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  1. You didn't read the DDO producers letter then, it's even shorter than the Lotro one, I think it could have used more stuff in it but it did give some idea as to what could be coming this year for the game. It's very easy to screw up a build if you don't pay attention to what's going on, that said I've made some flavor builds for the fun of it to see what I could do, and others have been abject failures, lol, live and learn I guess.
  2. As much as it annoys me, I have to agree with Splay, Cord needs to stick to DDO ( a game he knows ) and SSG should find someone to do the CM for Lotro that has actually been playing it for a long time. Lotro forums has become a SJW infested place. TBH, the DDO players, while a few are assholes, has handled this downtime with more grace than the Lotro players. I've been playing ESO and RIFT more often because of this downtime ( run for freedom, hamsters).
  3. I think the hamsters saw a chance to make an escape and bolted for freedom. I believe the last time it was down, it was between march 8th and march 21st 2011 or so, so if they do come back up in the next few days or so it will still be classified as a miracle. I see that 8818 is still showing themselves off as an annoying prick. I see also that Mac is floating around in here also, welcome to the banned.
  4. Splay, the problem is with the Lotro Devs, not SSG as a whole. DDO devs don't go out of their way to totally fuck up the game the way the Lotro Devs do( class devs ), in fact they are seen more often on the forums, admit when they screw up and are quick to get fixes in for the next patch. They also show players ahead of time what their plans are for classes and then adjust things on Lammania, the test server, for 3-4 months, every weekend, before things go live. This doesn't mean that every player is happy with changes that are implemented, that's impossible to do.
  5. Oh please, any time I responded to you in some way I got an infraction about personal attacks or something. Whether that was you or one of your lackeys hitting the report button is irrelevant. Yes it could have Woeg, and tbh that might have been an interesting name. Probably would have gotten a ban for that anyway lol.
  6. Even with the nerf bat that they took to Mordor, which is where one of my bears is now, I haven't had any trouble going through all of Udun with level 105 NI armor. You don't need the LoE gear at this point. Just enough Phys or Tac Mastery and Vitality/morale to get you thru the region. That's probably why they gave people at 116 the passive LoE buff. Epeen doesn't begin to describe it.
  7. Something wrong with using what I chose ? I went by MadManThief on the lotro forums, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out.
  8. I do the Yulefest mostly for new outfits, I have so many other games going that I can only really run 2 toons thru Frostbluff, ESO has my attention more so now than lotro. Beorning is a lot more fun to run right now, but I suppose that won't last, already there are whiny bitches on the lotro forums calling for a nerf, not that that should surprise anyone in any way.
  9. Cordovan has been on this warpath for quite some time now, and tbh they need to find a CM for Lotro and let him get back to DDO only. My ban was for calling Vastin out on his BS changes to the classes, that and telling Sapienze/Splay to grow the fuck up. Something about personal attacks, when it seems like some people can get away with a whole ton of shit and others can't even protest in the slightest. To be fair Hurin did have some shit coming his way, but a ban should not have been it, that was overkill.
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