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  1. I still would love to see something like this happen just to see how the SSG Asslickers react. Would they leave? Would they change alliances? If anyone were to do this, housecleaning and major housecleaning would have to happen on the forums to get rid of the "elite" who think they own they game
  2. Well you are here soooooo..........
  3. seems like 3-4 if that I did not even bother looking at it. I have not gotten any toons through the Iron Hills update and when I saw te Beorn area and now MM im like why? Finish the story... get the hobbits home than write your own stuffs. Anyways, this is going to be a mess on release. Just like normal
  4. Oh dear Lord please do not let SSG fuck up the Sea of Nurn..... All of the art I have seen for it and how it is done in the Shadow of Series is amazing and knowing SSG it would turn into More crap
  5. and that is my main issue. If I stop playing say STO I can jump back in at anytime and not have to drop money (I men with Lotro I dont "have" to but it really feels forced) because they over complicate things like recently the trait system. I was maxxed out on my main, jumped back in a few weeks ago to see how I felt about it and was like wow... I gotta regrind this crap because of how they altered it (none of my virtues were maxxed) or pay to remax them. What a joke. I left within 5 minutes.
  6. It is so sad that these same people have been doing the same shit for years. With lotro they get away with it because LOTROS CMs love the asskissing. I remember when one of those players tried posting the way they did on the Lotro forums on the STO forum and were shut down quickly. It was hysterical
  7. I am so glad I left this shitshow of a game. It is sad to see how the deranged are keeping it alive.
  8. Catn even play their damn football game without microtransactions. Except for the sims 4 which I got for free a month or 2 ago, I shy away from anything EA now and refuse to spend my money on that company
  9. Rockstar: "We pushed microtransaction's to a whole new level" E.A.: "Hold my lootbox"
  10. he is trying to soften the blow for the new star wars game coming which should be called Revenge of the Loot Box
  11. and thats what pissed me off. Someone made a sock puppet and baited the hell out of me, so I actually ignored them and did not interact with the sock puppet at all, because ya know, I have brain cells and could see 5 miles away what was happening. Yet, I got banned for fighting with the sock puppet (whilst it continued to post for a day or 2 after my ban). When I appealed explaining this, the reasons were changed to I was hostile. Yeah, I admit I was heavy handed with my verbage, but I am honest about things. Sucks. But than again, I invest in better games now.
  12. that is where I am, in fact today I logged in and gave a kin mate half my gold and most of my FA symbols cause I aint using them so who cares. The new client runs smoother but still has issues and the new virtue system screams store (even added a new virtue). My previously maxxed out virtues are now only like hallfway done. Seriously. Its a joke. and a shell of its former self. I sat in Arkenstone for about 20 mins and not a blip in world chat. Bree was almost a ghost town. So yeah, life moves on.
  13. It was hard for me to walk away, but, I found some other games to invest time into quickly and am having much more fun playing those and discovering new titles I ignored whilst being a LOTRO addict. Hell, I finally got GTA 5 and beat both Shadows of Mordor and Shadows of War at 100%. Now im having a blast on MK 11 and the free games from Sony every month. I log in for festivals here and there, but it actually pains me to log in. I feel lied to and cheated as a customer and the forum ban was my last straw. So SSG can thank Cordoban and his army of minions for losing this paying customer and a few others that were banned that day as well.
  14. they are probably going to be ignored because they are paying to play.... now if this happened on a free server.... bans would be incoming quick
  15. This guy is exactly why Lotro is the way it is now. When they cater to the mentally disturbed, what do they expect. I also remember him stalking the 14 year old, and Turbine / SSG doing nothing about it. Sad
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