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  1. No advertising for legendary servers is good tho It has to be the worst stinking pile of shit ever made (or not even made.. released as it is without a single clue on how stuff works)
  2. Seems like most people have turned away from legendary servers (As expected as ToO was really the last raid worth a shot) We do have 105 with throne, but will legendary servers survive this? The next max levels has no end-game what so ever (epic battles?... ) Logged on Anor the day after release.. Saw 170 non anonymous online.. No idea what peak numbers on these servers are, but they look so dead.. was logged on for 30\40min.. nothing was said in world chat. Very hard to post this as there is a big ass google ads banner over the "post" button
  3. Im highly interested in this as i work with PHP, MySQL and python everyday.. Some screenshot of the work would be appreciated tho
  4. I'm watching some of these "lotro" streamers and are generally bored after 10 seconds. Who would watch some random hag questing in the world's slowest way possible? And why do they get viewers? I've done some "Easy and quick" Anvil\TG\Depths stream on my twitch side, but i only get viewers from those in my group\kin\user-chat or when someone links it in world chat. Its never more than 15\20 people tho.
  5. The small population that already play on Anor will completely die out with RoR - Many players have been on\off legendary servers in the wait of this update (Isengard) Now that this seems like a failure as well there really is not anything left.
  6. Cordo said it on a live stream (a friday i think it was) It was then released the next tuesday. Patch notes came late monday. Was like that with mirkwood as well.. Officials said they release update the day before it went live. Seems like they rushed the release of Isengard as quickly as possible as the cheer interest in this exp pack is way higher than anything else. So far there has been like 200\300 non anon players online even at peak times.. My live server (Evernight) has usually 700\800 in peak times. They really should combine Anor and Ithil right away and also
  7. Yes, Isengard is now released with Great River.. There is however a bug that prevents anyone to enter brown-lands, so you can't finish the quest line yet. Ohh..and the skirm camp dude that lets you barter First age weapons was avaiable for 20min after release.. This made those who logged on early able to barter many many FA symbols (for a few marks\meds)
  8. I remember i did a few 3-man\6-man instances with this guy on Ithil.. thought he was good, but a little strange.. Now after reading all this and seeing the forum thread about himself.. total nutjob and possible with a disease.. maybe asperger? How this is a official streamer for lotro is beyond me..
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