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  1. The errror message seems quite common. I had it too, specifically the one about my old PW not being correct, but it worked immediately for game login. Maybe some code monkey made the page check it only after the new one has been saved?
  2. The AH is usually void of any non-endgame gear. That stuff takes up space, either in resource or finished form, and it is easy to fill up your vault in LotRO. One thing that takes up a lot of room are barter items, which should go into the wallet, but don't, months and months after the wallet was implemented. I suspect another reason is short auction times. The maximum is mere 48 hours. I know I might be slightly more inclined to craft low-lever gear for AH if I could auction it for 30 days. As said your best bet is your server's global chat channel or various regional trade channels. It
  3. Unsalted passwords? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, the fact that this hole exists in the first place is informative of their security practises in general. Tell me they were in md5 too? - I guess they were, if someone's been able to figure that they're unsalted. If I were made an unsalted password storage, my boss no doubt would come around and slap me around with my keyboard. But since we use Cake framework, salting comes built in already...
  4. I guess Turbine has never heard of restricting DB usage to localhost? (But speaking seriously, it is likely more complex than that.) Fortunately they don't have any payment details from me as I am a lifer, and I have never made any TP purchases that would have left information on their servers. I'm not sure if my login info is potentially compromised, as my gaming account never had a forum connection, but I suppose I'll change my password just in case.
  5. I paid the preorder in dollars too and let Paypal handle the euro conversion. A much more reasonable arrangement than using Turbine's artificially inflated exchange rates. (Not possible with the Store, AFAIK. It forces euro prices on you.)
  6. Considering how old their system likely is, my money would be on unsalted md5 hashes. At least they were hashed - it still boggles the mind how Sony had their user passwords in plaintext. As if their system was run by amateurs. I changed all my passwords just to be safe, though I did not have many logins with CM, and none which were listed as affected.
  7. Several PS3 games, and EU3:DW. Plus Dwarf Fortress, off again, on again.
  8. The several times I checked my ping has been in the 140-160 range. No idea what it was to EU servers, but obviously it was lower than that. No loss, thankfully. Store speedup is an odd thing. The only explanation making sense would be, the traffic is routed through the LotRO server (for purposes of security). So in case of EU, it was the EU server contacting the store server across the pond, then forwarding it to your IE-in-a-box store interface. Now that the store is right next door, the call is just about instant, and the only thing taking time is transferring it to your client along wi
  9. The world (universe?) of Amber would be an interesting place yes, but it does present some problems... If the players were allowed to be from the House of Amber or the Courts of Chaos, one of their inherent powers is to shadow walk, where they can seek out any Shadow World that is exactly as they desire, and the Shadow is infinite. And the House of Amber is small, certainly not big enough to have thousands of player to show up as lost relatives. The power of the Trumps on the other hand would be easy to implement - they're the private messages, guild chat and chat channels (Though Trump card
  10. Wasn't this the problem in Angmar as well, when you're trying to get a stone heart from one of the fallen guardian statues? A glowing clicky that don't click? I seem to recall having ran into this once, and while a GM fixed it for me, I think he said a log-out works there too.
  11. Since those links probably follow a standard pattern, would it not be possible to script a redirect that parses it into correct form?
  12. If the board software doesn't support that natively, there's always choices if one's willing to muck up with the codebase. For example, if this is running on PHP, it has the GD_library which can, amongst other things, read the dimensions of any image you point it at.
  13. Are you speaking of Dragon Empires or perhaps Jumpgate Evolution?
  14. I'd prefer having sigs short and sweet too. No images, no youtube videos, no caramel shop visuals, no fifty lines of stuff that follow a one-line post. Ten lines might be too generous already, in fact.
  15. As to when did Codies know about this... We know that Turbine has stated in the past that their intention in the future (that future being now) is to reclaim all their licenses and control global operations by themselves. I also recall speculating back when DDO switched back to Turbine after their 4-year contract was up, that Codies may also be running LotRO on an equally long contract and if so, we'd see something after the 4th anniversary. It appears it is indeed so, and Turbine are still planning on going through with becoming a global operator of their IP. Turbine's likely a
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