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  1. Doro

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    Considering they control most media and social media, and clearly have an agenda they're willing to push, it matters quite a bit. All this outrage people have here in the UK about how the unwashed masses were duped into voting for Brexit, and yet we've got US companies doing much more to control the narrative for their desired outcome. It's the old saying made manifest: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it."
  2. Doro

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    This is why I use the term leftist. It's this sort of shit. There are genuinely people in positions of power in large companies and media outlets that subscribe to this extreme left-wing, fascist mind-set of "everyone has to believe what I believe or else". Anything they don't like is hate speech and should be banned, with the people who say it being ostracised and having their lives ruined, but anything they do agree with is free speech and should never be challenged. The hypocrisy of it is insane. Their issue with "fairness" is a perfect example of their need to try to shape reality to their agenda. They want to make sure everything is artificially tweaked so that outcomes are more in favour of their views, be it forced diversity, controlled information, or manufactured controversies. If it doesn't benefit their agenda, it needs to be smothered, and they'll feed biased data into their algorithms to do so. This is something happen across the board and in multiple forms, not just at Google with algorithms.
  3. With a Kinder Egg, you're at least getting chocolate, and the surprise toy is an added bonus. With lootboxes, you get some random piece of shit with no guaranteed item included. What frustrates me is that they get questioned by MPs, who are infamously absolute fucking morons with no clue on what they're even questioning to begin with. It's just a charade.
  4. Yeah, EA are trash, and their VP can go do one. An interesting line in there: "In the UK, loot boxes are not considered gambling if items found in them can also be unlocked by players through playing the game." So, LotRO does have gambling in it and shouldn't be given the age rating it has. Then again, it's a very, very small fish so I doubt anything will come of it.
  5. I don't see a lot of talk of those sorts of games either, though (excluding use as a sneer or insult). Hell, Minecraft only started getting brought up more often because it's suggested it might be a better game now that the kids are all distracted with Fortshite.
  6. Ah, that explains a lot.
  7. I have no idea where this noise is being made, because I see none of it beyond what Al posts here. I'd say I've even seen more talk of Monster Hunter Online than I have for FFVIX. In fact, MMOs in general seem to be getting less and less attention from gamers on the boards I visit.
  8. I'm seeing this from the perspective of someone who has never tried FF (any of them, I just don't like the style), and only ever had a free trial for WoW (and, again, I didn't like the style so it didn't keep me), and I can't see how FFXIV will beat WoW. From outside, I just hear no buzz about it, I don't see any cultural impact, I don't know what classes/races there are, I don't see talk about it on other sites I frequent, I don't even know when they have expansions (is this their first one?). Honestly, I couldn't name a thing about it, which would be odd for a game that's supposed to be so popular. The numbers would interest me, but I've got a feeling if we looked at pure "western" logins it would lean much more heavily in WoW's favour. A lot of games lately seem more tailored to the much larger Asian market.
  9. Doro

    Did Mirk actually launch?

    I probably would've posted something, but I stopped playing again. I'm guessing the few here still knocking about on the Limited Servers are busy actually playing it, and in a few days when the content runs dry we'll get an update as to where things are at. From what I've heard from a few others who are more invested in those servers than I was, it's not going very well.
  10. Doro

    Be Virtuous!

    It's not bad for a bear, since roars and heals are tact based and the rest is phys based. That's the only class I really got to grips with during my recent stint, so I don't know if any other classes have a similar split.
  11. The new "plastic bad" meme has been amazingly well received by the normies. They get outraged at the mere thought of plastic... while they busily go about indulging in all the other things that negatively impact the planet without any hint of self-awareness. But "plastic bad", and I'm surprised it took Trudeau so long to bumble his way onto that bandwagon, considering how on point he normally is for the manufactured outrage crowd and whatever trend gets their attention at the time.
  12. Doro

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    Definitely. Imagine them having to click ban and seeing over £100 a year disappear from what little revenue they already have, with the possibility of more losses if the rest of their shitty kin walks, too. They wouldn't have the balls to do it, which is why they never bothered to deal with the multi-boxing farmers either.
  13. Doro

    Captain Build Advice

    I think Star-lits are either rare random drops from certain instances, or (obviously) bought from the Store, but I can't be certain with post-RoR content.
  14. Doro

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    Yeah, but this is something entirely different. They're not using a shortcut, they're using a time-machine to reach content they shouldn't be able to yet.
  15. Doro

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    Cheers, this makes so much more sense now. Amazing how much effort they put in to getting blatant exploit rewards, as if no one is going to notice.