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  1. Pictures / Videos of all houses http://eso.mmo-fashion.com/homes-list/
  2. ESO housing is coming in Febrary, currently on the test server and looks pretty amazing. Comletely free placement of everything. 39 different apts/houses.
  3. CIG recently completed the Switch to Lumberyard for Star Citizen, and apparantly it was a smooth transition. Right now, the biggest problem with the Alpha is the horrible netcode not being able to properly handle the sizes and detail, something that should be improved upon in the next big patch (Alpha 3.0). It should also be noted that CIG is a gold sponsor of this project: https://github.com/networkprotocol/libyojimbo/blob/master/README.md CIG have already shown what fantastic stuff Cryengine/Lumberyard is capable of (64 bit precision with huge maps, seamless procedural generation, localized physics grids), so lets hope they can really nail the netcode bit. Not just for SC, but for all future MMOs
  4. First of all I want to see netcode and server tech that allows thousands of players to interact without any lag or performance issues. ESO after the One Tamriel update ticks the most boxes for me right now. It has its fair share of problems, but none that I find game breaking. If Star Citizen manages to deliver on most of what's expected, it will probably be the next step for MMOs in general, and it is the type of MMO I've dreamt of since I first started playing online games. If they can get the economy and procedurally generated content right, there's a chance I wont ever pick up another MMO after it.
  5. Star Citizen would like to have a word with you
  6. I am pretty sure I am at max inventory slots on my Warden, and he has 135
  7. The traditional style MMO sure seems to be dead. And I think what we will se in the future will be hybrid-type online games, like The Division or Star Citizen. Heavily instanced persistant worlds where you can play with your friends. Kinda sad to see EQN cancelled, but not surprised.
  8. The Expendables is great! They don't pretend to have some deep fucking story to get some action, they just jump straight to the action part. I love it. Somtime in the late 90's, Action movies suddenly started to have these really horrible stories, to try to justify the violence, and I hated it.
  9. Wait? Is it going to be B2P/Sub? Can't say I've done any research about it, but I always just kinda assumed that it would be f2p...
  10. It did for me too, I'm just stupid (or optimistic as someone suggested) enough to not have given up completely. When I heard about the server merge, hw upgrade and the server move to EU, I knew that was the make or break point for me. If they had gotten rid of the lag, moved the EU servers to EU and the merge would have made the servers active again, I probably could've come back. It's pretty obvious that isn't going to happen.
  11. Well... I finally did it... Haven't logged in for half a year or so... And from what I can read, this is really the end coming...
  12. Lineage 1 #6 And #2 and #3 are games I haven't even heard of... Time to do some googling I guess... EDIT: CrossFire is apparently a korean Counter-Strike clone.... EDIT2: Dungeon Fighter Online is a korean 2D sidescroller MMO... what the fuck has happened to this world....
  13. Single player RPG yes. From what I understood they plan to have a drop-in co-op option too...
  14. As I understood it, it's just 2 guys building it, so yeah, many years left until this is actually a game... As always with early access, any money spent should be considered down the drain until proven otherwise (i.e. don't expect to get anything in return for your money) (tbf, 2 years in development is no time at all, even if it was a full studio making it) Will be interesting to follow this one, see where it leads (or abruptly stops)
  15. Found this Early Access game in the steam sale. There's not much in it right now it seems, but it looks absolutely stunning http://store.steampowered.com/app/268670/ EDIT: My 100 FOV makes it looking a bit distorted at the edges
  16. Alpha 2.0 is now released. This is the first (small) step towards making the game in to the massive open world space sim that it's intended to become And in case you missed the award winning browser based Star Map - I suggest checking it out, it's pretty cool EDIT: It can be hard to get a feel for 2.0 from videos, so if you are interested, I would suggest checking out a streamer playing it live - http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Star%20Citizen
  17. That was the one thing that really annoyed me, that the GMs were so unwilling to help when it bugged out. I was lucky, it very rarely bugged out for me, but when it did, you really wished GMs would do something more than send a generic "sorry, nothing we can do"-message after waiting an hour for a response...
  18. The invitational was great to watch! Those producing it has learned a lot from the misstakes done by Ark SOTF and DayZ events...
  19. Lots of people like both Assassins Creed, the Batman games and LOTR, so it´s not unexpected that it has been fairly popular. Not tried Shower with your dad sim, but if it's anything like Goat Sim it's probably awesome for the .99 euro it costs.
  20. Well, the way I see it you should never pre-order because of Alpha. Pre-orders for games in themselves in todays world is actually a bit weird, since pre-orders used to be about getting your (physical) copy guaranteed on time. Nowadays when it's all downloads it not really necessary anymore. Digital copies don't run out. Having said that, I do still pre-order games from time to time, but only games that I am 90% sure I would've bought anyway. If there's some added bonuses in the pre-order, that percentage might drop a bit... For example if a game that will cost $60 on release would be availible for pre-order for $40, and you know it's a game you're gonna buy anyway, it's just stupid not to pre-order...
  21. Well, maybe... They could have said "Hey guys, we tried to make Mounted Combat, but it was clear pretty early on that the engine simply cannot handle it. While we are sorry it is so, here´s 5 new multi-boss raids instead, hope you can forgive us"
  22. Big Battles, HD class revamp, mounted combat, Hytbold...
  23. Well, if oyu are to belive what they have said, that´s what they wanted, but since the HW upgrade has taken more time then they thought, it will happen at the same time. My guess is WB has set a date for them for when the consolidation (or someone made a stupid promise to WB) would be done, and now they basically HAVE to do it at the same time...
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