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  1. Kickman - Sorry to see you and Hurin got the boot. Just the shrills now left on there.
  2. That's why Al's comment was a bit silly. They're in BIS gear for a reason. Anyhow. No point beating that point to death.
  3. Indeed, being at the keyboard and paying attention is a prerequisite for any end-game content. But given how in my experience the delta between "start of progression" gear and BIS gear is substantial, then if the raid group works with the mechanics then the content should be easy - but of course that's based on said raid group being so knowledgeable of the raid (because as they all have BIS they damn well should be!) they should have the mechanics down to a T.
  4. Just curious, but if a raid, once on farm with the raid group all having BIS gear is still meant to be hard, then how does the progression part work - you know, then said raid group has to clear it before they all have BIS...
  5. I've been playing it and it's not that hard - but definitely a big step up from the usual easy difficulty levels of questing content that has blighted the game since F2P went live. I went in with my lvl 108 warden who had below par gear and 15k finesse and so far it's fine. The additional levels I got from doing skirmishes and instances as well as using some hobbit present armour made the difference. i suspect many went into Mordor expecting to one-shot the mobs and are now struggling to cope.
  6. Of course, I had forgotten I had no spine or backbone and instead just take my orders from Amorey.. Thanks for reminding me. Or then again... your comment could be a reflection of your complete and utter inability to apply reason to the situation at hand. Mrs Amorey, ma'am... I'll be here awaiting your orders....
  7. I don't see what the fuss is about. I've never had any issues with Amorey on the OF, plus there must be at least a dozen to 15 others who wear the paid shrill hat with pride on there.
  8. I've been infracted 5 times by Cord since March. Even Sap only managed it once, though he did ban me outright in one of his hissy fits...
  9. Completely agree. I've not come across an expansion in any MMO where there is just so much to do and which caters for different styles of play. The world quest system on its own is fantastic but add that to the 8 new dungeons with normal, hc and mythic which have plus the order hall campaigns. I've not even thought about playing any of my alts yet - apart from getting my prot paladin her artifact - because of the massive amount of content available. But for me the biggest win is how the world content adjusts to your level - all the content is playable regardless whether one is 100 or 110. The dungeons auto-level to 110 so the pool of players is massive - and it works. The only aspect I've not tried yet is any pvp but once I've got better gear I'll give that a go. So I thoroughly recommend to anyone who has never tried wow to give it a go - you'll be surprised how good the game is.
  10. Not only is it an excellent system in its own right, but Blizzard have put in mechanisms whereby players of alts or those running behind the curve have catch up mechanisms for levelling their epics without having to resort to a Store. Can't wait for Legion's go live next week.
  11. Blizzard bundles all the expansions bar the current one into the content that you get with sub. So right now you can play to the end of Pandarus and lvl90 and in a month or so, Warlords will be added to that. Hunter was my first class too - levelled her back in the days of WOTLK. I dropped MM to play survival and it's not bad - it's a hybrid dot\burst spec and so far it's made a nice change. That and my enhancement shaman will be what I level up and raid with when legion goes live.
  12. I'm posting this as someone who had played since launch (good old Codemasters) and who has, two weeks ago, finally given up with the game. I've had enough wasting my time (and making excuses to myself) on an MMO that is now so below par as to be beyond parody. Over 9 and a bit years of playing LOTRO and I'm not at all sorry I've walked away. I should have done so when U17 dropped but I managed to convince myself that it was just a blip. U18 told me otherwise. Anyhow... the Community. Turbine needs to start being honest with its players. Get rid of all the bullshit stuff such as the player councils, special treatment of forum favourites e.g. the crap between Sapience and the LMB kin and go back to first principles of having frequent and open communication with the entire player base. If the likes of Funcom can put out regular comms as to what is happening with their games then there's no reason whatsoever why you can't. It's more than apparent that a culture of not-giving-a-shit as been prevalent at Turbine (at least in the lotro team) for years and whilst your colleagues may be happy with doing the absolute bare minimum necessary, your customer's deserve more. Lastly, and if you've got a spare few minutes I suggest you read this, and in particular the email "conversation" I had with your ex-colleague R. Heaton. It will tell you everything that was wrong about the "management" of the community back then and why things are as they are now on the official forum. And on that note I'm done with the whole lotro thing. I would wish you good luck, but I suspect that you're going to need a lot more than that in the coming months.
