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  1. And I bet Turbine will still blame you if your account gets hacked! Inspite of the glaringly obvious security and privacy issues they have at their end.
  2. No emails for me as yet from SOE - and I had three SWG accounts pre-NGE! Back on topic - this makes me very nervous about EVER visiting the Turbine forums! Especially as, from what the OP said, Turbine appear to be completely ignoring the issue.
  3. Saelanna


    Minyathir! I remember you - welcome back to LoTRO!
  4. I've noticed, on more than a few occasions, that "Google" is listed on the list of active users looking at this site. You can't click on the name, unlike the other listed active users, and (I don't know why) it feels a bit sinister! Shall I get my tin foil hat now? :$
  5. Although my main characters are all on Snowbourn, I have a few alts on Laurelin for when I feel like indulging in a spot of RP. I've always been reluctant to report what I see as lore inappropriate and/or offensive names (on either server) but I might start reporting them on Laurelin after the transition. They might start paying attention when they start getting loads of tickets about what the general population feel are names inappropriate for an RP environment. Either that or they'll ban what they call "troublemakers"!
  6. The luggage would, naturally, be the pet of the Tourist Class!
  7. Saelanna


    Just call it a community for EU based people (although all are invited to join), rather than a community for people escaping the tyranny of Turbine's forum moderators! The latter might not go down too well with said moderators.
  8. I'd love to see a Discworld MMO, or a Harry Potter MMO; either of those two would make me very happy!
  9. Saelanna


    Hello everyone, nice to see some familiar faces here.
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