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  1. http://forums.lotro....-over-Guardians I think there are not enough in my opinion. I was expecting more DPS (With/out overpower) and maybe some new survival skills, permanent increase on tactical mitigation and raise up catch a break and warrior´s heart morale heal. What do you think?
  2. This But, I think you only can obtain 1 hall of night mark per day no? I have played it at level 40 with my guardian lvl 65, no problem, but the second time in the same day no hall of night mark was spawned.
  3. I understand what do you mean. But is not my case, the PC is 1 year old and a week ago the game was fliying in my screen smoothly. People says that is simply overload of migrations and they have to tweak a bit the servers. I don´t know if is true, but I want to believe is only that. If not we are fucked (sorry for the word but is the most suitable).
  4. We have our servers back again. We want to play before 2 days without that possibility. I connect to my old server and...voila!!! 160 ms ping, sometimes raising 190 and a wonderfull lag that freezes my character 2 seconds... So I would like to know what ping do you have before and after the migration. Before: X After: 160 I hope this is only temporally, and after a few days it will be more stable... I hope so...
  5. I have the same error that firsts posts. I think we can keep this thread and make public to the rest when the page is working again. When the webpage is asking your username and pass I suppose are the same wich you log on the lotro popup window?
  6. Hi all, I would like to know what instances at level 65 are a "must have" to a Guardian, due to their rewards. (Ex/ Sarenzer in Northcotton....). Only 3 man instances if possible due to their probability to be played often and shorter duration. And If possible, what drop ratios have the items there?. I have played Stoneheight 4 times (2 Tier 1 and 2 Tier 2) without Dead-Breaker for example. Thanks in advance. _____________________________________________________________________
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