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  1. Yeah got to the same point myself, but decided at the char creation screen to landy, that i would not bother and instead take another night off lotro
  2. Malakay

    Raid pvp vid

    Bored waiting so been looking over a few old vids, so thought i would share to help while not being able to log into lotro. Raid vs Raid pvp vid, 1 night of epic fun. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcavcr_lotro-raid-pvp-laurelin_videogames
  3. Hi all, This is an old video i did but thought i would share my friends hard work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phUJDcBSGNg http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=1591 great work Talwryn of Laurelin People in video Malbordir Talwryn Edatain Inrandir Evergar Finmir Belegorn
  4. Malakay


    Hehe, ive done my usual thing of going around a list of MMOs and coming back to lotro with a fresh heart for it
  5. Malakay


    Hellos all, Just popping on, didnt realy post much on CM forums but like the idea of this site so here I am. Catch you all around and in game... bored waiting already .... Mal p.s *Tickle Zara
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