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  1. You can just buy 3 120 valars @$60 a piece. Each comes with a bunch of Virtue tokens. Pay enough and you never have to do another virtue deed or weekly for whatever future the game has for them. In pandering to a load of inept people who were clueless on how to go about building a functioning ILI they changed the max usage to 120 from 119. Because filling that request meant more sales. Now you can use your $$$ to circumvent the entire virtue grift that was to be the ILI grift replacement. However SSGRedPanda will have sold his grandma for profit some time ago if you're interest had been
  2. I was hoping they'd hurry up with their civil war and allow me the satisfaction of a told you so post. It was close, a minute here or there and a 50 odd yards and all it would take is a President with two brain cells and a synapse to invoke martial law and take it. Repeating his mantra "The Election was stolen" for a couple of hours is enough to make Trump self-delude so a month of it and it's fully ingrained now, evident by the defence team's withdrawal sighting conflicts in approach to take and no money up front ofc. Just bizarre no defence yet the jury is bought and paid for alrea
  3. With more indications that the WH were indeed subscribing to herd immunity behind the scenes I'm wondering what Trump gathered from his early vaccine facility visits. It's always been about being over the pandemic so being told the big delay in the process is enough infection in the populous for trials to get results and approval maybe was all he took from them. Be nice to know what the execs in these places recall about what most engaged Trump in hindsight. It's not like he doesn't telegraph such things. If he was also seeing the messaging that black and other ethnic background people were m
  4. It's time for the purge, Esper out. Who needs a Defence Sec. anyway? And we thought the pandemic was going to make the WH a ghost town. Anyone know what Barr and Pompeo are up to? Taking self-isolation ultra seriously all of a sudden?
  5. The content devs got on-board with a DDO youtuber to show us the intent behind the mega-patch. It was instructive but all far too late. But it was still aimed at a demographic that doesn't exits, a whale that can learn to play and new players that have a fortune to outlay their first day in game. The issue being Marketing only markets selling us the expensive fluff and fails to market the fricking game. But that's all they care about. But the devs hide in there own bubble and deny the bad influence of their DDO masters they're beholden too. They recently proposed changing a weekly 5
  6. I still can't work out if QuartermaserU left SSG because he was embarrassed over the blatant bottom feeding or was let go because he showed his embarrassment. SSGRed_Panda shows no such qualms. He isn't hampered by actually playing the game and any concerns as to the damage he does to it in meeting his targets with the changes he implements that drive players towards purchases.
  7. A couple of points: I'd consider it a huge mandate given that one side followed no rules, lied and cheated their supporters as well as took risks with their health. There wasn't even a policy presented, just an I'm great, we're great and things will be greater - along side the usual Bogyman threat alternative. If you learn early in life that cheating is easier than work then when an aid says your winning Pennsylvania with 55% you can be dumb enough to take it as 55% of all the votes rather than 55% of those counted. As far as he's concerned he had won it and then he isn't - so with y
  8. That the Republican Senators have been saved must be down to those republicans who voted Biden but still voted their house and senate party members add in the base who just voted Trump and anyone on the same ticket. Would have been a different story if all ballots with an X for a signature had been discounted Trump has always struggled to follow basic logic so possibly believed he was being robbed of a win but also can't give up a position he's already taken on. He's got Rudi and the weasel that "lead" the Impeachment defence Jay Sekulow off the leash, like this pair have any credib
  9. Lets hope wee little Nicola Sturgeon will dissuade him from coming to Scotland. He'll have to eradicate covid-19 to lift the Worldwide US travel bans though. Hoisted... For such an inveterate liar he's so bad at telegraphing his intent. Like when he learns something new and can't help display his new knowledge to others or reveal a secret to malign forces as a boast. Space Force anyone? Woman, man, camera, TV, Despot, Dumbass, Convict.
  10. I can see the Republicans jumping ship to save their own necks but also the Democrats being all empathetic and forgiving... to their cost. But as it gets worse and worse for Trump he strives for new lows at each turn. The real chaos may hit only in mid November when "some fine people" take up the cause from Trump being cheated by a landslide defeat. Exit polls for only the 3rd will be overwhelming for Trump because anyone with any sense will have voted already or mailed-in. But Republicans have worked so hard to limit the vote, stations won't have the capacity to process all his vote
  11. They did have redeeming features: One could hold a tune and the other really knew his horses. With every court stacked with Republicans will Trump's escape plan save him? Typical self interest will likely have them drop Trump in a tidal wave and it would be much easier to distance themselves if they can lock him up and throw away the key. Otherwise I can see Trump loose and set aim on the 2024 election if only to continue the rallies and the adoration addiction. Not sure the Republicans have it in them to save themselves though.
  12. Felt I should watch the 17 minutes he could manage with the latest WH campaign rally on Fox. Drivel. Comments section has a lot about GOD blessing Trump but with the Plague, Fire Storms and Floods, America is looking like GOD has different ideas. Fox couldn't even show much of the largely Black crowd, too much for the viewers to see "Good" Black "People" - off message? Fans seem utterly beyond any redemption.
