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  1. Hello Guys, While playing yesterday we have noticed that the 'Protection of Life' (it increases significantly your in-combat regens) does not wear off after completing certain quests and stays on some players until relog.
  2. Indeed, it seems it is due to the heavy traffic. source
  3. Seems we have to wait a bit more.Source
  4. Hello! Turbine just posted the RoI release notes Enjoy and happy reading http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Update_4,_Rise_of_Isengard,_Official
  5. Hello Thank you very much for the kind wishes! Currently, apart from being older also my belly explodes from too much cake
  6. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share a possible workaround for previously non-working Credit Cards, that you might have tried to add to the payment methods at Turbine - My Account page. If you happen to be the owner of Visa/Visa Electron / Debit / Pre-paid card and suffered the 30005 error, try setting your card type as "Discovery" instead of "Visa", leave all the other data as issued for your card. I have tried numerous times before and was unable to add any of my Polish cards. Got this solution for my cousin in response to her ticket. Now all our cards are working as well as points purchases cleared correctly.
  7. I think Guys, we just need to be patient and give them some time as they incorporate our old chars into the system.
  8. Hello again, As an update to my previous post. Just before a moment ago I decided to try this workaround posted by others - I have created the char on the US Server. First, it was no effect and I thought this solution does not work, but after few minutes (5-10) I was able to log in, without any problems. I am not sure if the issue was fixed or is it indeed the case that creating a new character worked. Try it Guys, if you feel like. Update to update: Quote from official forums:
  9. Hello Everyone, I would like to also share, that since today morning I am unable to log in to either forums or mylotro. I can review the forums as long as I do not try to log in. Then I just get mentioned by others - 500 internal server error in regards to the forums (forums.lotro.com) and "A system error has occurred, please try back again later" in case of mylotro. There is a post on official forums, dedicated to this issue and as mentioned by Laur, we are asked to report details in it. The only problem is that without logging in, it is not possible to post there. I decided to send a ticket. I am a bit of panic person and was suddenly scared that my account got deleted, but fortunately all chars are ok . Hope it gets resolved soon. Kind regards!
  10. Hello Trin, I claimed it yesterday from the page mentioned by you. It still works
  11. Goodbye Dear Codies! Thank you for your patience, commitment and most importantly - huge hearts - that some of you have shown to us. We will miss you! Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon The flames of Love extinguished, and fully past and gone Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold, that loving Breast of thine That thou canst never once reflect on Old long syne.
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