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  1. The gambit analogy comes in with the anthem/coda part. It's not exactly the same, but every anthem does somet different to the codas - increased crit chance, morale HoT, power HoT and so on. Similar to Warden stuff but a lot easier to remember, lol.
  2. Call me strange, but it feels like I'm playing a healing based warden clone. Change 'coda' for 'gambit' and you're there!
  3. In addition to our regular alliance and 6 man events, we're looking at starting a once a week kin only raid group. We're looking to recruit the following classes: Guardian/Warden x1 Minstrel x1 Captain x1 Loremaster x1 Burglar x1 Previous experience would be nice but is not essential And for non-raiders, recruitment is open as normal for level 55+. We run 6 man events most weeknights, getting the job done but having a laugh while we do.
  4. We're neither the oldest or the most experienced kin on the server, just a socially minded group of something-teen people exploring the endgame content. We run instances most weekdays, getting the job done while having a laugh and have Friday night raid with The Knights who say Ni. Our members range obsessive from 7 day a week grinders to once every month or so casual players and all ages, from 15 upwards, so while we're looking for mature people, we have no minimum age limit. All we ask is that you take the game seriously... as we giggle and make childish puns on ventrilo So, if this sounds like your kinda bag, please feel free to apply on our website: http://carpediemdomin.guildlaunch.com or contact one of us ingame for an invite. Some background info can be found on our wiki page: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Carpe_Diem
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