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  1. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    Same, when I read about the rollbacks on some accounts, I patched my game and logged in. Was alone in Winterhome (the festival map) and was bouncing between 80fps and 30 fps. Also skill lag when healing (was a mini) and of course this is on a new gaming PC that runs Shadow of War in Ultra High so yeah
  2. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    Yep, I call it Tolkien Derangement Syndrome bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Is this a fucking joke..... oh yeah and people apparently are still missing shit.
  3. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    via Imgflip Meme Generator God this is honestly hysterical. Turbine and SSG have dropped more balls than a middle school
  4. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    via Imgflip Meme Generator via Imgflip Meme Generator via Imgflip Meme Generator Sorry guys, couldn't help myself
  5. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    omg, how are the pleebs gonna handle no forums to kiss Cords ass on?
  6. TheKickman

    22 Hours

    If the forums are up, it will be a Glorious Shitshow indeed
  7. TheKickman

    Be Virtuous!

    exactly., all the leaps and bounds shouts $$$$ Generator to me. The simple way would be to simply do a deed and choose the virtue to add the point.
  8. TheKickman

    Be Virtuous!

    Here is how I see it panning out Low level virtues will be easy to acquire because you know 100 virtue XP = 1 virtue level at low levels As you gain levels and go past say Moria the virtue XP needed to level them grows whilst you remain only gaining that 100 XP for instance rank 6 of a virtue may cost 200XP than rank 7 will be 250XP They will add virtue deed tomes in the store that will increase virtue XP as well as letting you simply tier them up By the time you reach Gondor, virtues will cost roughly 2000 or more of the XP yet you still only gain 100 per completed deed Of course there will be a massive "Ooops we did not think about that" where people who paid previously for virtues will have their virtue levels decreased as well as those who farmed them. For instance my main has almost every virtue 3-5 levels over cap. I would bet that once this change comes, I will be knocked down below cap for "reasons" There will be an outcry on the forums about people losing virtues they paid for ect. and the shills like Maartena will defend the change claiming "they can change the game anytime ect. ect." While this is going on, they add mithril coins to kinships and are deflecting attention away from upcoming LI fuck up I mean overhaul Just the way I see things happening..... of course the shills are all excited about Minas Morgul which I dont know how in hell they are going to do a full expansion of unless we head to Nurn as well (which frankly I would love to see as that is my favorite area in Both Shadows games). But, we are heading to the Vales next and I can not wait to see how they screw that up. Just my opinions on how I think this will play out.
  9. TheKickman

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    Its just burying their heads in the sand in ways to defend. It has become so freaking laughable I cringe just reading the OF and honestly am glad I have been banned because I do not want to be associated with the lunacy and mental olympics those shills go through on a daily basis.
  10. TheKickman

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I am the same. I find myself forcing myself to log in because my friend calls and wants me to play for a couple hours. She is one of those who is addicted and can not let go. She has tried but always comes back playing hours a day and since she is a lifetimer she is loving the LS to the point she is begging me to pay to play over there with her. I feel bad when I tell her NO because we have become best of friends through LOTRO and call each other daily ect. But because I barely touch the game anymore our friendship took a hit because she is always on. I have moved onto other games and she can not. All is life I guess.
  11. TheKickman

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I dont think they are going to remove, just lessen the amounts like they did in later content.... they will most likely increase kill counts again as well so they sell more deed accels in the store. But yeah I can see for instance you get 140 doing a ered luin run, that will probably drop to like 60-70 per run. It is sad, and even people on the OF are starting to see through this bullshit. But hey, my best friend is still defending everything. More and more makes me think like some of yall said, that most of the shills are employees on personal accounts.
  12. TheKickman

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    How I read this letter Dear Shills: You are falling for my bullshit as usual so here we go. We may do some content this year, not sure when but Vales and Mionas Miorgul let me mention those so your panties knot up. 64 Bit client... see we promised, it will be in beta (where of course, we will not use feedback and release it broken as shit) sometimes soon maybe March, but seriously,. who knows. Oooh look, the marketing team saw a dip in virtue sales after Mordor, so we are going to revamp them to sucker you out of more $$$ and completely screw up the system making it an absolute clusterfuck. But do not worry, you will be able to defend it with the points I will personally deliver to you. And of course Crafting... we found another way to milk you of $$$ so get those wallets ready And hey why we are at it, lets do that for Kinships to! We will also continue Class Balance, in other words, completely fucking up classes by developers who can not even get out of the starter zone. Time to give those hunters shields, staffs and Heavy Armor, and time for Captains to finally be able to teleport entire armies 3 feet away from where they previously were. We also plan to add a mithril coin icon to every skill with a cooldown so you can pay to bypass it. Hey look, we are busy trying to figure out ways to monetize this turd, so we are just going to scale older content up another tier, cause ya know... raiders need something to do.. I hope you enjoyed my bullshit. Thanks for defending LOTRO. Your Pal... Sev. Yep, thats how I read this laughable lump of shit Also taking bets now, since they are rodoing virtues (and mention deeds) Who wants to bet LP is taken off all basic deeds or lowered dramitically?
  13. TheKickman

    Has anybody seen this?

    lol I got a forum infraction when that trailer was released for saying something along the lines of Apparently that was harassing the dev team lol, apparently the truth is harassment
  14. TheKickman

    Has anybody seen this?

    Oh no doubt, What I was getting at is that they know it is going to be a shitshow, they know they are under the crunch so why even bothering giving a shit when its gonna be messeed up anyway due to management failures. I worked for a jcompany that did crunches like that and honestly, we didn't give a shit, why, because no matter how hard we did things, it was always wrong. So we gave up caring. Thats all I meant
  15. TheKickman

    Has anybody seen this?

    Not defending Turbine or SSG but Warner is a company that likes to muck things up in all aspects. Look at how poorly the DCEU is handled on filmand WB recutting films days before release. A lot of those film had potential but Warner had to change things like they always do. I think its a company glitch Now with that said... their is zero reason for SSG to be screwing up this bad other than they don't give a shit