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  1. I spent my time reading all the posts added. These are things that all members of this group were aware of. It is a masochistic pleasure to follow the game news. The more time passes, the worse it gets. Even if half of the players give up the game will still generate money. That's how it was with the DDO's Bankrupt game and it won't be different with the lotro. The lotus will be fed by whales for decades, unfortunately.
  2. Sauron's Flesh Shield. All these companies have something in common. Meat Shield. When a figure gets burned with the community, they put another one. Following this logic: • • Shareholders - Turbine • Wanner bross - Turbine • Daybreaker - Turbine • EG7 - Daybreaker - SSG The CEO of EG7 (Jiah Ham) runs the inferior companies. He is not known for having a healthy behavior with his products. Everything he puts his hand to generates profit using the pay-to-win model. Day-breaker - Has a long history of pay-to-win games, and has owned SSG for years. What are the chances of the lotto being pay-to-win or continuing with the tradition of absoluting micro-transactions. Raninia's big chance is more of a meat shield. Even speaking the obvious things, new promises don't be fooled by the Mouth of Sauron.
  3. I haven't played lately. But there is a possibility that the content is limited to an initial quest line. Forcing you to finish a specific area to unlock another as happened in Eregion.
  4. New shield and meat to stay ahead of the lies, deceit or incompetence of the SSG / Daybreak / EG7.
  5. The classic - Create problems by monetizing solutions. The examples covered remind me of the implementation of the game's cash store. Its promises and impact on the game's game design and development aimed at using the cash shop show how DayBreakers and SSG are adept at monetizing with minimal effort. The game is being monetized in a terminal state. Using the IP Lord of the Rings to monetize an absurdly obsolete and tedious game. The game is just a Skin of what it was in the past. Updates are rest that feed the companies involved. I don't blame the Devs for their approach to the game. The focus of the Daybreaker / SSG / EG7 company and invest in monetization, maximize cost and sacrifice the game. The future Game rework and an illusion. The mindset and total tension of maximizing with minimal effort.
  6. I was surprised by the news, I assumed that the new LOTR IPS being made the forum would fill with new appreciators. Moving from being a lotr community to being an About Tolkien and LOTR community. I really think it's a big loss. It was a haven for me. Read lots of stories and experiences of old players. Devs histories helped me see the wasted potency that of lottery. Thanks for the Forum, even though I didn't enjoy it much.
  7. Recalling some things that have changed .... There were several exchange items that were abandoned at the launch of the Agmar expansion. It was either recipes or crafting resources. https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Item:Blackened_Boar_Intestine https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Category:Obsolete_Crafting_Trophies - Crafting Recipes - Collect recipes from dead mobs, exchange them with daily quest npc or buy from faction npcs. The only place that Hope could collect was crafting by the jeweler, exchanging a reputable item with glorfindel in Rivendell. War fog - it was necessary to explore the entire map (points of interest) to see the complete map. The design of pvp - Where it was necessary to have a complete group to take a fortress. A 24 man raid to Tormar the central fortress (TA). Old outposts - Freep / creep https://themalaysianlotrogamer.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/screenshot00194.jpg The old version of Hope - increased Morale / mana, damage and user defense. Death penalty - The Dread you received was cumulative. Travel reasons - for long trips or teleports. Economy system - It was destroyed with the implementation of extra bags. Flashlight - You need to turn on a flashlight to explore moria.
  8. Good Morning! I was trying to remember the Features abandoned by the developers! Feature - hope - crafing item. Feature - dread on maps. Feature - fog of war. Feature - death penalty. Feature - Moria lighting. Where it was necessary to use a bar. Have you liked any Features that don't exist in the current game?
  9. I would like to have access to the content mentioned. I'm making a list of materials derived from the original work. My focus is the games created. Mainly the lotro.
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