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  1. Of what? Although my research was entirely due to my many-years-long reverse engineering hobby, it did have a vaguely worthwhile side effect: a much greater appreciation for how they actually do things. We've probably all seen commentators in glff / World posing as experts with a privileged understanding of the game engine. A few manage not to stumble, but since beginning this project I've been able to spot any number of seemingly authoritative claims about how the game works that are in fact pure drivel. Surprise, surprise. I find it impossible not to feel a certain kind of respe
  2. This is a post for nerds with non-zero interest in exploring Lotro's client data files. May as well stop now if that isn't you! My tolerance and sympathy for SSG's creative decline has finally reached zero. As a result, I am making available to interested persons my private repo containing several years of casual research into the client data files: client_anim.dat, client_gamelogic.dat and so on. These files contain many dozens of proprietary types representing the game's landscape, dungeons, 3D models, music, items, scripting, quests... in short: as you would expect, everything they can
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