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  1. Complaining about neg rep on the public threads, as opposed to via PM with the moderators, is in itself an infraction. This was not always the case, but has been so for the past few months. Generally speaking though, expressing your anger towards random Turbine employees is a game not worth the candle ...
  2. 100 TP/hour ???? LMFAO all the way to anywhere else than the bank !!!!!! Agamemnon is being a *little* too harsh with the design features of the new area -- though he's SPOT ON when he points out its very tiny area ; and it's also quite clear that the "edge of the world" terrain features are *grossly* unimaginative even when compared with other ones previously implemented in earlier releases. I'm actually starting to think that invisible walls would be preferable to the current geographical mess ...
  3. http://venturebeat.com/2012/02/29/bigpoint-unveils-game-of-thrones-online-game-based-on-hbo-series-exclusive/ Bigpoint grew big as a browser-based game publisher in Hamburg, Germany, but in the past couple of years it has expanded into the U.S. and moved its headquarters to San Francisco. The company will show a sneak peek of the game, a browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (an MMORPG that doesn’t require a long download) at the upcoming Game Developers Conference next week in San Francisco. The game will be set in the fictional medieval world of Westeros and
  4. This appears to be incompatible with online descriptions of the game mechanics. https://goblinworks.com/blog/ Character Development in Pathfinder Online Now that you've got the background you need, let's take a look at what we're currently planning for our game. Your Pathfinder Online character will be described by four primary types of information. Attributes: These correspond to the classic six abilities of the tabletop game (although we may rename one or two just for the sake of clarity given the way they'll work in the online game). In Pathfinder Online, these attributes h
  5. Pathfinder Online will NOT be using the Pathfinder rules. (crazy, but true fact about that forthcoming MMO)
  6. HERE : http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=4332700#post4332700 is why I will always FAR prefer Turbine's attitude towards DDO than towards LOTRO -- Fernando honestly *loves* this game !!! (yes there's some sales pitch hype and over-enthusiasm thrown in for good measure, but OTOH he's a real, warm, passionate guy who honestly loves the stuff he's trying to convince you to buy -- an attitude I've yet to see from anyone on the LOTRO side of Turbine, sad to say, although the Codemasters LOTRO team certainly did have this sort of respect for the game)
  7. Details of DDO's first expansion Pack are HERE : http://underdark.ddo.com/ (the most expensive edition provides ALL your characters with a XP bonus up to level 20 forever, which is frankly awesome !!! [not rubbishy LOTRO XP bonus that loses you a gear slot either, and only works for some but not all XP, but a larger bonus not associated with any penalty whatsoever] --- and if you're F2P and don't own the adventure packs in question, it's all win !!! --- the other two provide such XP bonuses to ONE of your characters) ... also, Druid class free for VIPs is AWESOME given how the D
  8. As I said, I *think* Gandalf also takes a hand in things. Aragorn's notions about what he'd be doing personally are not the same as his notions of what orders to issue for the Dunedain. Thing is though, Aragorn's own seconds in command are NOT idiots, and many of the actions of the Rangers at that point in time are decided by them -- not Gandalf, not Galadriel, not Elrond, not the sons of Elrond. The conduct of the War, up to the point where Gandalf frees Theoden, and then later when Theoden shakes of his grief and faces up to Aragorn as a King in his Right, is in the hands of G
  9. Also Aragorn's doing, as well as that of his seconds in command (can't be bothered to look up names sorry) -- technically, Galadriel and Elrond mainly provide communications infrastructures that Aragorn makes good use of Aragorn issues one set of orders at Rivendell that the Rangers must prepare for war ; and a second set of orders from Lothlorien based on his understanding of matters at that point in time (the nature of these orders from Lorien is a little unclear, but it's established that he does issue some orders for the Dunedain). I *think* that Gandalf also takes a hand in thi
  10. I think it's a hardware problem, personally, and that some broken DDO hardware is creating a bad knock-on effect --- just a guess !! got no insider knowledge about this downtime !!
  11. You've never played DDO, I'd guess I think this is mainly DDO server related, nothing to do with LOTRO (except that you guys are messed up too because of it)
  12. Codemasters were also a hell of a lot better at it than Turbine ; albeit with the downside of a weekly offline period...
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