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  1. Almost 6am and stil no CM forums. Usually optimistic but all this talk of hacking vbulletin forums and the recent PSN problems make me feel a little nervous right now.
  2. Actually, that's exactly the reason I picked them - I wonder what Turbine will think of their style and sometimes abrasive and dismissive attitudes
  3. Google uses spiders (Bots) to search & index every webpage that they find, that's what you are seeing. It is possible to block them but that means no Google ranking and not being found in searches.
  4. They are pretty boring but I like hitting late 20's and going off to the east side of Esteldin to start on the earth-kin baddies - not sure why I like them but I do! When it comes to critters, a bit like the earlier poster who liked boars - I like bears, they come in enough varieies of size and colour plus aggreesive/non-agressive as well, they drop plenty of vendor trash and plenty of useful hides too, what's not to like about them!
  5. He is banned. I remember him having a couple of temp bans but this one seems to be permanent. Hopefully his game accout is not banned, he always wanted to be on Turbines servers and now he will get his wish.
  6. Aquarius


    Hello & thanks for making these boards
  7. Don't see me posting on the US boards - not happy about forum action possibly meaning game ban. Maybe somebody should start a poll (Can we do polls on these boards?) as to who will bw the 1st 'name' from the EU side to be banned - by 'name' I mean frequent/regular poster - say 1000 posts or more. Beleg? Futsie? Radhruin? Korrigan? Oh wait - he's already banned from the EU forums. Perhaps we need some nominations before making a poll!
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