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  1. Doro

    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    It's all virtue signalling and fear-mongering yet again. Brazil's had forest fires before and there's been much worse (interesting that a lot of media outlets keep showing a graph of increased forest fires, which conveniently only goes back to 2013 to hide the actual comparison). The amount of rainforest actually on fire is miniscule, and even if 100% of the fires are intentional (which they aren't), then it's being fuelled by a need for farmland because the West keeps relying on it for beef and soy products. Yeah, let's shove our demands over there to rid ourselves of responsibility, then act all indignant when a new moral outrage is manufactured. It's hypocrisy to ask another population to provide for you while also demonising them for doing what you'd already done yourself. All of it pales in comparison to the true concern of the ever-expanding human populations (with China and India being the biggest players in it). CO2 is pretty much nothing in the grand scheme, especially when you take trends over the last 50 million years for both atmospheric CO2 and temperature. They keep saying about the global average increasing by 2100 to as much as 2 degrees Celsius since pre-industrialised times, and yet urban heat islands already create a 2 degree Celsius difference compared to surrounding areas without even trying. Wipe out natural areas to replace them with concrete jungles, and that's what you get. And you can't even try to revert back by planting the amount of forest needed because (even ignoring land use) the sheer amount of water needed would once again be incompatible with the demands of a overpopulated nation. Modern humans are just a disease.
  2. Literally at any point from now, considering the numbers are at what they were when the last ones happened.
  3. I could see it happening, considering current trends. Logins for all servers are at levels equal to or lower than they were just prior to the first merges. The Limited Servers are at the same level as servers that were killed off during the merges, so they should really be the first to be put together. Looking at the figures, they could easily merge all the US servers into one, and all the ex-EU servers into another, without ever hitting the sort of numbers they used to have during LotRO's prime for a single server.
  4. She probably would've done had she been posting when I was. But my list is the result of a few from years ago and most from very recent, so I never saw her "in the wild" so to speak.
  5. Doro

    How to lose players and alienate games

    So THAT'S why I kept getting fired.
  6. Doro

    How to lose players and alienate games

    That's fucking hilarious. To be fair, I'd prefer if more devs did that. I remember my days in retail having to deal with shitty customers who acted like absolute cunts but couldn't take it in return. As long as people are free to respond on those forums afterwards, I'm all for it.
  7. Doro

    Can't find Red Maid

    You have to take the box that's to the right of the spring where you fight the wight boss (Vatar or something) and put it on the altar inside the Red Maid's spring.
  8. It's why I found it easier just to put those idiots on ignore. They can't bait if they aren't even being acknowledged. I ended up with something like two dozen names blocked and those forums went from being filled with idiot sycophants to generic posters almost instantly. In fact, when I'm back home, I'll post them so others can easily tidy up their view. Arnenna Bohdb Boraxxe Dinara djheydt dsltn07 jakeatkisson Langie maartena Mar-Evayave MAWorking Nymphonic Radhruin_EU thinx Trobon Vanyaerunanethiel whheydt Wolfhelm YvainBlakhart Edit: There's probably more, and I think a couple of those on that list were only added because I just couldn't take cringing any more at their posts, but it's an alright start. If there's any I've missed, let me know.
  9. Doro

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Ha, didn't you only start back up on there at the start of June?
  10. Doro

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Okay, so there's currently: - Man - Elf - Dwarf - Hobbit - Beorning (should've always just been a sub-race of man with one class option) - High Elf (again, should've been a sub-race of elf) And they want to add a brand new type of dwarf, seemingly based on a line that I thought was from the Silmarillion about a few dwarves found fighting on both sides during the Last Alliance. Slightly taller, no beards, that's it. Another case of sub-race made into a race. The next would obviously be a type of hobbit, if they keep up with the pattern of making a second type of each existing race. I still can't see why they're bothering with shit like this, though. At least Beorning had a brand new class attached to make it more than just a pointless aesthetic difference.
  11. This is likely the case, however that's not always a guarantee of comprehension. It's fairly easy to parrot something without actually taking in what's being said. It doesn't help that they're grown adults with opinions others are supposed to take seriously, either.
  12. Doro

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Pretty much this. It might've worked better if they had a permanent server for each cap, that way people would be able to choose just how near to the edge of the cliff they wanted to get instead of slowly being pushed. Then again, there's only so long old, out-dated content could last people. The SoA re-release lasted 2 months, maybe 3 max, before people started complaining about a lack of content. MoM, another 2 months but people were already getting bored after 1 month. No idea about SoM, I dropped the Limited Servers about a month before SoM came out. Their biggest mistakes was not adding PvP. That used to be something that gave me a reason to log in most often, when evening kin raids and subsequent locks limited the end-game hours.
  13. Doro

    UK Ship gets Captured by Iran

    Which is why I said I'm sceptical of the motive behind terrorist attacks. The focus seems to be on attention, but with low casualties. A nuke wouldn't work in that regard. Yes, you should also take what MI6 says with a grain of salt. Take what everyone says with a grain of salt. People will lie or make mistakes, it's just good practice to not take everything said as gospel. Which is why I don't just use the TV for news. I don't just use one source, or accept just one side, or listen to one kind of political-leaning. I take in what I can and find the more likely middle ground based on track records. However, I don't know what source you saw that said Iran was funding ISIS.
  14. Doro

    UK Ship gets Captured by Iran

    I don't think the US should be the world's police force, and there's nothing in my post that would suggest I do. In fact, your response seems fairly disconnected to what I said entirely.
  15. Doro

    UK Ship gets Captured by Iran

    Wait, what? Iran didn't fund ISIS at all, they actively opposed them (Saudi Arabia... well, I wouldn't put it passed them). They sent troops to both Syria and Iraq to fight them. A nuke isn't the most convenient or even effective way of mass killing people now, considering the risk/cost of it, which is probably one reason it hasn't happened. I've been very sceptical of all terrorist attacks in the last decade, since they don't seem to be about loss of life or even long-term impacts, they're really quite shit if you think about it. A dozen, maybe two dozen people? Out of millions in one country? All those other ways they could fairly easily kill a lot of people, like derailing busy trains, mass poisoning, trucks along busy streets, etc. They don't seem to focus on them. It's just short, low-casualty attacks. If I were so inclined, I'd suggest a conspiracy that they're not all they seem. When the CIA is the one still feeding the information, whatever claims they have about Iran that no other country seems to be able to verify should really be taken in a fuckload of salt. Trump is likely falling for the same shit, and it doesn't help that his ego is running the show when it comes to decisions. His stance on Iran is flawed as fuck.