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  1. Catn even play their damn football game without microtransactions. Except for the sims 4 which I got for free a month or 2 ago, I shy away from anything EA now and refuse to spend my money on that company
  2. Rockstar: "We pushed microtransaction's to a whole new level" E.A.: "Hold my lootbox"
  3. he is trying to soften the blow for the new star wars game coming which should be called Revenge of the Loot Box
  4. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    and thats what pissed me off. Someone made a sock puppet and baited the hell out of me, so I actually ignored them and did not interact with the sock puppet at all, because ya know, I have brain cells and could see 5 miles away what was happening. Yet, I got banned for fighting with the sock puppet (whilst it continued to post for a day or 2 after my ban). When I appealed explaining this, the reasons were changed to I was hostile. Yeah, I admit I was heavy handed with my verbage, but I am honest about things. Sucks. But than again, I invest in better games now.
  5. TheKickman

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    that is where I am, in fact today I logged in and gave a kin mate half my gold and most of my FA symbols cause I aint using them so who cares. The new client runs smoother but still has issues and the new virtue system screams store (even added a new virtue). My previously maxxed out virtues are now only like hallfway done. Seriously. Its a joke. and a shell of its former self. I sat in Arkenstone for about 20 mins and not a blip in world chat. Bree was almost a ghost town. So yeah, life moves on.
  6. TheKickman

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    It was hard for me to walk away, but, I found some other games to invest time into quickly and am having much more fun playing those and discovering new titles I ignored whilst being a LOTRO addict. Hell, I finally got GTA 5 and beat both Shadows of Mordor and Shadows of War at 100%. Now im having a blast on MK 11 and the free games from Sony every month. I log in for festivals here and there, but it actually pains me to log in. I feel lied to and cheated as a customer and the forum ban was my last straw. So SSG can thank Cordoban and his army of minions for losing this paying customer and a few others that were banned that day as well.
  7. TheKickman

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    they are probably going to be ignored because they are paying to play.... now if this happened on a free server.... bans would be incoming quick
  8. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    This guy is exactly why Lotro is the way it is now. When they cater to the mentally disturbed, what do they expect. I also remember him stalking the 14 year old, and Turbine / SSG doing nothing about it. Sad
  9. TheKickman

    Trump goes to England, Hilarity Ensues

    what I find even more hysterical is when these types of people are protesting in marches ect. for rights they already have oir have zero idea what they are protesting for. There are tons of vids on youtube where people in these marches are questioned and have zero clue about anything. I also love chowder and the change my mind videos. Shows how sad our education system has become when on a university campus these kids have no clue.
  10. TheKickman

    Trump goes to England, Hilarity Ensues

    and this is the issue. To many morons believe what the liberal media feeds them instead of taking the time to figure things out on their own,. It shows America as a Nation is full of dumb asses but than again what do you expect from a country where more people know which Kardashian is fucking which NBA star this week instead of who their local congressmen are.
  11. TheKickman


    sad and pathetic. Still has zero clue about the game, sounds like he thinks he is better than what he is, what a waste of sperm Because of him, SSG lost how many paying customers (including me)?
  12. TheKickman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    She is already that monster and has been for quite some time. Remember back in the day when Sap gave a forum member a special title for transcribing his streams and that forum poster became a monster acting as if they spoke for Turbine (even stating it in a few threads).... that is what is happening with this person. They act as if they are part of the company and speak for the company on the OF and in streams. Cord has given these streamers to much rope (hell they moderate his official streams and silence people with honest questions) So, yeah, that monster already exist sadly. On another note, a family member decided to play Lotro today for about an hour..... they called me and said, "Is the game always this dead? Isn't this the anniversary?" They logged in, started grinding tokens before they checked the rewards and were more pissed they just wasted an hour. Made me laugh and tell them "See why I barely log in anymore lol"
  13. TheKickman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    No new stuff for Anniversary cause they had other obligations (from her notes).... I.E. We were to busy to care about our customers and own Anniversary as we find more ways to milk your wallet. She is praising that on the main forums. She has become so much more of an asslicker than any other forum poster at this time, and I know she comes here and lurks. Guess what, no one cares because you are nothing more than a shitty player trying to find solace in the arms of a development team who could not give 2 shits about you. Also, eat a fucking salad Anyways, yeah the more people stream the game, the more of a joke we see the game has become. When their official streamers have zero idea on what they are doing as mentioned above and the CM can barely handle walking across the shire without the kiss ass army defending him well, that says a lot.
  14. TheKickman

    12 Year Anniversary Failure

    So, just logged in to see whats new for the Anniversary Festival and its.... 12 year box with a bell and a firework (which isnt working for some people according to chat) 5 new and ugly cosmetics (that are reskins of stuff from Helms Deep (seriously)) Thats it no New steed, no new scavenger hunt nothing..... what a fucking joke
  15. TheKickman

    And you thought the OF were bad...

    But most new players dont even reach Moria oince they hit the paywalls and start seeing how the game wants to milk you they leave. Instead of focusing on a game where people want to spend money to support it (like GTA 5 Online) they want to bet there is 1 whale in every 100 new players who will drop a few hundred