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  1. Whomever is now employed who wasnt prior. Many non partisan reporting outlets, like the ADP national employment report https://www.adpemploymentreport.com/ has shown month after month of job growth. Im not sure how job growth translates into only a handful of people benefiting but I will read with great anticipation your non biased and non partisan reply. 😀
  2. Thats interesting because the narrative we get in the states is either he is a homophobic bigot or he is a oppressed journalist. I suspect its not a huge loss to not hear from him much anymore.
  3. Well does this mean we've heard the last of Tommy Robinson? We watch him from across the pond, what a curious individual this process has bred.
  4. May 21–25 Libertarian party will nominate/select their ticket. Here's hoping we get someone better than Gary Johnson this time around and can actually make a go at a viable 3rd party in the U.S. The democrats and republicans have fucked this country up nearly beyond repair. At least Trump is entertaining but governance is important and there are many issues we need action on. Thank god the economy is doing well, in spite of all the shennanigans.
  5. I know right, like all those people who said trump couldnt win... The funniest thing that could happen is if Trump didnt take Biden seriously and Biden won. For me the last 3 years have been awesome watching liberals cry, 4 years of conservative tears would be awesome.
  6. Clearly your expectations are way higher than mine. I have no love for Trump, but I simply cant categorize him has this horrific monster others seem to (not saying your one of them BTW). I mean in my life time most of the republican presidents have either started or escalated wars (Nixon, Regan, Bush, Bush jr) the only two who didnt were Ford and Trump. That doesnt make him any less corrupt though, but we have a whole slew of presidents to chose from on both sides that were corrupt to the core. I agree with you on the reckoning at the ballot box, but after 2016 I simply refuse to believe
  7. Future presidents can now be impeached much easier then in the past. The bar for engaging in treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors has been lowered significantly. Trump is guilty, you would have to be a complete naive to think he didnt try and use aid as leverage to get dirt on Biden, I mean thats what Trump does. You would also have to be a naive to think that Trump is the only president to do this, or will be the last to do so. This wasnt the final battle though, the 2020 election is the knockout blow if the democrats can parlay this into momentum with voters. We'll s
  8. I am always fascinated by the staggering amount of missteps Turbine made (and now SSG) over the years with the game. Im equally fascinated by the fact that the game continues on, still producing expansions and people play. I know "there less people now !!!!!!!!!!!!" the cry goes out but I was on Arkenstone last night, plenty of people in my view. Clearly thats not 24-7 but for this title and the amount of crap they have spewed out over the years to have retained this many people is amazing. I suppose its fashionable to claim those people (myself included, I do still play) as idiots but I
  9. we disagree on radical 35 seats is an 8% swing, I think its possible, however unlikely but Im not here to quibble really. My overarching point is that the election will likely sort things out, everyone has had their say except the american people. You and I are on the same page for a 3rd party. Ive voted Libertarian the last few elections and in 2016 they had a shot to really push 5%+ had they not picked Gary Johnson who was an absolutely travesty of a candidate. Frankly Im surprised more on the far left havent splintered to their own party or taken over the greens. People like AOC, Bern
  10. Yes Dershowitz has tarnished himself, it was a poorly worded argument at best. Regarding more investigations, there is the small matter of the election which is coming sooner rather than later. Washington in classic form has operated in a bubble, again. Both sides seem to be pandering to a base of voters that doesnt account for the majority. This isnt completely a new phenom because you always start with your base but demographics are changing fast. As an example, I had a chat with a die hard conservative who told me "Texas will always be a red state". I then explained to him the curious
  11. The entire process is wrought with constitutional issues, which Trump will likely have legal recourse to challenge. I operate under the assumption he is guilty as all politicians are corrupt to some degree, and nothing I have seen so far is precedent setting given the many other shennanigans that have gone on in washington. The main constitutional issue Trump has as his fall back (thats assuming the senate convicts which is unlikely) is Senators are required to take an oath for the impeachment trial, I believe this is in Clause 6 in the constitution under Article 1. This oath requires al
  12. Biden will get the Democratic nomination. The process to get the nomination is governed (largely) by the democratic national committee. In U.S. politics, once you get the nomination most candidates swing back to the middle, biden can do that quicker than the rest due to his decades in politics. You've got about 30-40% of the electorate (less so now perhaps) that switches parties regularly. As an example I've voted both dem and republican in the past as at various periods I thought the other could do a better job. Biden has been near or at the top of polling for democrats since before he
  13. There have been predictions of the demise of LOTRO for nearly a decade since it went F2P. I think Amenhir is spot on, when the end is near, it will be a week or two notice. The fact they are still producing content/expansions suggests there is profit, unless their accountants are complete idiots.
  14. Ya thats a great point, the whole loot box crap. Its prevalent in other games like Elder Scrolls Online etc. I mean LOTRO has a slot machine you can play every log in with hobbit presents. Its not coincidental it shares the appearance and visual aspects of a slot machine. It would be devious if it wasnt blatantly obvious as to what it was meant to represent.
  15. Hello I am new to these forums but not the game. I think there is some truth to this statement but there is also another type of whale that plays LOTRO, thats the adult with disposable income. I wont suppose to know the % of how many players are this type of player, but I can confirm personal knowledge of at least 8. As an example, there is a guy I play LOTRO with on Anor, we talk alot in discord. Frank is a 54 year old attorney, frank claims he made 350K in 2019. Video games are his hobby, he told me he spent 1,000.00 U.S. on LOTRO last year. I was floored, I pay VIP but It would never
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