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  1. plus the difference between 1 server for the entire population and what? 20ish servers for LOTRO doesn't help either But I agree with above poster, LOTRO being UI based and not an actual auction house does make a riot rather tricky... no one can beat the invisible hobbit!
  2. Pitty... I kinda liked the conversation that was going on, and then the line (which our old man rightfully indicated) was crossed. In mine opinion (emphasis on mine) you cannot have a conversation about supernatural/natural without resorting to believes and perceptions. What is supernatural? Is it still supernatural if it's proven by science? Or does it has to be cloaked by mystery and myth? And yes, religion is intertwined in all that. If I look at our history, I see more and more phenomenons (spelling?) being explained by science and looses its supernatural event of which, often, wa
  3. One I shot when my Girlfriend and I were in Paris; What a little drain of colour can do to a picture
  4. I can't help you atm, but just throwing in one quick note: You say you have made two tickets already. In both cases you should receive an e-mail from Turbine's support stating your problem and autofilling it with a plausible solution/answer to the issue. However, and here is the kicker, unless you reply to that e-mail they think the issue has been resolved. So my real question is: After making those two tickets, did you -in both cases- receive an e-mail and actually reply to it as well? If not, there is your problem why they haven't responded. Hope all is sorted soon
  5. Even though my main is a Warden, and he is struggling by keeping all stats happy. I am a big NO against more store-only stuff. As you suggest now Doro, it results that people who want/can/will spend more money on the game, can be better equipped then people who run OD/BG with their kin. I am playing this game cos I like the lore/setting and because you are rewarded for your actions, not by your wallet. So a big no for me. I am already disappointed in the store-relics, as a warden I really should buy the continuance settings :\
  6. As others said above; there are a couple things you should keep separate: -Connection with the server --> Latency and Loss Latency is expressed in milliseconds and shows the delay of you pushing a button and the server receiving it. Meaning if you have a latency of 200, your actions will be recorded 200 milliseconds (0,2seconds) after you activated the skill. As peoples perception is between 0,4-0,6 seconds this isn't a real big of a deal for MMO's. In shooter-games (FPS) this is a big difference as aiming is a big part of those games, meaning the difference between a hit or a miss.
  7. Same here! Both little alts can be picked on the forum, real 'alts' of Snowbourn still not available though
  8. Been playing this week pretty intensively and after a while I must admit I don't really feel the glue as I described it earlier anymore. Might be cos I am accustomed to the pace now, don't know. Increase in latency is the same for about everyone. Lag spikes as described above are different per player and I personally haven't really felt a spike just yet (did loads of 3 and 6man instances now as well as some ettens). I'm happy with the increase of the opening of the LOTRO store, as I often misclick on the LI-window (on the 8th slot instead of the cross) and now my screen isn't lock
  9. Why did I not received that e-mail? o_0 (checked spam folder as well) Guess i'll change my PW right now on Turbine, as I used the same PW but a different accountname, still doesn't feel quite as safe now.
  10. ah It's good to know you are here as well Hej! Bloody fear of yours kept me from killing your friends a couple of times! /salute from the West Gate Borfini, little unnoticable hobbit warden ^_^
  11. Must admit, just 1 hour ago I played the Forsaken inn instance with 2 others and I did notice some 'glue' to my character. So am afraid you were right after all. We'll see how it goes in more hectic 6-12 man instances.
  12. you're absolutely right, my bad @Bacho, I too am a warden, but I hardly feel/see/notice a difference. Maybe because I am used to queueing my skills? As said in earlier post, ofcourse for CJ's and interupts every bit counts, but hey... makes us again a bit a harder to play and thus interesting? ;-)
  13. Pitty this is the first time I hear about it. Else I would have certainly go. Is it one of those Rotterdam activities cos of the summer?
  14. Okay, let's get some stuff straight first Most people I see here get around 100-130ms (milli seconds). Which means the time between you pushing a button and the gaming performing it has a delay of 0,13 second. For comparison: People usually have a response time of 0,4-0,6 seconds between noticing something and handling. So what does this all mean? When you see an NPC performing an induction based skill, you have for example 3 seconds to interupt. As said, the first 0,4-0,6second is lost by you processing the visual aspect and pushing your clobber/addle whatever. The latency (delay
  15. Anyone who can see their characters already in the mylotro website? I can choose a forumname and all that, but I can't see my characters. Also, where do you see your subscription status? (some people said they can see their lifetime sub) I haven't found the right place for that on lotro.com yet.
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