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  1. Doro

    Censoring Words

    No problem.
  2. Doro

    Censoring Words

    Great, so now you should understand why your request to follow your own subjective guidelines on suitable profanity is completely redundant.
  3. Doro

    Censoring Words

    No, I just don't think it is a point. You want to act like gays are the only ones to ever suffer injustice and violence, and I don't buy into it. You wanted this conversation, clearly, so we're having it. And I fully support your right to be a cock-end that thinks he's somehow more mature simply because he gets all buttflustered over a word on the internet. Boo fucking hoo, pal.
  4. Doro

    Censoring Words

    No, they get beaten up sometimes just because they were standing there. There are people being killed all over the world for various reasons. Again, gays do not have a monopoly on it.
  5. Doro

    Censoring Words

    And the guy used an urban myth about the origin of the word faggot, and a story about how he's heard that word when he's been beaten up. Plenty of straight people have gotten into fights and had any number of words thrown at them during said altercations, I don't think gays have a self-pitying monopoly on that.
  6. I started up a beorning recently because I hadn't really given it a try before I'd left before and I liked the idea of turning into a bear in RP zones. Before the update, it was pretty powerful. I'd levelled up to 30 without doing any quests, just through farming and cooking. It left me massively undergeared, but I was quickly able to start up on yellow and orange quests and mobs despite it. Made the mistake of thinking will was an important stat because I didn't realise might gave better contributions to tact mastery (for a healing build). With the update, it's now god-like. I'm taking at least two dozen red mobs at once and not breaking a sweat. I can heal over half my health in one click every 3 seconds. I'm able to permanently stay in bear mode if I want. Wrath generation is no issue at all and it never goes down now out of combat. I don't even know what half my skills do, but I'm surviving more than my minstrel ever could on equal level. The only thing I will say is that's it's disappointing the out-of-combat bear mode only has a +40% speed buff. I'd rather a +78% like mounts. And maybe some bear form skins. Pretty boring just having it match your character's hair colour. Oh shit, they'll be flooding the store with skins of bears already in the game. I take it back.
  7. Doro

    Censoring Words

    If we start limiting word use based on individual preferences, we might as well not be using any words at all. Besides, the guy was clearly being a faggot. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcja4WFFzDw Edit: Feel free to start a thread if you want to debate that.
  8. Doro

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    It's not like it did anything, really, especially when this place exists to make everything crystal clear. Nobody gives a fuck about those forums any more, nobody of worth anyway. The only person who would think they've "won" by getting someone banned over there is the sort of person that can't succeed in anything else in their life. It was a very clear comment on their integrity that even online, where no one knows who they are already, they still had to add an extra level by using a sock puppet to do some weak trolling. I can picture them now, a weedy beta little faggot, terrified of eye-contact on those rare occasions they have to venture out deal with the world, afraid to speak up if something goes wrong... but when they get on the LotRO forums, boy do they get a chance to be someone else. Anyone else. That's where they feel safe and strong for once in their lives. That's why they defend the game so vehemently; they're afraid all this dissent will take away the only thing they see they've got going for them.
  9. Doro

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Yeah, that thread was funny. He came here with a mask on, some people saw through it, 2 years later we're at this stage. I'd say it's nice to feel vindicated, but it came at the expense of others having to put up with the same shit.
  10. A lot to go through, so I stopped at the Beorning stuff. Holy fuck, that's a hell of a lot of buffs they did to it. Loving the idea of an out-of-combat bear form. No "mount" mode like wargs have, though.
  11. Doro

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Congratulations! It's a true rite of passage to be banned by the cunts over there, especially a sudden permaban. Edit: Jeez, I just had a look at a few posts. That Moveonpal faggot definitely has some sort of screw loose and you became his obsession of choice. Not very brave of them to shit-talk behind a sock account, either. He's online, on a video game forum, and he's still too much of a pussy to post on a main account.
  12. On one or two accounts, probably. But not on the third account they now need because they've filled all their slots and are looking to make yet another bard to stand in Bree all day, but this one will be different because they'll be from Gondor!
  13. $199 for what is basically a pseudo-lifetime account for a corpse of a game. Bit late for all that.
  14. Doro

    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    They left all the other useless stat armour in the game, so I wouldn't be surprised. Playing Legendary has made me realise just how separate the early levels are to the rest of the game. In some quests, they just put a chest as a reward that lets you pick a piece of medium might gear (now useless) for Beornings, but they didn't bother to update any of the other gear. Considering the removal of stat caps and the change in how stats worked for classes, the vast majority of gear is crap for SoA characters. Most end-game sets are shit, ALL crafting gear is pointless, and you're basically left just scrabbling together random bits of landscape/quest pieces that they put all the points into a single stat thinking it's not as useful as a balanced piece (and they weren't back then).
  15. Doro

    Legendary™ Servers

    Well, it's been 3 weeks, and already the servers are pretty boring. Runs are robotic now (players aren't even bothering to lead runs, people just do things, often starting bosses before the group is even gathered). Everything without a cooldown is on farm because over-gearing is possible. There's no PvP, so no competition (and since I'm a minstrel, it's a fucking pain that I can't use it to get my rez deed sorted). And the biggest thing for me is that you don't really have a viable way to max-gear. The existence of this Essence gear has killed gearing completely. At least in SoA, you could run the end-game content and get the best gear possible. But with Essence (and, to a smaller extent, that rare classless landscape teal stuff) dropping so fucking rarely, you're either not going to get to max-gear, or you're going to waste time grinding for it. No thanks. Sure, you don't need it (with all teal essence pieces and essences, the stats you'd be at would make you a god), but it takes away that feeling of completion you get when you've properly kitted out and everything's great. Essence shit is just that LI grind expanded out and made even more fucking time-consuming. The presence of the Store keeps creeping in, too. Fucking seasonal event is on and it just keeps reminding me that there's so many Store-only horses, pets, items, etc. I went running around a housing area, and there's people who have bought these little crate things that apparently give daily crafting items to them. No fucking wonder the game isn't dead when so many numpties are still paying for shit like that. And to add insult to injury, the black dye issue is back! We mentioned this before on these forums that they fucked people over when they changed the crit of Rust Dye from Black Dye to 3x Rust Dye. The result on this legendary server? There's a whole 2 fucking black dyes on the AH, and they want upwards of 10g for one fucker. Let me guess, the idea is to push people to the Store. Well, what do you fucking know, the black dye on the Store is the most fucking expensive of all the dyes. At 100 points for one, and 450 for five, these cunts are pricing them at twice the cost of any other dye (4x the cost of some of the shittier dyes, like orange). It is the single most expensive dye I can see on that Store, and all because they know how fucking rare it is when made by players. It's dredging up all the old hatred in me again. If I want to see Moria, I may have to just throw this bullshit aside for 3 months and come back when the new cap is here.