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  1. Whomever is now employed who wasnt prior. Many non partisan reporting outlets, like the ADP national employment report https://www.adpemploymentreport.com/ has shown month after month of job growth. Im not sure how job growth translates into only a handful of people benefiting but I will read with great anticipation your non biased and non partisan reply. 😀
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    Thats interesting because the narrative we get in the states is either he is a homophobic bigot or he is a oppressed journalist. I suspect its not a huge loss to not hear from him much anymore.
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    Well does this mean we've heard the last of Tommy Robinson? We watch him from across the pond, what a curious individual this process has bred.
  4. May 21–25 Libertarian party will nominate/select their ticket. Here's hoping we get someone better than Gary Johnson this time around and can actually make a go at a viable 3rd party in the U.S. The democrats and republicans have fucked this country up nearly beyond repair. At least Trump is entertaining but governance is important and there are many issues we need action on. Thank god the economy is doing well, in spite of all the shennanigans.
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