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  1. I hope she's filing proper tax returns. It would be a shame if the IRS took an interest in all this free income.
  2. It's the gift that never stops giving. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55642101 A new impeachment possible to keep his shady, incompetent ass out of office forever.
  3. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!
  4. Save it from what? The site never mentions it being destroyed.
  5. They're claiming to have 2022 pinpointed as the time when LotRO gets an "upgrade", so if they last that long get ready to see an absolute shitstorm as bugs upon bugs appear.
  6. Considering Trump is now lying to the degree that it's impacting social order (with roughly 70% of Republicans in some polls claiming they believe there was voting fraud despite no evidence having ever been presented to a judge in any of the many cases Trump had his cronies open as a distraction), is that enough to have more legal consequences against him when he's finally dragged out by his hair? It's obvious he's doing it to cause unrest and squeeze some cash out of idiot donors who think he's going to put funds he's begged for into recounts, so surely the law has to step in at some point, right?
  7. For those who haven't been glued to this chaos, allow me to give a quick rundown of a few of my highlights so far: - Trump calls the election WAAAAAAY too early, thinking he's won because the map on Fox News was initially red when only a fraction of votes had been counted, and his fragile ego couldn't take anything to the contrary - Wisconsin and Michigan flip to blue after the mail-ins are included, taking Biden up to a comfy 264 EC votes out of the needed 270 to win, triggering Trump and his fanatics - Trump gets his unelected, unqualified son to have a tantrum on TV about voter fraud in Pennsylvania, saying they're going to sue them, despite it being red and STILL being red as I type this (89% counted), so I guess they know something we don't about how fragile their current grip on that state is - Trump genuinely says he's going to take it to the Supreme Court and wants to stop counting votes right now (good ol' democracy, eh?) because he would have won if they hadn't counted after a certain point, and he knows more postal ballots are coming that will rub salt in the wound for him - Everyone is watching Nevada, as a quarter of votes are still left to process but right now Biden is in the lead and will get the 6 EC votes he needs to win - Georgia is 98% counted and only 0.4% in favour of Trump so far, but Biden only needs about 60% of the remaining ballots to win it, which is likely since they're mail-in ballots and have so far proven to be heavily democrat friendly ("I told all my voters not to use mail-in, why aren't I getting any mail-ins? REEEEEEEEEEEE!" - Tiny Trump) - Still unfinished, but it's fairly safe right now to say Biden has won (without some sudden trickery being pulled): possibly the most hated US president of all time; the big loser, he's the best at losing, knows more about losing than anyone; twitchy Donald J. Trump has been defeated by someone he painted as a sleepy old man that doesn't know where he is.
  8. I saw some cunt over there say this: "I hate the term 'whale', but with six active accounts (including lifetime), each with ultimate editions of previous expansions..." Why the fuck would anyone need SIX accounts? All with ultimate editions of expansions that were end-game content, implying each account is filled with end-game characters as well. There's multi-boxing, and then there's playing with yourself, so I suppose LotRO whales are used to masturbatory acts.
  9. I had a quick look over some of the complaints over there and I'm amazed how far these idiots have to go to seeing what LotRO really is. They're complaining about costs or lack of content, but in the same breath praising the developers for all their "amazing work". You mean that amazing work you're complaining about them not providing? The constantly bugged content? The abandoned features? The "kill x of y" quests copy and pasted? The lazy re-skinning of cosmetics? That's what the devs have been making. What imaginary world are they living in where there's a parallel LotRO with incredible content, when the complaints are about how bad the monetisation for barely any reward has gotten?
  10. Ha! I like that when the question of self-respect comes into play, the sycophant immediately shows they have none and can't possibly understand what it is, confusing it for respect in general. That's some high-quality self-loathing on display. Good little wallet bitch, keep shovelling in that disposable income most have better use for in their life.
  11. I hope he dies. There's very few people in the world that would make it better by not being here, but he's definitely one of them. But we know he won't. He'll get top-of-the-line care that none of the people that died were given, he'll slog his already dying, unhealthy ass through it, and if he wins he'll get his poisonous little nepotistic family to run the country for him so he can spend his time attached to an oxygen tank and his Twitter feed, or if he loses he'll "retire" and be looking at all the ways he can avoid getting prison time (probably by claiming health reasons, similar to his excuse for not being drafted like those other suckers).
  12. Did anyone bother to watch the "debate"? I couldn't bring myself to sit through Playground Dementia 101, but I've heard it was as pointless and embarrassing as I thought it would be.
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