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  1. I would have been more imaginative to implement a lottery into the game while circumventing the state laws. This way they can't even rip off the casual player who doesn't find the boxes in the first place.
  2. I think the whole trouble with selling/transfering databases is the reason many publishers force players to have several accounts. One 'forum'-account wich holds all the personal informations and one or more game-accounts. This way they can easily transfer the game-account, if they sold the game to another company. My guess is we will see matching EULAs soon, leaving game-accounts ever-ready for a transfer.
  3. can u help me how i can plaz lotr what i must do?

  4. Was Amrundir sagt. Das was ich oben zu den Attributen geschrieben habe sollte auf die Charakterstats (Macht, Beweglichkeit, etc.) zutreffen, hat also nix mit Legendären Gegenständen zu tun.
  5. Die Reliktfertigung läuft wie auf Widerstand beschrieben. Das Fenster sieht inzwischen ein wenig anders aus und es geht bis Stufe 7 (dafür müssen 3 Stufe-6-Relikte kombiniert werden), ansonsten stimmt der alte Guide noch. Die Attribute werden nur bis Level 50 gesteigert, danach gibt's beim Levelaufstieg keine zusätzlichen Attribute mehr. Toll, nech? Hab' das jetzt spontan beantwortet, falls ich was falsch beschrieben habe bitte korrigieren.
  6. As #7 i'm interested in the stat-changes we got. How does Turbine think the cap-removal and the new mechanics worked out? Will we see equipment that enables players to play their char with diversity, or will Lotro become the tank/heal/dd -comboplay for braindeads?
  7. I started playing LotRO in spring 2011 and never was a member of the codemaster forums nor its community. Nevertheless i want to state how i experienced the migration. I got aware of it by the client, linking to the Turbine webside for the migration. Due to runnning the client in german, i was reffered to the german side. The heading was: Transfert!, a missspelled Transfer. (though i think transfert is french) Yes, it's just a typo, but it's a typo in the effin headline. It's the first impression i got from Turbine, primacy effect anyone?, but they managed to harden this impression. The next step i took was checking the official forums, surely there would be a chance to tell them they have a typo on the frontcover. I instantly found a thread about it in the migration forums, but i couldn't believe what i read there. One member highlighted the typo and another small typo and he got attacked by another member. He was told to shut up, he was also told that there wasn't a second mistake (there was; Skofield if you read this, just ask and i'll explain you why 'zeitliche [..] Spezialangebote' doesn't make sense) and his helping hand wasn't welcome at all. Right within this second i knew i would not become member of that forum. People, nice and friendly giving advices are attacked, in a thread opened by a moderator. Ah, the moderator also gave answers to other questions, while the Trans-pferd (Pferd = horse) kept being a transfert. They didn't even try to pretend to care about the customers. Well, i didn't care much, played the game and forgot about the new host until the Rise of TBD. Serious, more than 50% of the quest-texts, item-names and description was not there. Everywhere were the three little letters. I think at one point i wore more items named TBD than others. Yes, localization takes time and money, but why this 'placeholders' instead of the english description? We've had the english questtexts already, (also french, the multilanguage client was always a little bit messy) why did we have to get this ToBeDone crap. Well, after around 2 weeks (maybe earlier) it was done. The items got the english names. Seriously? The locailzation is done by copy pasting the names of items from an us-labeled DB into an DE-labeled DB? I don't care abut unique names in every language, im fine with names not including TBD in the first place. But why did we have to wait several days to get a non-localization. We have high standards for localization in germany. Sometimes LotRO reach those, with excellent translation and implementation into the game environment. Often they fail so blatantly one can't stand it. Why this gap? Aren't there any control-tools to guarante a good standard? My guess is there are, but those aren't used. I may only guess why they are ignored. To summarize: additional note: I switched to the english client. In the first place to get feedback from combat (broken in the german version), but it's also nice to know which trait pushes which skill. In the german version sometimes the trait description uses another name for a skill than the skill description.
