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  1. ZaklanoSrce

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    Yeah,thank you for this . Made me laugh because they banned me so many times because of troll reports ( in chat ) yet blatant exploiting will be ( mostly ) ignored,also the people who do this .. i mean putting your entire account at risk for what ? To be coolest crew in 21-st hall for couple days ... just facepalm . On other hand maybe they are not in such risk anyway ... if Sherlock-Cordovan-Homes who thought that Mordor trailer is cool investigate this they have nothing to worry about .
  2. ZaklanoSrce

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    When community manager and some of the devs can behave like they have Aspergers why not some random player 😎
  3. ZaklanoSrce

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Oh yeah ... THAT guy . There was a time that i have nothing to do in lotro so i decided to be little altohollic and i made a toon on Arkenstone .As soon as i entered the server i was hit with walls and walls of spam from vanya-linga-dinga-something about noldorin-elf-queen-doing-stuff ( it was so incoherent that i couldn't even make meaning of it ) . And i remember that stuff was going and going and going so much that almost nothing else in chat could be seen ( for me that is definition of spam ) .Anyway i clicked report and ignore . Couple months later ( Arkenstone not being my main server,so progression was slow ) i come to Moria get bored in moment and decided to clear my ignore list ( had maybe 2-3 people ) ... boy what a mistake that was ( again not being native of arkenstone i didn't know with whom i'm dealing with ) . One day i'm in Bree auction hall when someone sends me tell saying how i have nice dwarf boots ,i'm like thank you .Then i get " can i lick them " ... i click on name of sender and there it was vanya-linga-dinga-something 😱 At that point i remembered the guy and think " seriously this guy is still here ",anyway i clicked on report and ignore again . From that point on i did removed him from ignore from time to time just to see what's he up to and i can confirm that person is not well in head - spamming is not even the worst thing,he would obsessively stalk someone,not just in chat but in game world too ... like follow you around in game for hours like a bloody freak .And not a single report against that guy ( and he must collected reports from at least 50 people ) never seemed to bring him any punishment . I eventually abandoned Arkenstone,but i wouldn't be surprised he is still there doing what he does best .
  4. ZaklanoSrce

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I was following news about this game for quite some time,but they bought me when they added John Wick 😁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LembwKDo1Dk First time that i pre-ordered a game ( if we don't count Mordor expansion ),still long way to go until release ( almost a year ) but certain gaming company could take some lessons how to do marketing and customer relations 😎 Will post gaming experience once it get's released .
  5. ZaklanoSrce

    "Legendary" Mirkwood

    Maybe i'm just stupid,but i don't get the purpose of legendary servers . As far as i followed the info about them from start they planned to add eventually most content available there too ( from " normal servers " ),so what's the point ? So people can have vanilla feeling ? They could have that anyway anytime by starting a new character . I was a VIP for last 6 months but didn't even bothered to visit there,seemed to me like a huge luxury resource wise while the main game is going more and more down .
  6. ZaklanoSrce

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Well it's my time to post here 😎 I earned myself a perma-forum ban from Cordovan . I very rarely visited forum,even less posted,and 2 days ago i logged in to report couple of bugs in Vales of Anduin and come across a fanboi thread where someone was arse kissing SSG 10000 % ( the usual muh thank you for listening players -they never do-, blah blah ) and i posted " hahaha and bellow " you have something brown on your nose " , now i fully admit that was not nice thing to say and i'm no saint for saying it,and i did probably deserved for some sort of punishment but perma ban on first strike ( no prior infractions whatsoever in years ) . Not only that he banned me with words " created account for trolling,time ban will be lifted - never " and i'm like .... dude i'm playing for years,i'm using forum for years ... don't abuse your position and insult me . Anyway i did file an appeal stating what i said was wrong and asking for ban removed on which he responded " Yes you were abusive to people on forum ",and i'm again like .... Dude,i'm not asking you that,i'm filling an appeal of drakonian punishment . ( just to say again - no prior fight with anyone,no trolling,nothing ... nada ... nich ) No warning,no 7 days ban,hell no 14 day ban,death row on first strike and for what ? Admittedly bad joke . For me this is final bucket of ..cram from people at this company,i'm gonna wait for Minas Morgul just to see it and that's probably gonna be the end of me playing this game .