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  1. Everyday I wish for the old days of LOTRO back. I log in every now and then and just can't get back into it. I tried out the Beorning class briefly, but the starter area was laggy as hell. From playing other games, LOTRO now feels clunky and unplayable.
  2. I've already preordered Warlords of Draenor. Looking forward to it, actually.
  3. You know LOTRO is dead when even the most hardcore Tolkien fans who used to think Turbine could do no wrong are now jumping ship.
  4. My favourite time was between 2009 and 2011. I started playing just before Mirkwood released. I had such a wonderful time in game, found it fresh, exciting. The roleplay rocked. Then.. it all just went 'bleh' for me. Ever since Rise of Isengard, the game hasn't been the same for me. With the increased emphasis on the cash shop and lack of interesting content, it just killed it for me. I got LOTRO installed still, but I can't bring myself to log in. I dislike the class and trait changes, most of my old friends no longer play. I'll always look back on those 2 years fondly. It's the game that really got me into the genre.
  5. I logged in today after a month of not bothering with LOTRO. I haven't been active as I used to be for a year-and-a-half. The talent trees alone are off-putting to me. I also can't bring myself to uninstall the game, but I do believe I'm pretty much done with it now. In a way I wish the game should just shut down, before it gets any worse. Die with dignity so to speak, but even now I think it's too late for that.
  6. I'm not surprised the expansion has been delayed. It would've been an unwise move to release it just over a week after Guild Wars 2's launch. Hopefully they'll use this time wisely to sort out some of the kinks. They really could do without a repeat of the Pit of Bugs- er I mean Iron. I quit LOTRO completely a few weeks ago. I have no intention of buying the RoR expansion. The direction the game is heading and the gameplay having no appeal to me anymore has sent me away. I do hope RoR is a turn in the right direction, but I got a feeling it'll be yet another let-down like RoI was for me. I hope Turbine can prove me wrong then maybe... just maybe I would return someday to try it out. I won't hold my breath though.
  7. I think I'll settle with 5 bags, until I can another from the store. I'm not paying £45 for an expansion. Rip-off.
  8. I got an awful feeling it's another security breach, also. You never know with Turbine...
  9. Well, they know there would be a server overload. Everybody would swamp to the official forums. It's only delayed by one hour yet. Sit tight.
  10. I haven't been missing LOTRO at all. I'm loving SW:TOR.
  11. Seems I made the right decision in giving more time to SWTOR.
  12. I have my Sith Inquisitor Mirakai on the RP server, The Progenitor. Feel free to holler if you see me around.
  13. I got my SW:TOR early access. I'm enjoying the game. Hope you get in soon.
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