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  1. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Bottom line it's 75 (virtue earning) deed completions or store bought virtues to get to the new max of 60. It's around 34 completions on live to have it at max on BR second build. The 34 completions is assuming there are enough in game right now to get it that high, there aren't for many of them is my guess. LP rich players could cope but you're only LP rich if you are a whale or a VIP who's not used up LP to offset the other grinds, ILI and Essences. If you copped out of those aspects of the game you are hardly likely to engage in another grind sub-system. It's that with all the talk going on about how utterly demoralising the alt levelling up to the cap is that they can only come up with a systems that only worsens the prospect. Subject to change in the next build... ha!
  2. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Yet today they promote the game with them... Mac
  3. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    The ILIs change drastically and you don't discard them. For LSs the discarding is nothing compared to the ILI grind/cost. Several times we have gotten ILI level raises without a cap increase just to drive the store sales. The backlash has had them tone these down recently as dps values on them have dropped behind non LI weapons offhands. Moria used to provide enough marks and meds to barter scrolls from the skirmish camp, they may have reduced the drop rate ofc... If these virtue changes go through it will be felt more on the LSs as they have further to progress under this system. As you ID people on the LSs do you notice the ratio of people who have levelling LIs and peeps who have none? I see people on Evernight with imbued legacies at rank 10 and 12 that with a few "free" IXP runes from deconns would have them at maybe 35 (min before scrolls). They just have too many advancement sub-systems going on, some will embrace them all, some just a few and others none of them. Then Vastin has to balance the game, nightmare.
  4. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Virtue ranks cost 1000 VP up to rank 10, 1100 to 20, 1200 to 30 on up to 1500 VP beyond rank 50. Each of the old virtue deeds now earn 1000 VP I can't work out how they have arrived at the new ranks for the old virtues, because it looks like it's a lot easier to gain the rank by completing deeds before it goes live as earning on BR takes a good deal more deeds to rank up the new virtue. As it stands it'll just further discourage people who couldn't be bothered with LIs, or trait points, or the reading skill tooltips. But hey they can use the new group tool to plague your fellow/raid now.
  5. Macdui101

    Raiders showing their true colours on the OF

    I'd like to have been able to join the discussion A leader may just have taken the time to explain on many previous runs. But when you have to start over again and again it gets tiresome so fast. If you're having to explain Target Assist and how a player should know what group they are in or doesn't have headphones or have target's target up, it's going to be a struggle. I only did kin raids, except for farm raids, so we were obliged to take under geared kinnies, but nothing said they were going to get a combat rez if alive they were likely going to wipe us. Bottom line is join a kin if you want to raid properly.
  6. Macdui101

    64-bit gossip

    If they are at number 8 I guess the other half of the carpark in Needham is filling up with flashy motors and SSG want some of that. If the guy in the office next door it telling you what they make out of each player I suppose you have to try and match them to save face.
  7. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    Yet it still goes on. Yes they will want to "sell" everyone advancements from the store. But so many are entrenched against that and can be happy the whales will carry on paying through the nose for those of us who play for free. Like ILIs hit the newcomers to cap this will hit them too, likely increasing the gap in relative power, dependant on how relevant the stats play out ofc. For the old hands who have the current relevant virtues at 20/31 we'll be streaks ahead of these newcomers who may have just got the 5 virtues to the 20 cap and stopped. So many display a complete lack of planning/future proofing dev decisions. But I'm motivated by the challenge of working around the worst of the implementations SSG do and getting a handle of what's coming up and preparing for it. My input on the Scavenger hunt threads on the OFs was just to highlight the poor implementation and devise the means to get around all the progression blocks that "QA" w/couldn't appreciate. My new roll f2p char that completed the 10 year hunt, only this week levelled to 20 and could use /world chat finally. It's only taken me maybe 3 days on my main to get all remaining landscape deeds to a near finish. I stopped raiding after Orthanc so I'll be missing newer raid deeds but I'll be ahead of the majority. It won't help alts who'll lack all raid deeds but then SSG just never understands consequences so much. I don't feel the need to level a new toon, this cycle of old content reuse gives me enough looks into the past of the game and only shows how poorly SSG are doing with it. Mac
  8. Macdui101

    Be Virtuous!

