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  1. GOG as usual have a better (cheaper) offer: http://www.gog.com/game/grim_fandango_remastered Recently some old games i got via Steam were not working properly but they wre working very well when i got them through GOG so now when it comes to old games i use GOG only (now can't stop playing Commandos Ammo Pack ).
  2. There is a new Steam offer for The Repopulation. Obviously the game is in it's final Alpha phase and will soon turn to the first Beta but it is normally playable. There are bugs, placeholders issues + performance issues in some places but in general the game is nicely playable. It is a pretty complex sandbox game so a lot of people may dislike the game at first (just like in EVE everything seems to difficult and complicated at first) but if people are looking for something really different to our typical SWTOR, WOW, LOTRO, RIFT games, they should at least have a read about The Repopula
  3. That is why there usually are brackets (in battlegrounds, warzones or whatever you will call them). OWpvP is OWPvP with all the differences between players, including level differences. I pvp in almost every MMO i play (except LOTRO, pvp in LOTRO remains a wannabe pvp with it's slow skill reaction times) and i am all for gear differences. If i want equal conditions for everybody i go play MOH or any other first person perspective shooter. People who in MMO's whine about gear difference are usually those who: 1. are too lazy to grind for gear 2. have childish "i want everything and
  4. Not sure now, but it surely used to be possible to at least go a bit off the map near GV to 'unassigned: Fix Me' area. That was one of the way to summon very low chars to Ettens long time ago. I know it was possible to get to GV as a creep from DG but also not sure about it now. I would bet that none of the above is possible anymore but i don't play in Ettens anymore...
  5. Not want to derail anymore but i'm glad that some people understood yesterday what i meant. Not beeing english speaker i sometimes may sound confusing when trying to explain what i mean and often i lack the words or the meanings. So thanks Thunderloin and Nosam for explaining things for me. As you said i don't judge i just observe things how they are. It was such a waste of time to discuss this with you. I wrote so many times that i am aware that what i am observing is not a rule to every person from England and that i KNOW that not every person in England is like that and yet you
  6. They are just observations without going into the reasons. Just observations.
  7. Where? Where have i said that "Scots are great but the English, well they're just a bunch of rude wankers"? I repeat for the last time: i have huge experience in tourist flow (before my 6 years in the job i am at i worked for another 6 in another tourist related work and that one also also a foreign market), especially when it comes to foreigners. I don't say that nation X is bad and nation X is ok. I'm saying that IN MY OBSERVATIONS people from England are often more unpleasant towards others than other nations. Maybe your observations are different but that is how mine are..
  8. Dude it is you having problem with my observations. I'm not bothered with attitueds of those people as they do not concern me. How many times do i have to say that these are my observations? You may not agree with them but that is how they are. Also, nowhere in my posts i have said that people from England (all visitng) are bad and scots are ok (there are "pain in the ass visitors" in all countries). This is putting things in my mouth as you seem to be lacking arguments as you simply do not have such experiences obviously as i do due to the nature of my work. My observations fo
  9. My reaction is equal to everyone like i said. What i'm describing here is not attitude of people from England towards me or people from Poland. It's about my observations about the attitude of people from England towards people from Scotland, Wales and often Ireland. And please stop assuming about people who come here. I assure you i have almost full spectrum of people here: rich people, poor people, great people, stupid people, black people, white people and so on (yes all those groups go on holidays you know). Juts imagine a 4 or 5 star hotel in some very popular tourist destination.
  10. No prejudice on my side, just my observations from last 6 years. I equally treat all people that come to visit. And people who frequents my establishment as you say it, are people from all around the world and it's not just one establishment but four. I can assure you that i deal with almost every country (even the exotic ones sometimes) around the globe in my job. And before they come i know where they live so i know if they are english, french, german or scottish. It's just that in many of those cases people that are not from England were just in one way or another confirming my obs
  11. I also wanted to add something here from a perspictive of someone who is not connected with English and Scottish in any way except...at work. I spend a huge ammount of time at my work (i work, let's say in tourism in general) with people from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland etc. In past 6 years i have observed that people from England very often feel as better than people from Scotland, Wales (let alone people from Poland for that matter). I also observed that people from Scotland or Wales in many cases do not even want to speak to people from England when they are on holidays (they woul
  12. Not sure i get the meaning here but new countries that join EU don't have to accept EURO as their currency, there are many examples (not sure if this is what you meant).
  13. Just so you know, there were more than one ways to get to the hidden hobbit village. The only flying i have done was very early in the game (think it was fixed by the end of 2007 or maybe somewhere in 2008). It could have been started in Archet but as we can see from Dorf ss, it can still be done in some areas?
  14. So where are you from? I would recommend getting a VIP sub for at least the first month (it's cheap imo but i understand if it's too expensive for you). For me, the F2P experience is just totally sub par compared to what VIP offers. Game will be just very grindy for you, should you decide to go full F2P. Answering your question though: in my opinion it will take lots of time. For simple deeds you get only 5 TP points and you really have to spend a lot of time in each region to finish enough deeds to even think about getting a region quests unlocked. The thing is that with VIP y
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