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  1. Even before this announcement the logins have been up. Oddly a lot more when the expansion was available in the store. 1300+ non-anon at one point today on Evernight. It's creaking. I'm taking a F2P accnt char I'd given up on a while ago to bash out some content I never had the LP for. I got very tired of LP farming years ago. Have the last two expansions to trudge through as well but the "free" LP gains on the way will get me enough for the next bit of content perhaps. SSG did have two item level increases on Lootbox and Coffer/Ember gear in as many weeks, that pleased no one, a distraction?
  2. "Professor (teacher) what have you" Druidsfire has her first rambling class completed. Their were some facts about the game and the history leading to SSG. Even some "insider" lines fed to her by SSG. That the pay checks/cheques come from Daybreak yet no one knows who owns SSG seems to be still beyond her. There was a huge Passive/Aggressive moment when she looked into the camera and told the audience "we won't judge you for playing free to play". She did promote her fellow streamers ofc including Big Ed who she still refers to as a F2P not the premium player he is. When you only have a tiny pool of talentless streamers to compare how are you to know how much you suck? Hasn't she lead enough n00bs up the creek with her ideas on how to play? Turned into the usual SSG and self promotion spiel. If you're forking out dollars for classes in this seat of "learning" then you are ripe for SSG to get their claws into you. Mac
  3. Against my better judgement I took a look at the 2nd interview. At the mention of the player abuse of the transfer system, Jean piles in with a "not guilty" comment. It would seem her huge abuse of the wardrobe limits is just fine. Continues the denial.
  4. She is soon to run a class at Cory Olsen's "University" teaching how to play Lotro. Put all your red skills together on the hot bar and bash keys 1 to 6 until you die.
  5. Ah, Athena Peters the office manager/EP who got the job to deliver the datacentre; blown it on her first day. Three months before the merge she had dropped the EU Datacentre but didn't feel it necessary to inform us of the decision, that we heard hours before NJ went live from a slip from Freelon. She ramped up the deny all mentality SSG have run with ever since. Despite her prodigious post count she managed to relay as much useful info as Sev's bare minimum count. It's her watch that brought the dire sever performance and hugely abused transfer system. How much is the latter costing SSG to fix? She let the systems and art chock the engine without a thought to consequences. Not my least favourite EP... didn't fill it with hacked DDO nonsense and sell her soul to the devil. Mac PS Had to quit the post and restore to find the submit button... bloody adds.
  6. @ Splay - Yup the I'm ok with it so everyone should be too. That it's just another inducement to get players to make another pull if they haven't been so lucky, beyond her. Listing what she may have got out of the these extras just being the poster girl for the envious numpties who will dump MC on them. As for ILIs, MoL distances himself from every failing part of the game but asks for opinions from whoever is left posting on the forums now, hardly the brain trust given the zealous moderation of Heaton and Co. Deception is too ingrained at SSG. Mac
  7. Patch Notes for the 12 dec 25.1 detail a change to the way some "bows" lay when not wielded. Kind of looks like the /bugs are being dealt with in complete isolation. These are ranged weapons with all bow artwork but have the weapon type of crossbow instead. So either the patch notes are trying to hide the screw up or they are reworking the art to flip them 90 degrees and edge them closer when all that was needed was to change the weapon type to Bow and the standard artwork would have them sit correctly. Such a waste of resources if they have done this and have to change it all back when the final 2 minute change is implemented. Comms at SSG must be worse that with us.
  8. Just took a look at the OF and MoL is replying to concerns on his BBoM questline. He even recognises that players with vastly different strengths and abilities are coming to it and he set it to be achieved by anyone, yet still some couldn't cope with the simplest of mechanics. If you market the game with inept un-monitored twitch moderators, have a history on the forums of some "players" struggling with every aspect of gameplay then you'll get players totally unsuited to a MMORPG, the consequence of indiscriminately casting the net wide. Trawl for morons and you get morons and then you have to cater to the morons who pay the wages. How can SSG function when any department has every other undermining their efforts? Mac
  9. With the deceptions that SSG perpetrate on it's customers so willingly you'd have to wonder how much rubs off on inter office communications. MoL has only just left his bubble briefly to get some ILI suggestions, who else can raise their head above the parapet? No one with any shred of rep left. We have art and systems rather see players and the CM live stream these bowcrossbow abominations than admit fault. The craft dev with years of abuse on crafting behind her ineptly continues on without issue. The "hype" that has always disregarded consequences is too ingrained. Anyone coming in to "fix" it just wouldn't stand a chance in hell. We even have a CM aggrieved that his "no ETA" and zero comment on the transfers re-coding details should bring condemnation when he fails to answer multiple threads every day and when he or marketing do they only show how ignorant of the game they are. Each little bit they learn just exposes more that they fail to grasp. Jokes the both of them but too stupid to realise how obvious their failures are. The CM's denial of "shareholders": whilst true, just confirms the Daybreak "pact with the devil" they are under, moron. It's fortunate they have enough morons still paying for this shit with goldfish memories that forget how they were shafted every time before. Mac
  10. Knowledge is power. SSG seem devoid of any game knowledge so literally any cogent post could be seen as a troll post and the dumbest of people in some undeserved position of authority will fight with the only tool they have. CM has no passion for the game so doesn't understand the passions of it's players. He has no sense of community because he's not one of us. He's just an ignorant bully, likely a victim in youth, getting off on the arse lickers that maintain the semblance of ego that remains after spinning SSG deceptions for years. Mac
  11. If people stopped just throwing their money away on the crap offered we'd get a better game but they just can't see it. The more they pay the worse it gets. Their claims of "supporting SSG" is supporting them in extracting every last dime out of these numpties. Mac
  12. It will be a "due to player feedback" they will remain open a while longer... Christmas bonuses not yet covered. Nothing about how the store was broken and didn't deliver so much during the sale. There is a patch imminent (no restarts today), I wonder if it's to close out any remaining advantage players might be having or start addressing beta bugs finally. Mac
  13. Dec 3rd and the ILI fix up is still available. The Points Bonus with task bag is also still available and the splash screen "Now - Dec 2nd" still up. They did manage to shut off the bonus VXP for players on time though. Mac
  14. You have to laugh. Reports of the store still not delivering and it's the last day of the sale. Talk about panic buying.
  15. She also demonstrates her complete lack of ability to play the game or take on board any advise to help her improve her lot over the many years of posting. She is "published" you know, self published... Mac
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