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  1. It'd be interesting if someone with access could post this on the OF... Anyway I had a dream about LOTRO in the shower today and it went something like this: The game launcher loads and I find a new post titled "New Management: What to Expect" My heart skips a beat and I click on a link in the post that directs me to a stream where a new lead developer seems to be greeting the community. He introduces himself and his fellow coworkers around him who are all be wearing LOTR themed t-shirts: "I am not only the new lead developer, but the new publisher and owner as well, as I've decided to buy the management of this beloved IP to see it not only return to its former glory, but surpass it." The stream chat, which started as just a few hundred viewers and is now reaching a thousand, unsurprisingly burst with praise. He continues: "Although we are a business that seeks to remain afloat, we are not willing to sacrifice the integrity of this game, the loyalty and support of its players, or the reverence and love shown for its universe in order to make a profit. In fact, we would rather break even or lose money than continue to see such a beloved game world from the father of fantasy himself be run down even further into its ruinous state. Many changes will be made and not a moment too soon." Chat begins to spam 'CHANGES CHANGES' and '#CHANGES' "There will no longer be a VIP status or an LP currency behind which many of the game's core features are locked only to frustrate and inconvenience new and old players alike, driving them away from this beautiful game. There will be 'Backer's Status' which will allow players that wish to support our new endeavor to better the game for everyone to support us in exchange for a choice in new monthly cosmetic options, entry to developer-run events, and the opportunity to submit feedback and work hand in hand with our team in order to provide features that the community wishes to see implemented." Everyone in chat now begins to spam 'PAY TO BACK!' 'P2BACK!' "In fact, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday and Friday will be community feedback days during which we take suggestions from our players on the forums and on our bi-weekly streams in order to address and work on the this amazing and dedicated community's most pressing concerns. We will have devs dedicated to the meticulous balancing of classes, gear, and PVE content as well as the reviving of PVMP, among many other things. An end there will be to developer silence and anti-player policies! Which brings me to the next point: the immense pay wall for new players and the ceaseless, predatory grind at the endgame are gone as of next week. The legendary system will be completely reworked to be intuitive and above all player-friendly. The incessant grind created for every level increase by the previous team will be completely overhauled as per our community's feedback. The virtue system will once again be reworked along with every other system that was purposely twisted in the name of inconvenience in order to be monetized. Purposely disrupting free and premium players, locking the game behind hundreds of dollars, over-saturating Tolkien's world with intrusive monetization and providing significant disadvantages to those unable to dish out cash is a depraved and wicked manner to run a game such as this and now, thankfully, a thing of the past. New players will be able to play completely for free prior to the expansions and be given the option to pay for each expansion as they wish once they reach that stage in their journey, unencumbered and unmolested. The game will surely attract and retain a large population of players wholly unfathomable to the previous developers who in ignorance or apathy cared not at all about new players that were highly unlikely to stick around and spend an inane amount of cash. Lord of the Rings will never go out of style and upcoming years show much promise; we wish to nurture and grow the white tree of LOTRO for all future players that wish to come and explore this incredible world. And through our passion we wish to mend its wounds and keep its heart untainted for future generations." The stream chat went quiet in awe and building anticipation almost as if the words they were hearing were too good to be true. A few moments later a spectacular eruption of joy shook chat as players realized that hope for the game, which they loved and had cherished for years, was rekindled.
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