incident is fairly low-key, so I wanted to report it here before stuff on the official forum begins disappearing. The outline: Bullroarer open beta, late May: While testing some things out, I notice someone in world chat linking a thing called [Steed of the Tireless Mount Selection Box]. And what does it contain but a plethora of meta-deed steeds from raids. Steeds that are actually earned rewards by actually doing the game content. Such as the Steed of Many Colours from Isengard metadeed, Steed of Dale-Lands from Erebor metadeed, etc. Intended for inclusion to a Gorgoroth LOOTBOX. It wasn't mentioned in any beta release notes, of course. Someone just literally discovered it by accident. I get livid and create a thread on Bullroarer forum calling attention to this and calling for its removal. It generates multiple pages of negative feedback from players in agreement, resulting in a blue name making a public announcement that this selection box is indeed being removed due to this feedback: Originally Posted by DrOctothorpe This mount selection box was originally added in response to player requests for hard or impossible to obtain mounts, however it is clear from the variety of responses that we were off of the mark. Thanks for all the feedback. We will remove this mount-selection box from the prize list and head back to the drawing board. Fast forward to today: Someone on official forum happens to discover that latest release notes for today's latest "patch" include this little gem: "New items have been added to the Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox, including a Steeds of the Tireless mount selection box," But wait... does it still include meta-deed raid steeds, like the Steed of Many Colours? Not at all!!! Instead, it includes this: How fucking daft is that. Not only slipping it back in, after the public promise to remove it due to "listening to feedback", but the insolence of renaming it. Fucking scum. The original Bullroarer thread I made has already been conveniently deleted (funny to see SSG resort to Sapience tactics, first such case with a whole thread erased) - even though it was made on May 30 and threads older than that are STILL on Bullroarer forum. Cached version of my thread is still available, so I want to post it for the record before it too disappears: cache of thread By the way Cordovan, I am Herwegur so you can connect the dots and ban me since you're going down the same route as Sapience. In the meantime, the new live thread is obviously not attracting as much heated backlash as the old deleted thread, obviously because this is so under-handed that very few will even notice. Tolkien IP was literally the only thing still inspiring me to log in. This kind of scummy tactic though makes me throw up in my mouth a little at the sight of the ring desktop icon. I mean, this is beyond disgraceful, this is dirt-caked-in-dried-shit tier of gross. So if LotRo chokes and dies, won't shed a single tear. Clearly unworthy of its IP with such attitude to both players and ITS OWN CONTENT.