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  1. As far as fuckups go, this is the best one yet. I'm kinda sad that it didn't happen to lotro, because seeing all those whales' tears on OF would have been absolutely epic. Honest question; how long can SSG keep going like this?
  2. On the contrary, to them, you'd be the best thing since sliced bread. Not everyone can be sarcastic and funny, but yet subtle enough at the same time.
  3. So in short, yet another way to milk money of off whales. The shortage of mead halls already sent a few people to the OF to whine about it. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682071-Rohan-Mead-Hall-Availability The promptness in SSG's replies just tells where their priorities truly lie. They're more than eager to shove even more down whales' throats.
  4. Surprisingly there's more responses that agree with the OP, at least that's the impression that I got when scrolling down through replies. I guess the wind's changing somewhat. They'll figure it out eventually. Every person has a limit, it's just the matter of tolerance. For me, this whole shit fest with servers feels like Déjà vu of late 2013. The only difference is that now even the ultimate fanboys have a hard time making up excuses and are actually begining to realise that the game's 3/4 of the way down the drain and that there's actually no point in trying. The most hillarious thing in that thread is (if I understood correctly), that EVEN Arnenna admits that she stopped posting on BR for the exact same reasons that the OP stated... For me, it's just a big bowl of shame and sadness to see my once favourite game go from great to absolute shit.
  5. I 100% agree with this. The game used to be praised for it's faithfulness to the lore. Now it's just the case of how much bullshit can they put in the game with every update. I'm surprised they even fixed it. The problem is that most of the whales won't even complain, and those few sensible people that are still playing the game can't cause too much of a backlash on the OF, because there's so few of them even bothered to post anything. So eventually everything dies down and the shit fest continues as per usual.
  6. The difference is that bouncers are doing their job, while SSG are not. They aren't even worhty to tie the shoelaces of those bouncers boots lol.
  7. Exactly. They had a chance to do some damage limitation and appease probably the biggest spenders in the game, yet all they've done is shot themselves in the foot again. At this point it's just hillarious, not to mention the lousy 250 LP. What can you even buy with that since everything's so expensive in the store?
  8. Lol, I didn't even think about that. There's zero continuity. Just goes to show how the standard has dropped. All they proved with this post is that they don't even know how to count properly. I'm really glad that I'm not a vip anymore, would be really pissed off, if I saw this.
  9. Shit, I kinda knew I was wrong, didn't bother to research it. I stand corrected and I apologise lol. It's still very dumb. If Tolkien saw this, he would probably shoot the man responsible for putting that in the game.
  10. Yesterday in Minas Morgul it was so bad I just logged out. And I was on foot. The list of issues is endless. In the MT dailies the cisterns lag like fuck, even though you barely need more than 1 hit per mob. It's ridiculous.
  11. Well the servers are back up again and they did bring up the chat servers in the last maintenance. But it's still a shit show regardless, there are still serverwide lagspikes from time to time, sometimes you can barely login and once you do, you bounce around and rubberband like an idiot for 5 mins straight before it settles down abit.
  12. Isn't MoL responsible for the epic quest storyline? I'm sorry if I sound dumb, but I thought he was there just for the epic story and maybe some other quests... I do agree, that the quality of the epic quest line dropped dramatically. Back in the days I was very excited to do the epic quests, now it's just awfull. Not to mention the blatant lore break since the war of the ring ended. Dogs at the wedding, that goblin in mordor, just to mention the 2 most stupid ones. It's seriously bad, kinda pointless to record yourself playing the game and then upload it just for the sake of it. I find Andang's videos way more enjoyable, it does seem like she's trying to rip him off, but it's failing miserably. I 100% agree, and to add salt to the injury, if I understood correctly, that other person also moderates the cord's stream alongside druidsfire. But that's SSG for you, always finding new ways of lower the bar even further. The world chat is surprisingly quiet yes. Like someone pointed out in the official forums, the bar is set so low now, that even a successful login is considered a victory, so I'd guess that people just can't be bothered to rage about it in game. Surprisingly, none of the condemning SSG threads have been locked or deleted on the OF so far either.
  13. It's a poor attempt at damage limitation. The hole they're digging for themselves just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I wonder how long they'll last this way.
  14. What can you expect? At least the store is functioning perfectly, that's the main thing for them. I'd bet that if the store went down, there would be a fix in 24 hours max, because they depend on the cosmetic buying whales so much.
  15. It does sound convincing doesn't it? She's hopeless. I don't know why people even respond to her posts at all, she's got no credibility and never had any to begin with. The game's got so many issues that it's just a matter of time before something gets fucked as bad as what we've witnessed over the past weeks. Quests not loading, NPC's not showing, tons of lag even before the server meltdown and to top it all of they didn't even bother to assign the death animations to some of the new mobs in minas morgul. I watched that part where she's describing how happy she is that she gets to dish out the bans. Couldn't be bothered to watch more than a few minutes. It's embarrassing that an adult person uses a ban hammer to fill up their ego. She and Sapience would make a truly lovely couple.... just wonderful.
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