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  1. seems like I can't get onto the official forums either from both chrome and IE ... Oh well *shrugs*
  2. Turbines servers are crap .. enough said. bring back Coddies !!!!
  3. Laurelin just died ... big style. Any other servers went poop? Official forums are down as well.
  4. Before 20 - 40 Now 60 - 100 (highest I've seen) I'm really seeing no difference during gameplay.
  5. Call Of Duty: World At War No run and gun games for me. Those require no skill at all. Bolt rifle only servers
  6. heh I put up a post on that thread under the name Tainted_Black ( Cillian was already taken )
  7. I've got this as well but no pre-order for me. Strange
  8. Account Migration is now active ... I eat my words in all humbleness
  9. If it was today then they'd already have it up. Who's to say that they have secured the information as of this moment? I still think it'll be tomorrow with the servers up on friday.
  10. And then some .... Seriously, It makes me laugh even reading it.
  11. The UK VAT rate is NOT 52% ... they've still got alot to explain
  12. The transition tool is NOT going up until the day before the servers come back up again, so probably tomorrow Can't find the link now.. will post it up a little later once located. *edit* There we go ... Link as promised
  13. I've asked on twitter if they can justify the decisions that is currently being discussed and how they can justify the price increase of server transfers from European servers to other servers, yet the US server transfer prices remain the same. Lets see if I get a reply....
  14. The post was a private PM, which was shared on kinship forums. These forums have certain places that are open to the public and this was then copied and places on to here by someone. The post was later deleted due to the wishes of the person whom received the PM and rightly so... So you probably will not see the real post and to be honest you shouldn't either. It was a private message and it should have remained that way. I myself never saw the post either and I am actually quite glad I didn't tbh (although my curiosity will eventually get the better of me).
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