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  1. I've become a bit of a fan of Christ Cuomo and the Don Lemon handovers. Some of the Governor Cuomo interviews have been hilarious. Swab in particular: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/05/21/chris-andrew-cuomo-swabs-test-joke-cpt-vpx.cnn
  2. I'm just astounded that someone though to give him a graph showing US vs The World and he couldn't even comprehend what that meant. "We are doing better than the World" - Proof he is on another planet? I can't deny it's the first true thing he's said during this. I see his aids were enquiring about a Mt Rushmore addition. No wonder he wants to fight for onerous monuments. But he had telegraphed this by having a rally there. He didn't go for the Blimp Trump that met him on his UK visit oddly. I'd have that flying above Mt Rushmore as a more accurate measure of US Presidents. But he is utterly convinced he is the greatest. No one is like him so no one could be better and it's his duty to prevent loosing at all cost. So the real danger is ahead. Loosing can only mean he was cheated.
  3. I'm there to give them a hard time. And I want to be around to check the bodies to make sure they are dead.
  4. Took a snapshot of Evernight /World chat loging off tonight. Edited out the names and swearing and all the non English and Instances/trade calls. Can't have any cussing for you delicate lot ;) ### Chat Capture: General 08/09 10:04 PM ### 'what the hell is wrong with ssg and their servers' 'the hamster isnt getting food' 'nothing wrong this end - have you check your own settings?' 'Mine is fine too' 'i thought they'd upgraded to a guinea pig' 'loading screens not progressing again' 'ah that happens to me all the time on login' 'the server is leaking for the past few days' 'I had one stuck loading screen an hour ago' 'after this much time that is called a game feature' 'that problem never went away. it's load-related. never see it on, for example, Gladden' '13 years and still these kind of issues....' '13 years of sorrow and you still can't bring yourself to leave' 'maybe it's that you like the issues so you have something to complain about?' 'Atleast my game doesnt crash if I use too many swift travel horses in a row xD' 'said nothing about 13 years of sorrow though you are not wrong' 'I like to complain when things go to #### for 13 years' 'You keep giving them money if it works for you' 'i would like to lodge a complaint about the people complaining about the complainer' 'but ................you're the one complaining while playing and paying for the game?' 'I'm here because it's lord of the rings, couldn't care less about the company' 'glad to say Im not paying' 'what difference would it make? it's not like they put any of that money towards better infrastructure anyways' 'if you know how to read, I didn't say the game itself sucks but the server infrastructure' 'quite amazing how there are still people in the game who refuse to acknowledge the existence and severity of issues present' 'XXXXX are you a bot of cordovan' 'quite amazing how there are still people in the game complaining about how unplayable it is but still playing it' 'lol, you think Cordovan ever comes near this game?>' 'we pay for this game we have the right to cry abaut it' 'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?' 'Why would they if people play anyways?' 'that's thje worst excuse ever - I pay for the game so I can complain - the best complaint you can make is to take your business elsewhere - no-one in the in0game chat gives a #### about your issues' 'Xxxx I can imagine ssg thinking that' 'which is pretty bad' 'It's exactly what they think "D' 'all you do here is fill the chat with your bile while nothing will ever get fixed' 'Same with Blizzard any any other big company' 'go complain to the people who can actually do something about it' 'you seem to give a #### because you replied and keep hammering your #### to me' Just incase some of you miss lotro /wd chat
  5. You make your own luck. Bunch of cretins funding a bunch of cretins. They couldn't even publish the DDO propaganda this week, not without a mention the big issue de jour ofc. Imagine any poor sod who planned a transfer onto to this server when they got switched on. "Where's my toon? "Sphere of Annihilation" loose in the datacenter?
  6. Genius Ever though of applying for Palantir
  7. It's the staggering incompetence of everything they do is what gets me. They cocked up access to the housing, didn't come close to a balance of house types and are going to have empty neighborhoods on the most part. Even a stable I looked at had a cart next to a big fake door inside and a frigging wall on the other side. Now Cord is making excuses about hook limits not being understood and he's supposed to be telling the community these things. Every time the "Big Reveal" is a fucking "Train Wreak". Doro is just an SSG enabler, fanboi since he stopped playing lol and that free outfit is shit... So you want the fanbois to be happy, I want them to know they are starving their cat and wasting their giro/welfare checks. Can you ask them to bring QuartermasterU back as he at least understood the concept of shame? It's no wonder Devilled_Egg became Friendly_Hat, and the malignancy at SSG chose a cuddly Panda for a handle. (There's an interview that places SSGRed_Panda as steering things here) Mac
  8. As we read the books it's our choice what images we conjure in our minds, the servant animals got a portrayal in the game that a line in a book would not necessarily prompt any specific image. Certainly not me so it came as a shock. That they were implemented as mindless automata made it very ugly. For me the performance has just gone back the post merge state, Cord whispering something about work to improve performance for the festival seems like a lie to feed us. But during the recent issues we found that the victims could be totally random. One suffering and their fellow not. Until all were getting it. But the start of it suggesting a randomness as the server just gives up bothering with clients. $2 50c hmmm oh thanks a shoelace?
  9. The views went from 7 to now 79. She's never had it so good! Ratings going up Tough to imagine any looking at the whole thing as the gems in it are fleeting if telling. The muppet she has in toe (for the whole 4hours 49 minutes) a little after mentions not being the brightest bulb on Broadway. Exactly;- the Prey, the victim and the game littered with them now. Incapable of being wrong, it's others and circumstances that are at fault. Sounds familiar. Mac P.S. All quiet in the Lotro world as chat get surprising civil for a few days. Problem forgotten, though a thing happened and they did something for two weeks and servers are running again now.