  13. So a fly, looking for a festering pile of shit to lay her eggs in, stole the show. Oh how I was willing Harris to end the debate with a "well there are no flies on me". Not even a "it flies in the face of...". So the black "Boggy" woman is the Monster? More projection/transference? Some "good people" seem to have gone astray in Michigan. I wonder if they'll be asking for Trump as a character witless? I guess Donald never got into reading books because he had so much trouble with the join the dots coloring books. Does the doctor have a modicum of sense and has switched the
  14. Trump can't even remember why he lied or get why his minions lied to cover for his stupidity for more than a couple of days. Aids were touting his condition warranted prescribing these medications, his Doctor was suggesting the "team" were consulted before prescribing but today Trump's saying it was him demanding it all along - basically self medicating. Blowing any notion of actually being under anyone's care and listening to them. So now he's a fricken' Prophet. Hallelujah! Perhaps he should invite his base over to touch the hem of his robe, gold lame one ofc, none of your sack cloth f
  15. Monday after the Rose Garden event Pence had a separate podium suspiciously distant from Trump's. I have to wonder if Trump needs a sounding board for his "ideas". Even if it's always going to an immediate yes sir, RIGHT AWAY SIR. Ofc he was going to stay distant from that point onward and can be confident he's clear of it now. Mcanany still can't bring herself to realise her boss wandered around styling it out infecting them all and possibly her kid too. He has only jumped on the "man up to convid-19" line to forgive himself for those infections. And now the hostage p
  16. WH staff, Run Silent, Run Deep but frigging run now. He'll be wandering the corridors looking for people to play with like your worst Zombie nightmare but you can't take a baseball bat to his head. "Don't be afraid, you can handle it, embrace it, breath it in, it's like a miracle..." "Donald J Trump" will go down in History. "Jesus H Christ" will soon be a distant memory.
  17. So Donald would you like to spend an hour in ICU with other convid-19 patients to see how it is or jump in the car and wave at a bunch of monkeys holding flags? Oh, I like monkeys
  18. Some should suggest Sodium Pentothal as a great treatment and send him out to the waiting press.
  19. To get a hit of adoration. No more. If the VP gets a persistent chant of Pence, Pence, Pence while Trump is still side lined he'll be apoplectic. He's already like a rat gnawing off a leg to get out and get the next hit. If Harris wins the next debate Trump might even be pleased. He's learnt all about covid-19 in two days - if your are President you can self-prescribe all the shit you want and have the spineless toads fall over themselves trying to justify the treatment without pissing off Trump for showing him as weak. He didn't need a plan for Hope Hick just a go home now you'
  20. OMG Well fuck me if the the drive by doesn't prove it.
  21. I can imagine Trump starting to get symptoms and getting desperate to get Hope's "condition" leaked first so that he can get treatment. What's telling for me is the apparent early onset of symptoms together with the remarkably slick plan for and implementation of treatment. Did he think he could style it out if he didn't get any symptoms even? His whole life has been never being his fault. Hope Hick is very much inner inner circle going back years - nicely holed up isolated and largely forgotten now. The rose garden is looking less like the spreader event and just where the victims cong
  22. The first it became public was Trump calling into Hannity on Friday night and ending the call that he had been tested and was waiting for results as well as intermating that Hope Hicks was his likely source and hers someone in the law and security surrounding them. His lies have been lapped up for years, he doesn't know how bad at it he is so will just assume it will be believed. He was basically reversing who was who's source, not his fault as ever. His activity around the time of Hope's positive result suggests he would not be above attending an event that promoted him and his cause whi
  23. Ok He's got it and is still only thinking about himself the election and anyway he can keep in power. All those morons in the Rose Garden can go fuck themselves. All of them are just great, brilliant and wonderful until they can't be any use to him at which point they are trash to him. He's asked his enabling doctor for anything that can help him get back to campaigning and the only thing that has promise requires him to be in hospital to get compassionate use exemption - monoclonal antibodies. Next on the list is remdesivir and dexamethasone. He'll be getting hooked up to an
  24. Gastro intestinal tract seems not to pass infection. VP negative. No one at the WH seems to be aware of the incubation period of two to ten days. They rush to get a test and think they are clear and troll out the same excuse for not wearing a mask. I guess they are still afraid of Trump surviving and belittling them for being pussies. I never thought anything could stop Trump tweeting - has to be serious or a new level of utter panic? To be a fly on the wall when Nancy Pelosi steps over the WH threshold, without invitation and despite an abundance of garlic, to
  25. Still fixated on the non entity "Antifa" and failing to see the real threat of the "Boggy Men". If you don't win Donald, the Boggy Men will come after you, the Father's voice in his head still? Key moment in the "debate" was Trump's reaction to having his intelligence questioned. Ofc a bright person wouldn't call the NYT tax revelations both all lies and illegally obtained. You have to be a total moron to believe the shit on twitter and Fox though. The whole thing is paranoia in the extreme. Odd strategy to deflect from covid-19 by spreading a paranoia epidemic. The spectacular, b
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