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  1. Doro

    What are You Watching

    Hannibal - Incredibly art house, but a brilliant series that I keep rewatching. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Watching it again because I was young when I first saw it. Comfy as fuck. Westworld - Season 1 was the best, season 2 was a little slow. Mystery Road - Comfy Australian crime drama. Supernatural - I've got a soft spot for kino hunter brothers, but it's no where near as good as the first 5 seasons. That's about it really. I don't watch a lot of telly any more (and by that I mean using free streaming sites) because most stuff out lately has just been shit. Even when it's there and available to me for nothing, just a click of a mouse away, it's still not tempting. Sometimes I'll just stick on some brainless trash like a police show, border control, or a house buying show, just as background noise. Also, that Travellers show sounds like Quantum Leap.
  2. Doro

    Moria soon on LS?

    It's some sort of shitty livestream he does of the game and it's mostly nonsense. There's no official summary of the few important parts he mentioned, so a few idiots expect you to have to sit through the whole tedious thing just to listen out to something that might be relevant. From what I remember of what was mentioned on the other forums, Moria is coming in "March-ish", which could mean anything, really. No idea if there's been any more since then, because I refuse to watch that shit. Edit: I've put a thread out over there to see if anyone has anything. Not holding out much hope, though. From the figures on both YouTube and Twitch, pretty much nobody watches it.
  3. And I see that all the time, too. The moment a blue name pops up, a bunch of sycophants all start getting over-excited and thanking them for gracing the forums with a meaningless post. We've all seen the sort of people behind those blue names (and it's as you'd expect for an MMO developer, they're not exactly alphas), there's literally no reason to treat them like deities or give virtual wanks if they appear in a thread. Then again, maybe I'm giving the sycophants too much credit, and they're more likely on a rung below beta so they do actually look up to blue names.
  4. I'm now firmly in the belief that this undead game will never lose all its player base, because there's just too many oddballs out there with seemingly an endless supply of disposable income but nothing else going on in their life, so they keep on spending. Maybe it's some mental disorder along the lines of autism. It's the only explanation I can think of as to why they're so fucking weird. I mean, look at this shit. Making threads to share fucking song lyrics where they make it about Lord of the Rings? Or this trash. What sort of NPC-level sort of humour is that? And even worse, people respond positively about it. Reeks of that mental fucker you see at bus stops with their belly out humming fucking anime intros out of key. Normally, people steer clear of the nutter, but on the forums? They congregate like outcast moths to a socially-inept flame. These are the sorts of people who are still fuelling the game, and with people that out of touch with normality it's no longer surprising to me that SSG keeps the lights on.
  5. I tried the Halloween festival and the Christmas festival when it was running recently, and I couldn't see the appeal. Grind a bunch of crappy daily quests for tokens and then trade those in for some cosmetics. Whoopty fuckin' doo, Basil. I have no idea how so many of these simpleton festival fags look forward to it, let alone put themselves through the repetitive grind of it. This weird digging thing has been even worse, just running around digging at holes, with all the shitty rewards being so expensive you'd have to grind it constantly where possible just to get even half of it. But I suppose if I understood why they like them, I'd be just as retarded as they are, so thank fuck I'm not.
  6. Doro

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    Yeah, it's pretty fucking bad. Even the most basic of designers knows vectors > pixels.
  7. Doro

    Game Down

    No specific server. Logging in is failing. Edit: I was able to log back in now, but it looks like a few others are still struggling.
  8. Doro

    Game Down

    Well, it looks like SSG has managed to fuck something up. Was riding a horse across Trestlebridge when I suddenly froze and the client kicked me out. Tried to log back in but it kept saying "incorrect password" (which is impossible, since I've got it set up to auto-fill that data). Try to check the forums for a server status and they're down, and on Twitter the LOTRO account has posted this: "We are investigating web site access and game log in issues, and will let you know more shortly. #LOTRO"
  9. Doro

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    I'd take a bet that he doesn't see the irony in writing his signature all in caps.
  10. Doro

    Has anybody seen this?

    I have no idea how you missed it. I've pinned it in the General Discussions section now so that it's always there.
  11. Doro

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    Criticism such as: - freedom of movement creating a migration issue where poorer nations lose needed workers because they're making more money in wealthier nations instead - creation of a central bank to better control and manipulate a shared currency across multiple unbalanced member states - customs union that prevents any deals to be made individually, while nations like Switzerland and Norway don't have that but still have access to the free market - around 8 nations putting more into the EU than they take out, while propping up the other 20 nations that take more than they put in - bureaucratic nature of leadership in the EU, with a bloated system of institutions like the European Council, Council of the European Union, and European Parliament - the imbalanced nature of the EU, where nations can't contribute equally and don't get an equal control on issues, effectively resulting in other nations deciding their fate instead - the constantly growing control of Germany over the EU - the sheer number of policies and regulations constantly being churned out by the EU resulting in an unwieldy list that's always growing - and the more metaphysical things, like the globalist agenda behind the EU to maintain power over Europe and tie people into a system that prevents any meaningful change That's all directly about the EU.
  12. Doro

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    The EU's much worse, in that they don't give a shit about 27 countries simultaneously. Their goal is to expand the globalist socialist agenda to consolidate power under a few unelected bureaucrats. We're talking an experiment in which the German Minister of Finance said of the EU "Elections cannot be allowed to change economic policy", and President of France is pushing for an EU army. The so-called totalitarian tiptoe has already been happening with the EU, where it went from a simple trade agreement among nations, to what was approaching to be the United States of Europe. There's too many alarm bells ringing to want anything other and No Deal at this point.
  13. Doro

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    Holy fuck, are they really that disconnected from reality? They set up some shitty little "consulting" company for MMOs. What, so that other games can be driven into the ground by your greed and economic ignorance? They listed "Player Retention" as a service. This has to be some sort of massive satirical bit, there's no way those two cunts can be that oblivious.
  14. Doro

    gaming laptops and noise

    No idea if this works for laptops, but my PC has fan-control software. I've set a curve so that fans are on a minimum and practically silent while nothing's going on (and temperatures are low), but the minute it starts getting up to about 60 celsius they start speeding up and get louder, to prevent any damage. The problem I've found with my partner's MacBook is that it can get hot over pretty much nothing just because of how bad the airflow is for them, so she has to prop it up on a thick book to try to get the vents exposed, which I'm guessing would be the same for most laptops. It's the downside of trying to pack everything in to a small space.
  15. Doro

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    Too busy here in the UK having to deal with our government trying to fuck us over and get in the way of a No Deal Brexit. From what I saw of the frog protests, it was to do with being against a fuel tax, then it started to spread into other reasons they're not happy. Although, I hope the France/Italy thing gets more interesting, just to really fuck with the EU.