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  1. I don't have Amazon Prime myself but I might take the 30 day trial one day. PS. I would also prefer to pay for a great game rather than play a free one that's all about trying to extort money out of me.
  2. I'm just dropping in a hint for anyone researching the "competition". Is the plan to make money out of the game or further drive the core business? I'd think the latter or they'd want Blizzard sized numbers. It maybe just a speculative investment to see where it goes but at least there's a stash of cash to go all in with.
  3. Surely Jeff Bezos will want it priced for maximum take up to kill all competition, like free to play with Amazon Prime then have zero micro transactions and all dev into the game? Well I can hope...
  4. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Appreciate the staffing history. The timing had the whiff of a bad rep name change ala Devilled_Egg. I had thought he was just avoiding live streams, may have been more serious. VXP: We have 3 five day wrappers, first awards 1000 VXP, can only speculate the reward from the next two. The festival long wrapper doesn't award VXP. We also have these two 50 VXP dailies that can be done every day, festival and encore. An encore will likely have room to fit one 5 day. Either way it's a drop in the ocean for a new player who wants what the older characters have gotten in the transfer bribe. Just with these figures we can figure on a year around festival not even making a dent. Ball park 190 weeks if the 580,000 hole is to be recouped.
  5. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Yay! I earned 100 VXP at the festival today. Two quests mind you...
  6. Macdui101

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    It's all a front though. It's SSG he is there to protect. But once people make their decision to back Cordovan they are invested and their own egos prevent them from being persuaded otherwise. The greater the support the more you're invested and the bigger hit to the ego if you let yourself see the light. Subconsciously you'll just not want to do the research and be thorough. I'd suggest that for those who rely on faith for their beliefs would be more susceptible. Most of us here have seen a good bit more of Cordovan though and his rules don't allow us to show that side of him to this audience and they'd dismiss what we said. I fell out with a friend over the Lance Armstrong scandal, friend could not entertain he was a cheat and would not look at the growing evidence. No one likes to be duped and even less to be seen to be duped. Egos. It is similar if you take a more critical view, we all have egos. But in being more critical we end up having more data to base our opinions on. The bar for CM was quite low for him, hardly surprising that anything better gained supporters. But in the two years he hasn't learnt much following his choice of co-host around. Just that choice of game dev junky stalker ruins all credibility. At least you'd think, but still he is defended. Is it a bunch of old women with no avenue for their nurturing tendencies, or desperate for some patronage? They manipulate him to keep their small "world" safe. It's easily done. I suggested he had a "tell" when relying the more dubious pieces to the audience, looking squarely at the camera. He'd always done it like that. He immediately changed his delivery to a "forced" offhand relaxation and looking off to the upper right. Been around 3 months now. How long before the devoted pass this nugget on and we have another tweak to the delivery? It's a good job he knows so little and can't be sure anything he's asked to relay is a lie or he could end up like a golfer with the yips. Mac
  7. Macdui101

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I see he dropped his signature and all the links to his drivel output. Deluded Self-promotion was his thing wasn't it? No I couldn't be arsed to actually go find it right now.
  8. Macdui101

    12 Year Anniversary Failure

    Druidsfire was streaming with that title last week. Talk about self-delusion.
  9. Macdui101

    Captain Build Advice

    The issue is more that the relics are useless after Westenmet, maybe T10. Hitting Mordor and none of the player melded relics are any use. In Vales crafting of relics is back but has no link to the guilded relic crafting. Barter and raid item gated crafted relic. More forgotten tech and hacks.
  10. Macdui101

    Did Mirk actually launch?

    I think they are all busy in Rohan/Dunland on their Guardians. They're complaining that they don't have a source for new First Agers at 65, a load of barters set to level 70 and not dropping on Durchest which raid kins had in their farming plans. Mob difficulty levels apparently looking set right at the cost of Anvil difficulty outrageous, flipping that switch in a hotfix next week. Blizzard actually spent dosh on this stuff.
  11. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Zero mention of virtues on the stream, maybe none of them have the capacity to do maths. Anyone know if QuartermasterU did a bad rep change to SSG_RedPanda? His ignorant trolling has a familiar touch. Timelines fit his fall from grace.
  12. Macdui101

    Same shit different week

    Maybe all the "investors" over the years have never had a return or they've just frittered it away, Infinite Crisis? Have to believe that between Turbine/WB and Daybreak lawyers they had a shitty deal to keep it going. Mac
  13. Macdui101

    Captain Build Advice

    Vales brought the final trait point to 92. They announced a while back that this would be the last one. I know it will only do my head in but I figured I'd take a look at what's streaming ahead of the Cord broadcast to find a level 118 Druidsfire char with no end tier class deeds complete. She's reading tooltips mid "melee" battle looking for skills mentioned in the class deed panel. She's also looking for some other player to die and get the rezz deed advancing. With 3 accounts she can't take even that leap. Pontin: should give her some useful advise surely? Is she some kind of macabre freak show to you? I'd say it must be a Valar toon but has she done this stuff on any char since the trait trees came in? Edit: Further along and I quote "Why can't I fear it" Because you never read what your skills can and can't do.
  14. Macdui101

    Same shit different week

    For periods we had little oversight, class devs allowed to do their own thing playing around with a favourite class and ignoring another. Mother Vvyanne with little technical ability allowing everyone free reign to develop, more for their resumes than for the good of the game. Given the lack of knowledge, reason and logic would have you reach out for help but the environment has ever been deceit. Perhaps engine wise but getting all their inspiration for Lotro development from stuff they have in DDO hasn't so far done much for Lotro. If you hate one game and love the other which are you going to copy over? Mac
  15. Macdui101

    Captain Build Advice

    The shard cost is extreme though. It takes a lot of gold to meld, is it the same for sharding? You never know, one day we might get to chance to make useful relics again from these stock piles. Unlikely given the recent excuses for crafting additions they have made in the Vales update. But they rather we spend our capped currencies on this shit instead. One day they might have a Lotro Player in charge and save this game.