  13. Thank you. I may be called many things, some of which are more than likely to be true but a brown-nosing baiter is certainly not one of them No need to edit your previous posts. Indeed with GotV and BotV one doesn't get the trait points obtained from the class deeds, vol 2 epic etc, but a jump from 1 to 95 is a big enough paid-for-advancement (and an expensive one too) to make the purchase of individual trait points rather insignificant in the scheme of things. Seen your shrink lately? Perhaps you should ask for a review of your meds.
  14. Fair point, but Gift & Blessing of the Valar? I can roll a lvl 1 char, buy a BotV and boost it to 95, jumping straight to the Paths of the Dead. But hey, suggest putting trait points in the store and I have mental health problems. The hyperbole of some in this forum is ridiculous. And on that note I'm off again. Have fun!
  15. So you're happy that someone can make a grossly exaggerated statement that I deliberately baited people into getting a ban by Sap (who I might add I am on record here on this forum of utterly despising) without any evidence. Well, if we're in that territory then perhaps we should also discuss: 1. The monkey that's climbing out of your arse. 2. The pigs flying over the top of your house. 3. The little green men from that spaceship who come and visit you at night 4. ad nauseum... Because who needs evidence eh? As for the substantive point, you've ignored my argument that trait points are no different than virtues. However, let me give you another angle of discussion - Gift & Blessing of the Valar. These two items provide a substantial boost, allowing the player to avoid entire swathes of content that they may have already paid for. But that's not as bad as adding trait points to the store. In effect your argument is no different that arguing about whether to feed the horse with a carrot or a turnip, ignoring the fact that the stable door is wide open and the horse bolted a long time ago. But at least I can see that. Well you've got me banged to rights there, Guv'nor......
  16. Do us all a favour and provide evidence that I baited people into getting a ban from Sap (who'm I personally could not stand in his role as CM) otherwise it's just bluff and bluster. Back on topic - trait points in essence are no different to virtues,- rewards for completing content within a set of defined parameters. So having trait points in the store by allowing the player to buy up to a set amount dependent on a level-based maximum amount is in the same paradigm as buying virtues and promotion points. Indeed one could argue that the "paying to avoid shitty content but getting the reward" has been around since when F2P went live, but I guess a few of you are still clinging to the notion that somehow the clock will turn back to 2007 - something I've managed to get over. As for whether Turbine should fix the bugs and other shitty content they publish - that's an issue for MMOs regardless of their payment model.
  17. We it's good to see that my posts are so widely read. I should start up a youtube channel you can all subscribe to my musings. Anyhow, given that lotro already has most of the game's rewards in the store, it would seem that suggesting that my asking for another of those rewards to be added is somehow indicative of a mental health issue is, shall we say, making a mountain out of a molehill. Still, whatever floats yer boat.
  18. No need to apologise. You, bobbylobs and Doro are essentially correct - by continuing to post on the OF in my "quest" to get Turbine to better engage with the community I'm just pissing into the wind and it going straight into my eyes. Turbine couldn't give a shit about the community and just see the players as numbers on a P&L sheet. The mistake I made was to transpose my own ethos into the Turbine/LOTRO context - should have realised it was chalk & cheese.
  19. It's quite simple - I have a certain amount of emotional attachment to the game as a result of 9 years of playing it. I know that Turbine are shit (see my reference to Turbine as the MMO equivalent of Viz's Eight Ace) and probably won't change but I won't stop posting for them to do the right thing.
  20. I don't believe that anyone on Laurelin got special treatment - after all we enjoyed the freedom of the Codemasters forum and it was the trepidation of the move over to Turbine that lead to this forum being created in the first place. Certainly LMB and perhaps a few other kins on Landroval were deep in Sap's favour which is why the events on that server got all the attention whilst most of the stuff happening on Laurelin was mostly ignored. Agreed.
  21. Just wanted to say that I never had any issues posting on the OF when it was very well known that I also posted here - I took the opportunity whenever possible to say so on the OF to disprove the point that it was only those who had been banned who frequented here. Sure I got infracted for low-level trolling but never a ban - I did get one but that was before I started posting here. Don't worry though - not here to troll or prod you with sticks. Just wanted to make the above point. Anyhow - knowing Maartena is a bloke gives me the shivers - very unsavoury.
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