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  1. One just have to look at your twitter feed to see " ORANGE MAN BAD " and " AMERICA RACIST " ,so please by all means gather your friends who think the same and circle-jerk each other . Also you are the only one raving here ( you and that ape who cant come up with nothing better than mom insults ) . You start with insults,swear words,name calling and total SJW raving and then you say " I'm perfectly fine debating politics ",well sure you are buddy ... if those are your definitions of debating politics . Just look how you started with " person becomes at birth PERIOD " and then you
  2. Mom calling will certainly make your case seem stronger ,go on .
  3. Where the fuck is responsibility of women in your argument ? Can you leftist get your head out of your ass and admit that women have half of responsibility in sex like in everything else ? And try to calm your self-righteous autism because frankly you are just embarrassing yourself with this ravings and swearing . " you dare me " - lol how about you grow up . But ok i'm gonna say it - it's better to put child to adoption and not to abort it . I'm not even religious you retarded social justice warrior,just because you THINK something doesn't make it universal fact .
  4. If a women doesnt want a child then she should use a fucking pill .
  5. If technology one day allows growing babies in vats i guess that would be one way to solve this problem,but in that case i would support " mother " loosing any right to that child after " turning into human " .If you didn't want it inside you,you don't any right to it afterwards . Irony is that " pro-choice " movement completely ignores and discriminates against other gender .How about you give man right to " financial abortion " - if a man doesn't want that child he shouldn't be forced to pay child support ( and sure in that case take away his right to ever see the child ) . If wome
  6. This is maybe your opinion,but it's not true according to any legal definition that i know .
  7. Well it's certainly better to have old people as politicians in comparison to literally autistic 15 year old Swede crusading against muh global warming or AOC and her political/economic ideas . Also if i was Dutch citizen i would rather think about why i'm becoming minority in my own country .... just sayin' .
  8. Use electric conversion therapy
  9. They are forcing me when they block 2 million people city for 200 gays and lesbians to parade for couple hours.I don't go to gay parades,gay parades are forced upon me . And LOL to that typical homo trolling " you are scared of us " or " you are secretly one of us " .
  10. Ah,there it is " We the gays " . It's not normal for gays to adopt children because children need normal nuclear families ... not daddy's and daddy's or mommy's and mommy's . I won't even go into statistics of children abuse in gay adoptions which is through the roof . There would be no riots if you people don't force your parades on people who don't wont them . No means no . I miss good old times when homosexuality was classified as mental illness .
  11. Oh really ... I guess when they want to force states to allow them to adopt children,or put put LGBT propaganda in schools that's also a non-issue ... for them . Or organizing that moronic gay pride parades which in eastern Europe look like WW2 re-enactment battles with all the riots since nobody wants them parading other than couple hundred gays and EU ambassadors . LGBT people today are hyper-aggressive drama queens and the more they try to push their thing in face of the rest of us,the more backlash they will receive . They need to understand that just because they are g
  12. Sorry,no chances in 2020,try 2024
  13. " Mike Pence in the 2016 vice presidential debate: "This is basic stuff. Foreign donors — and certainly foreign governments — cannot participate in the American political process." " Unless they are Israelis ... then it's ok ✡️
  14. I hope we will have meme warfare just like in 2016
  15. Mexico have one of toughest gun laws in the world,look how well that worked out for them .
  16. Also Yugoslavian civil war/Croatian war of independence in 90's where lightly armed population resisted what was then 4-th largest European army .
  17. Maybe so for me as individual . But if government tries to use military against several million armed citizens all across country it's completely different equation .
  18. I'm pretty sure that's what constitution and government do ... unless you live on some pacific island all alone
  19. And why should someone be informed how i spend my money on things i want . Did real wonders in stopping truck attacks in Europe right ? From government and people who are so convinced in their own moral high ground they would use force to make me live according to their ideas . And don't make this sound as some unique USA thing,there are many people around the world that understand that gun rights = human rights .
  20. This is everything that needs to be said about that
  21. Of someone joining yesterday and claiming to spent years data-exploring this quite obscure game . I'm not saying it's not true,just that i'm cautious . Can you post some screenshots of this work ?
  22. Maybe SSG just want to follow modern currents so they added transgendered dwarfs
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