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  1. ^^^ The people that suffer from Tolkien Derangement Syndrome and need to be in Middle Earth or their reality collapses
  2. TheKickman

    New Raid

    they added the rep items to the skirmish camp for barely any mark cost (I believe when we were level 85) and getting marks was so easy at that point with the erebor raids which were 5 minute runs that we were swimming in marks and medallions. So you could hit the skirm camp and get max rep with all the starter zones and moria netting 500 points. I did it once in a blue moon for an easy hit of marks, and yes a few people abused the system netting a few thousand points but instead of punishing those players they changed the item levels of rep items, so now for instance, you do quest in the shire and get a mathom, you have to wait until level 20 to turn it in. It was not a big change, but it showed how fast they changed it when they noticed people gaining quickly because of their own oversight. I mean come on, common sense would tell you people would do that. But they do not think past what they are looking at. Turbine and SSG have always been a short term goal company., I have never seen anything from them that could possibly be long term planning. They use PR spin to make it seem they have stuff planned but they are just doing shit at the seat of their pants. Case in point, Minis Morgul was promised to come after Mordor. But oh well, we will do that later cause we got "plans" for it. Bullcrap. They saw a short term goal of taking people north, changing lootbox keys ect. Now when people are leveled up and using gear without Light on it, than they will release Minas Morgul and oh wait... you will need light again, but do not worry, here is a lootbox. It is is the only long term plan they have and it is to push lootbox sales. What is sad is, I recently have been playing Shadows of War, and in the game you see Minis Ithil fall into Minas Morgul and you can be in Minas Morgul for a bit and I was like wow, if only Lotro could design a place like this it would be amazing. But we will probably get just a bunch of landmasses around with spiders and orcs and a big castle you cant enter, and a Shelob raid which is like the Turtle in Moria reskinned..... if the game makes it that far. I hoped to one day see the scouring of the shire, but the roleplayers have already had fits about that so we probably will never see it unless its a session play Oh well, just venting. I know things will never change.
  3. TheKickman

    New Raid

    Yes they have since launch of those areas. But as I farm LP (when I want something from the store because I am no longer willing to pay SSG out of my pocket there are much better titles that deserve my money) I see more and more people doing it. Recently (maybe a week or two ago) I was actually running a kin mate through a LP run (she was farming for a steed) and there had to be 5-6 other peeps farming. Now, that does not sound like much, but considering a year ago if we saw another player it was a omg moment. When I farmed for the newest QP it was insane (maybe around 20 or so peeps per run) so new content upped the amount of people farming. So much like they altered the rep items in the skirm camp because it was being abused (and from what I understood) by only a few people, I can see them removing LP completely from deeds (especially in the starter zones) to stop the (as of right now) few of us who farm the LP.
  4. TheKickman

    New Raid

    And the joke is... they do not care one last ounce. They charged people (who arent paying a sub) 2000 points for the questpack (because it included this raid) so they got the money from people who subbed and people who paid for the LP to buy it outright (content unsees albeit) and than released total junk not worth the money. Than they close it and expect paying customers to be happy. This is stuff predatory companies do, and I now consider SSG like that. So no more cash from me (hell I even got this QP this way) Ill just grind points (and I bet they are gonna cut that cord soon as more people are begining to do it (especially to get keys)) so wait and watch as tp (or lp) is removed from deeds and only given on meta deeds or some crap....
  5. TheKickman

    New Raid

    the same trend continues and the same people abuse the system......
  6. TheKickman

    Burgs are not happy with lies and ignorance

    and this trend will continue until the last 25 or so die hards will be crying in the shire the day the servers close wondering where things went wrong and what they could have done to prevent it.... completely missing all of the people who had been speaking out for years and they (and the CMs) silenced on the forums and in game. The game is now the game it's players deserve. They let it happen and kept coming back. It is pure Tolkien Derangement Syndrome (aka LOTRO Stockholm Syndrome)
  7. TheKickman

    Burgs are not happy with lies and ignorance

    It might lead them away from Lotro
  8. Yeah that bothered me because a dev had mentioned a while back that they had been looking forward to that for years and had it planned since the begining of the game and it was not going to be a simple session play but something we have never seen before.... only to have it come out and it be just a simple session play with a cutscene of gollum falling. It felt really anticlimatic and something that could have been an epic cutscene mixed with various gameplay types was just at least to me ignored so they could focus more on the p2w side of things with Mordor. Than you had the blatant lies and false advertising about the High Elf Class, the liues about Ash gear dropping on landscape (which they even discussed in the preview livestream" than claimed it was unintended (after they showed us during that stream how it worked with landscape gear using terms such as "you will want to venture more into the darker corners to find better gear and you can ash the old gear or duplicates you get" and a lot of the community saw through it. Ontop of that you had Cordoban make his monkeys that stream moderators on the official stream and has honestly had streams where he barely talks but some chick speaks loudly as if she works for them. It is sad to see how far that game fell. I am currently playing Shadows of War and yes even though it shits all over some of the lore, the gameplay and graphics are amazing. Their stories in Mordor (such as Carnans arc) would have been something cool in Lotro. But they just dropped the ball. I love how people still are waiting for the 64 bit client though. It isn't happening. If it does, I will be truly surprised but I doubt it.
  9. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Congrats. Hope the fanbois dont create sock puppets to get you banned
  10. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Yep, stupid shit, like asking for an extra slot because using the tortoise stone takes up the pocket..... like losing the 15 points of a stat hurts them with the overpowered trait trees. These players would be content if the lotro devs just released the map with no mobs and quests to find shit or run pies. They dont want to play a LOTRO game, they want to play in Middle Earth
  11. TheKickman

    Happy New Year

    Same to you I hope all you guys have a great year ahead of you
  12. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Ah thanks. But true as mentioned below all you need to do is bait one of the people with Tolkien Derangement Syndrome (like the one you mentioned) with a 64 bit client post or a (and honestly this may work better) a thread about how poor the Legendary Server turned out and where is the "Huge Success" especially since "he" went to play STO. That will draw out the banhammer for sure. Cause how dare you insult his biggest ass kisser. Although I will say I am loving this thread https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669004-Legendary-Server-PvMP&p=7904276#post7904276 where Sapienze is calling "him" out for acting like they own the forums (ya know breaking rules they can get away with) and I bet Sapienze gets a point or banned when Cord comes back for calling this asshat out
  13. TheKickman

    Merry Christmas

    Back at ya. Hope everyone here whom celebrates is having a great day
  14. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    You gotta watch though. I know some people like Armenna would not report me, she would PM me and tell me I went overboard oir something and I would usually apologize than edit my post. But I would still get an infraction or warning here and there because people like Maartena (who think they are moderators) report almost everything and PM cordovan to kiss his ass daily. I am willing to bet the defender white knights have his personal home email and twitter so they can let him know when things get really bad. That is why you see him pop in on weekends here and there to delete threads or close them. So yeah, just because you got an infraction for a reply, does not mean it was that person who reported you. I can honestly say in 8 years I have reported only a few people. And those are usually the shite knighters of Lotro who can abuse people without recourse. But I love their new tactic of telling people to leave.
  15. TheKickman

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I bet she has a list of people she got banned with a few post saved from them to do this exact shit. It shows how pathetic their life is. Oh well, I laugh. She still will not have a conversation in game with me. I did however warn my STO fleetmates about her and her antics and to be on the lookout. Ya know, since the Legendary server is such a huge success she will be playing STO during X-mas break