  8. The problem is not the removal of the links from the signatures, but that they don't 'take the time/have the guts/are able' to tell people that the signatures are edited and why they were edited. End of story. That's the good thing about this censorship of the link. They officially are aqware of this side. They don't have any direct influence on the discussion here and -the majority here being 'trolls' in their eyes- there's no point in deflaming a discussion with a fake member account. All they can do is read what's said here (and maybe think about it and further, about the moves they've taken so far and are going to take in the future.)
  9. I wanted to quote this again, because to me it's very important. I've come to know this forum for a friendly atmosphere, fair and respectfull discussions and a good moderation. Of course the overall mindset is con-Turbine, but we wouldn't have that many members if everyhing was fine over there and they could provide us with a similiar communtiy. The winds have changed over here within the last weeks and discussions got harsher and trolling got more (occured?). With an increasing number of members this seems totally normal and nothing to worry about. Still the quote above is a very good reminder to stick to the strenght of this forum and try to improve things while staying polite and using reason. The last item on your list is misleading, we won't stop calling _you a troll, the troll. One last thought on the forum rules. MueR pointed out that a moderator needs such rules to provide a good moderation, because you can't think of all inappropriate/forbidden stuff in advance. This being very true, i like to add that next to follow is a moderator using this rule with reason. Abusing this power is as easy as slipping a ring on your finger.
  10. Band III, Buch 4, Kapitel 18 - Wenn der Spieler die Tiefen von Isengart verlässt, bevor er die Karte zur Rückkehr erhält, kann er weder die Epos-Buch-Aufgabe abschließend noch die weiteren Aufgaben in den Tiefen von Isengart erfüllen. Dann drück' ich dir die Daumen dass du die Karte bereits hast. Ich weiß auch nicht ob der Post nach dem 20.10. nochmal aktualisiert wurde bzw. ob sie das Problem inzwischen behoben haben. Epic-Questreihe sollte ja hohe Priorität haben, sollte . .
  11. If (when) we get Otherworld, the lotr-simulation will have a small and tall Saruman and a fat, big-belly Sauron. The Paiz' have to retire somewhere, don't they?
  12. Thanks for clarification. I think i will use the combat tab then. I use the german client and it's broken anyway, this way i can have the standard-filter enabled all the time.
  13. I really like reason, don't see her often but that's not her fault. Of course you are right that hating Trubine doesn't lead anywhere usefull, at least it's fun. I don't care enough about this game to get involved and i'm happy about this. I can imagine though, that after months (maybe years) of constructive criticism one may get angry, stop being constructive and start hating/trolling. I have to see this member yet, almost every post i read tries to improve things. Some only state the current situation, but most give advise or tipps that obviously fall on deaf ears. After being treat in this manner, i could understand desperate and hating post, still i can not find many. Back to my initial quote and the mentioned reason. What do you mean by it? I don't want any dictionary quote, i want to know which call i've missed. I can be shortsighted, so please show me what you meant so i can reconsider my pov. edit: Ah, i meant: Please show me where a call for reason is answered with a low blow.
  14. That sounds like uncommon nonsense to me. Of course the moderators can close the thread because the word fanboy is postet. They could also think for two cents and stop acting like they are codes that work on a routine, but start acting like intelligent persons. I hate people treating other people as if they are stupid. I hate the internets for providing cowards a playground for their misleading argumentation. They would never have the guts to say such things when a face-to-face argument was going on. Or maybe they are too smart to say obovious nonesense if it can be directly assinged to them. You just can not say 'your forum moderation is BS' without saying 'the work you, the moderators, do is BS'. And to end my post i may say, the moderation of the official forums is BS.
  15. Thanks for that information. So all i can do by now to prepare myself is to use a chatwindow with every filter enalbed (= no hook) except the 'standard'-filter. Did i get this right?
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