    On the plus side it's Tybur's big project so she will at least be on the forums looking at the feedback. Unless there's going to be a lot of alerts popping up telling you you've levelled a virtue then I can see folk maxing one virtue to 60 with the rest on zero. I think the EP's letter must have been delayed getting his bosses go ahead so it's all written in stone from now on as far as SSG are concerned. So I'm getting loads of remaining deeds to an almost completed stage so I can max out the new virtue on day one and forget about it. There's not a mention of the new group finder on BR forums, why? Because literally no one has any interest in using one.
  9. Macdui101

    Vales of Anduin (Bullroarer Test Server)

    There was no level raise and no ILI rise either, yet. The route from Lothlorien and up to Eryn Lasgalen is seamless, Misty Mountain has a portal. It's all 120 as you cross the borders. Patch notes mentioned chicken but I didn't take a look whilst on but I'd imagine chickens will be making for the Lonely Mtn if they can enter the Misty portal. Mac
  10. Macdui101

    Cheesing through LotRO

    Seek further help on that front from Druidsfire then... There are no two handers available in the late game, so get used to sword and board. The legacies on ILIs are what makes the landscape a breeze. I don't play a captain though. They jacked them so high you could not avoid getting sucked in. You won't have any healing to speak of without an ILI and it's tactical healing rating and the new heal rating relic slotted.
  11. Macdui101

    Cheesing through LotRO

    Buy rep accelerators from skirmish camp curiosities vendor and hit the new areas fully covered as the rep gains questing through are half what you will need for kindred. Access to the good stuff is rep limited. If buying ILI upgrades buy MC in the store rather than the store scroll pricing gouge. Max out ILI asap for (ch)easy mode. Traveller Lootbox up to level 115, needs a bought from store black steel key - provides motes for gear barter, 116 to 120 Adventurers Lootbox provides Embers for gear barter. The means of obtaining each currency is limited in game, worse the later Embers grind. LP for keys has no restriction on currency gain and equipping your char. Use of mucho LP for this will however reinforce their idea that lootbox theory is "good". On entering Mordor slap a bunch of finesse essence in your gear and wear quest reward light of elendil stated stuff. On arrival in Talath Úrui slap on tact mit gear/essence. At 112 you can start the Four Allegiance hall quest lines, odd UI connected to the rep UI. Start all 4 asap as you will get 10 min CD travel skills that make getting about so much easier. Ponce some crafted gear at 112ish to provide a load of LoE for Mordor landscape. Chest all over Mordor contain craft ingredients so you'll have plenty of any mats. I'd make sure you have opened up the MT dailies for empowerment scroll barter, LP can run out, you'll need Solvents from the store. Read skill/trait tooltips to see the effect of balance changes recently.
  12. Macdui101

    Should LotRO Drop the Mac and x86 clients?

    I only mentioned it because a number of people on the OFs have run the launcher and not gotten any further.
  13. Macdui101

    64-bit gossip

    It has some sometime, until a day ago. SSG and WB(turbine) still share offices space/building who knows what hardware around the place both need still.
  14. Macdui101

    64-bit gossip

    Someone said the Turbine domain was let go. And as funny as shit that it would be, please none of you buy it.
  15. Macdui101

    Should LotRO Drop the Mac and x86 clients?

    As a PC user I'd thought the Mac users had their own native build, 'til recently. I hadn't appreciated it was the same pc client with an added layer in between. I get the feeling they don't want the headache going forward but the IP has brought in loads of non traditional gamers with their Macs. By many accounts they haven't been supporting the Mac users so much for a while now. I haven't had any issue with the 64-bit client, no backward step noticed yet. But hasn't been the panacea some were hoping for but has got some peeps not crashing so much. Maybe I've been playing it at off peak times but I think the Lua not being supported maybe has scared off peeps from testing, like they are so reliant on the add-ons they can't play without them. I have kept the extras to a minimum so I just have to drag some pots onto the hot bar and read the combat log to make do. I actually don't think they will be using much in the way of resources to keep the X86 and Mac supported. Are they going to rely on the WINE devs to "support" Mac specific issues now? I'm half wondering what happens when someone with a 32-bit format drive tries to load and run the 64-bit client?