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  2. I have a couple of questions about skirmishes, What happens if you loose the skirmish and the person you are supposed to be protecting dies. Do you get any skirmish marks if that happens? What type of skirmish solder is recommended for a captain. I changed from Warrior to Herbalist. But she does not seem to be working very well either.
  3. Is the level of your skirmish soldier skills tied to your character level. When i am upgrading skills her i see traits that are a higher level than my character ie lvl 40 and my character is level 37. If i buy them will they not be effective until my character reaches level 40. I always assumed that was the case but somebody said in chat that the level does not matter which is correct.
  4. I have seen other people playing tunes in LOTRO so i thought it would be fun to try myself. Sadly no luck, i created a music folder in LOTRO folder in D/documents and downloaded a couple of tunes to play and put them in the music folder. In game i type /music and my alt starts to play her instrument so far so good.But when i try to play a tune i enter /play and a title i just get the message can not open...txt I am not sure if i am entering the title of the file right. The title of the file is Lordoftherings-lordoftherings.abc Do i enter all that or part of it and the extension Anybody any idea what i am doing wrong and what i should be entering
  5. Some questions I live in the UK so what the best (cheapest) way to buy Isengard. Should i use a credit card or pay pal and is it best to buy from the USA site. At the moment i am looking at the heroes edition $39:99 A bit confused
  6. I am wondering if there are any items that a historian can make that will make money. My Alt has reached artisan Historian and what she produces does not even sell for enough to pay for the materials used. I do not expect to make loads of gold but there must be some things a historian can make that will at least sell for a profit.
  7. I have been playing LOTRO after the migration to Turbine. Everything seems okay but the shop no longer works. If i click on the shop button in game i just get a blank shop page that does not load. Anybody know how i can get it working again.
  8. While the servers were down i decided to do something useful and fit a new HHD to my PC. The install went ok and i am typing this using the New HDD. So no problems there. My question i now need to reinstall LOTRO (i have done the migration). So which version of LOTRO do i install for the EU servers or does it not really matter now.
  9. I am trying now but it seems to be stuck in the migration page. One thing its seems i am paying for my subscription in dollars is this right?
  10. Its probably Turbines idea of how to win friends and influence people. Its the kind of letter I would expect from a lawyer warning me do it again and you are in serious trouble. I don't really see that many people here will bother posting on the turbine forums.
  11. Its bad the way the Store seems to be taking over and ruining LOTRO. I don't see a problem with the cosmetic stuff like a new dress or a horse. But buying things from the store to make your character a better fighter or crafter. Just seems wrong and makes you wonder if its worth grinding to make your character better when somebody else can do much the same with a couple of clicks of a mouse. I suppose i will stay until the Isengard expansion comes and see what that brings.
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