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  1. Translation in one short sentence: "We are cutting the costs even more".
  2. I've seen quite a few other people use the same kind of excuse, both in LOTRO and in other games, so sorry if I don't buy it cash. When you have to take care of your kids/grandkids/whatever, you just LOG OFF. The fact that you don't see anything wrong with what you were doing relatively to the game's economy puzzles me. This said, easy macroing built right into the game is piss poor design... but that's not really surprising coming from Turbine. Seriously, this game is a dead body, just find something better to do.
  3. That's the difference between amateurs and professionals. WoW is going on its 12th year, added tons of "shit" over the years including improved textures, graphics, longer view distance, better shaders, and yes, even DX11 but with meaningful and visible improvements and not just fluff like LOTRO, and yet the game runs smooth as silk and the combat responsiveness is still better than LOTRO's has ever been...
  4. Agreed with Darmokk too. Being in the industry myself, I don't see the point of porting all the server code to 64 bit when there are so many other more urgent things to fix.
  5. Why would someone acquire brand new technology to play an aging game with below average graphics by today's standards, and stiff animations since day one? No significant amount of people. The landscape graphic's repetitive textures and the character animations already look ugly on a normal screen... I think you'd poke your eyes out if you had to see them on a VR headset.
  6. Fail in the first sentence... And the fact that they still had a 32 bit datacenter, nowadays, in 2015, is utterly pathetic...
  7. Can't even post a "sinking Titanic" picture for this game anymore... it would be way overrated. I recently though to myself "too bad we can't sell those accounts". Mine isn't awesome anymore by today's standards, but has a lifetime sub and a ton of Turbine Points. There's a law in Europe about digital goods which allows to sell them, but I'm sure Turbine would still find a crappy way to ban the account.
  8. All I know is that Minas Tirith looks like shit. After fucking up Helm's Deep, they did the same here. Is there even an art team left on LOTRO, specially texture wise ?
  9. Just make a dozen random screenshots from specific spots in the LOTRO accessible world, and the first few to match your screenshots, meaning they've found the places you've been to, get some gold. This would have the secondary advantage of directly involving this forum, which is imho a good thing. Results would of course have to be posted HERE in a specific thread... I can help you for the screenies if you want, just give me a shout and I'll have a little tour to get some "not so easy to find" places. Generosity deserves praise and help
  10. Was that when they fired "Scenario", or at least removed him from the project?
  11. Dang, I have to find my document again... made that quite a few years ago when I first read ASOIAF. Basically, "Great House" main areas (Stark, Lannister, etc...) would be safe for allies of those houses (aka they can't be attacked "on sight" but have to be involved in battle first). Enemies in those areas can be attacked by anyone of the defending faction, yet that action flags the defender's character or group to PvP. And you have "border" areas between each great house territory which are contested and which are basically FFA PvP against the enemy houses, which are variable in size and can be conquered too. Thing is, in the books/series, a great house can basically be wiped out. That doesn't work too well for a game. Instead of that, some houses losing can be reduced to their minimum size... yet the PvE players of that faction can still enjoy their playstyle without being ganked all the time. I also had a "traitor" system, but it doesn't involve suddenly turning traitor as a max level char in a newbie area and slaughter them all. The whole idea was to get world PvP without the usual problems, like insane amount of ganking taking over the whole world.
  12. That will never be the best kind of PvP for a very simple reason... you can't emulate the "real world" consequences for being a murdering psychopath in a game. They hunt you down? Seriously, what a joke. You never get perma-killed, you always respawn, who cares? They kill that griefer once, in the meantime he has ruined the game for a dozen of defenseless low levels. He always wins. And perma-death doesn't work either anyway, a lag spike, and Internet problem beyond your control, and you just lost the character you invested thousands of hours in? Yeah, that would be SO successful. There's also the problem of detecting murder and avoiding exploits (like another guy abusing game mechanics to get you flagged as murderer). Any games which tried that have either failed or were forced to add alternatives (like UO with Trammel). That kind of setting just doesn't work in a MMORPG. All it results in is a gankfest where PvP takes over the whole game. I have a very precise idea of what a Game of Thrones MMORPG could be, but it doesn't involve FFA PvP all over the map, because I have way too much experience in this genre to believe that the model can work.
  13. We had small groups with my guild going on all the time, and it worked just fine in GW2. I even found myself soloing quite a few times, but of course it's not as efficient as a small group and you couldn't do everything either, which is as it should be in a MMORPG. And yeah, LOTRO classes aren't mirrored... and they also have among the worse balance of any MMO with PvP.
  14. There's no such thing as PvP in LOTRO. It's called "ZvZ", aka Zerg vs Zerg. I've played many PvP games ranging from full loot FFA PvP (notably UO) to instanced BG PvP, and LOTRO has one of the worse form of PvP of all those I played. GW2 does it million times better when it comes to a PvP zone like the moors, and WoW's instanced PvP is sadly way more fun and challenging than the LOTRO zergfest. People enjoying the moors would have to pick up their jaws on the floor if they tried something like GW2's World vs World mode, or even old DAoC's RvR (even though that wasn't that great compared to GW2 in my opinion). This said, yes, a significant part of PvP players are just rude asshats. It's always been like that, and it's usually also those with the less skill who will only pick the weakest opponents they have no chance dying to. Amusingly, it's also often players of stealth classes fleeing the battle as soon as there's a risk to be killed. Basically, asshats and cowards, and very vocal when it comes to be rude and stupid.
  15. Definitely not. Back then, I could go in about any area of the game and see known names in the chat, specially in "hubs" like Bree or the latest expansion central place. Nowadays, it's always new strangers. Laurelin is even more victim of that trend. Back then, on a Saturday afternoon/evening, when you went to the Pony you ran into a dozen known faces at least. Nowadays, the place is full of strangers.
  16. More fun stuff from the LOTRO fanbois in that thread... like (about Blizzard and WoW): "They don't have long standing appeal... Unlike this game which I feel does."
  17. Maybe now investors have understood that putting money in Turbine is like throwing it away. The company that created Asheron's Call is long dead - the actually Turbine is a bunch of noobs unable to create a quality game.
  18. Patience was a gamer. Frelorn is a gamer. Sapience never was a gamer, and never understood them. That's why the first two were/are excellent gamer community managers while the third one only ended being an asshat.
  19. Don't taint that great movie and great actor (Ghassan Massoud playing Saladin) by associating them with LOTRO. Answer is "nothing" and "nothing" for those forums. This made me realize that I saw the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven on Blu-Ray more times than I've watched the LOTR trilogy...
  20. What amuses me is that this guy, "Vr00mie", is whining about the people who are "bashing Turbine" here, yet himself has 488 posts... right here. Is he some kind of masochist? Oh yeah, Sauron, come on, spank me more...
  21. Wait, the hobbit was a major boost for LOTRO! As introduction for the first movie, you had advertisements for Guild Wars 2!
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