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  1. In any case If I remember correctly this was the 4th thread that deals with the same subject and with almost identical wording since Turbine snached the EU service from Codies. All previous threads had the same fate...
  2. Aye sleep walking indeed... After the HD release I did several solo scaled instances with my warden which provided a few quite nice loot and then I realised that whatever I get is useless. Alliance do not raid any more and most raids I can do them solo with my warden money in game has no value so why have them.. Then I switched for a change to swtor to level my guardian there who was waiting patiently on Corellia since 2012. I was so excited when 2 strong ordinary mobs killed me... Fate was equally cruel for my ranger in AoC ( is it more difficult than swtor)? Due to that I find
  3. Bah Lotro is a lost cause I am afraid. After HD I've lost my interest on playing lotro for the first time after 7 years, Previously I've only tried AoC and SWTOR but didn't like both and came back to lotro. 2 months after HD and I enjoy both games... sigh...
  4. Yes got my TP for May and they added an extra 1000 for the March & May though I received those through previous tickets hehe I love it when TB makes such mistakes
  5. The current problems of turbine has nothing to do with North Korea.
  6. All their internet property is unaccessible from anybody and they call it "issues" ? hehe that's an understatement.
  7. I can ping the server and the traceroute command shows that after the "16 border1.te8-1-bbnet2.bsn003.pnap.net" router all data is dropped/lost. The whois command says there is no record.
  8. The fact that the entire system is down without warning, is not very encouraging Lets hope that our accounts are safe. Although I am not happy at all with Turbine I still enjoy the game and I won't be very happy if something bad happens to my account .
  9. Aye I think you are right. I do not have an FB account so i will be in your debt if you post anything relevant here
  10. Aha i see.. then it's not just me. well lets see how long this will last
  11. Good day ladies and gentlemen, It seems that I cannot access the GLS servers or the Turbine forums at all Do you also have same behaviour or I should check my network? If it is a general behaviour was it a scheduled downtime?
  12. I would love to hear what was said but unfortunately it was a brew weekend and had to be away from town and from internet. In any case if a briefing through PM is not possible well tough luck. it was my mistake for not being present ...
  13. bah I'll log swtor for a change. My poor Sith marauder haven't seen me since last April and its a splendid opportunity to finish her class story.. I have the feeling that this downtime won't finish any moment now
  14. Yes I have to agree. The linux launcher although quite minimalistic and plain does its work superbly
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