  10. You have to take account of the lawyers who usually have months to work on the Executive Director's Lotro post once a year. Or perhaps the numpties didn't have the balls to knock on his door/call to tell him his secretive restructuring work has bitten them in the arse again (transfers). They were just starting the process to apply changes to the DDO servers that Lotro had done last year (and fucked up transfers) as the shit hit the fan. So if total cumulative logins remained below the threshold of the cascade it may not have become apparent until later on on the 15th. They won't tell their customers nor most of the staff: Some Huawei tech ripped out the datacenter and replaced with good old Americaaan? Too much UDP traffic with everybody zooming so cut the bandwidth to SSG? Signed up to an offer that was too good to be true? SSG unconcerned with consequences as ever. They already have an external web browser store for the vista laptop crones so it wouldn't need a game client, just a login added. I was prompted to look at the DDO forums and they have a producer and systems engineer manning the forums fielding questions with Cord only adding the same shit he does for Lotro. And we get blinkers MoL who thinks the game is just a series of his quests and nothing else to occasionally add something. He's basically been lumbered with the psycho by Sapience and hung out by the dumb devs frightened to show their ignorance to do it alone. And he's the second dumbest employee they have ever had. As someone on Redit said, chuck out these guys and hire some competence -paraphrasing. Mac Logged in no sweat, even have world chat, 58 non-anons and climbing...
  11. Payroll clerk who's monitor faces away from the office door given the post count and attempts by a datacenter employee to deflect away from the culprits here? Arnenna will do the usual fight on every thread until out classed then move on to another. Some are just messing with her head now. Form an opinion looking at no evidence and defend to the hilt. SSG still monitoring... endlessly. Some guy in the wider world is counting their bonus and SSG are reading the small print on a contract spinning on the shaft up their collective arseholes. However I am open to be convinced it's solely self inflicted without external influences with the code hacking SSG have continued employing. 70% off Solvent though The bombshell in the thread is the Druidsfire video where she shows off about happily helping to get people banned and preparing her coven to protect poor Cordovan from questions he won't understand on the next stream. None bother to look. The video is one of the classics of her sycosis. Mac
  12. Lotro seems to be in it's death throws this week. Only three servers functioning today, then they decide to switch on a few more and they all go caput!
  13. It ofc depends on what country you are in and how much your government relies on lies and spin for for their power and the stupidity of their supporters and whether they fear loosing that power over it's people's lives. But if your country does have rising cases: Not wearing a mask will work for you fine up until you unknowingly sit down with someone who is shedding the shit in your space. Better hope they at least are wearing a mask for your safety. Viral load does seem to effect outcome. But if the shedder has taken the "greatly exaggerated" line then good luck. Opening up appeals to the less risk adverse, more cavalier amongst us. Are these the right people to use as test cases for businesses to trial their covid-19 procedures? Flights opening up and holidays are going the appeal to these less risk averse initially. Guinea pigs for the travel industry? And when it starts to go wrong do we plough on or step back and lower confidence further. Business owners will have ever increasing economic pressure brought to bare so what takes a back seat? The world seems filled with morons these days, are you going to put your faith in every one of them that crosses your path? But it's not just a thing you may get and just one or two percent will die it can be the struggle to survive it and then the post viral effects that can be life changing. If you get it at the wrong time and in the wrong place will you even get treatment to make it through? Chances are you do get treated and survive but you've taken up the resources that could have been used on another. Take it up to a national level and the abject failures aren't in any position to aid the poorer countries and it won't be "over" until it's over everywhere. Mac
  14. Another cheer leader/deflector. In normal times we could ask if this could have been handled worse. Should we not feel fortunate we are this side of the pond at least? For care home work you either have a calling for it and the "caring" and heartstring pulling may take precedence over adherence to clinical processes or draw in the less able given the staffing shortfalls. They were setup to fail, but then the UK's Governments tends to discriminate by age a lot. Even the NHS is more about treating symptoms to get the tax-payer back paying taxes than curing our ills though they rush to it when a death is on the cards. But it grows the morbidity in the populous and that's coming home to roost now. I don't think Boris makes the top 10 of the world's most dangerous man though. He's just not good enough at it. Mac
  15. I'm so glad I'm an anti-social bastard. Have nothing compelling me to rush out just because some inept politician tells me the lockdown is being lifted or eased. The Atlanta Mayor doesn't know how she contracted covid-19, like the BLM march she joined with face covering was a complete barrier to it? We've seen indented faces of nurses and doctors who are wearing the fitted respirators and PPE correctly and surviving. Unless all breathing is filtered it's not going to be enough if you're in a room thick with virus. But I get the face coverings limiting spread, my cough isn't bound by any 2 meter rule. But a face covering is likely to force your breath into channels around you so sitting next to others rather than opposite as is suggested for distancing will be worse when covered. But the media is showing just how bad people in the west are at face coverings; ill-fitted and loose, touching them and not keeping up distancing. I'm happy to leave all the worlds respirators to healthcare workers so that they are still around when I get infected. Hopefully my local hospital will have bought some ECMOs before then. In the mean time; I can duct tape four layers of kitchen paper to my face and cover with a style mask if I'm tempted out. It maybe won't filter the virus it may filter what the virus is piggy backing. If you can steam up your glasses or a mirror just breathing then it's of little use. Mac
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