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  1. What is the point in using/crafting/buying any LI above base 3rd Age if the goal is to imbue it? No matter the original level or age of the weapon, the final imbued level will be the the same. For example: A Third Age Level 57 Hunters Bow after imbuement maxes at level 71 and base DPS of 3029.1 at level 71. A level 100 Reshaped Hunters Bow of the First Age Level 100 also maxes at level 71 after imbuement at 3029.1 base DPS. Save the resources. I have no problem crafting the First Age stuff and using it until I can imbue but just know that if you want to imbue an item, just use a level 5x item and get it to 60, then imbue it. This is really, IMHO, a broken system. It completely make the First Age stuff redundant and unnecessary, especially with the higher crafting costs. Just my rant.
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