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  1. The racism of the left again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-51506733 I wonder if the student would still be there if they were white and said something that fucking ridiculous.
  2. That would explain why I had no idea who that was, I jumped ship at Helm's Deep and only briefly popped back for the Limited Servers up to Moria. Looks like she wasn't particularly sought after as an EP after that if she had to turn to opening a board-game cafe.
  3. Someone called Athena Z Peters? Genuinely, no idea who that is, apparently worked for Turbine/SSG though.
  4. Ha, I'd completely forgotten the Limited Servers even existed.
  5. Holy shit, you're so fucking stupid. Your list of reasons as to why a European won't understand US gun use WAS FUCKING WRONG, you dense cunt. Your point was shot out of the air ages ago. If you can't understand something that simple, you're more of a waste of flesh than I already thought you were.
  6. No, your bullshit reasons didn't track. Your stupid, ignorant stereotype of Europe was wrong. That's what you got called out on and I'm having to explain it to you again. That's what you went full retard Trump mode on to avoid facing. You're still doing it because you've got no fucking point to make and no clue what's even being said to you. But go ahead, pretend you're just "trolling", fucknut.
  7. Which was a response to: Try to keep up, you stupid sack of shit.
  8. Because it's clear you don't think it's obvious. Which is, in itself, obvious. Yeah, the point (a really simple one but of course you wouldn't understand it) being you were talking absolute shit once again, and when challenged on it you went off on a completely irrelevant tangent about how many cities you've visited, and that you've probably visited more than others. I see why you like Trump so much, you can't stick to a subject without getting distracted and whacking yourself off, either.
  9. And yet you don't seem to ever notice Trump in all this, which is why I have to keep pointing him out while you've got your blinders firmly on. Completely missed the point.
  10. You mean like Trump. Goes to cities and is surprised they're cities. High IQ there, fella.
  11. Don't be retarded, you know charities are optional. The vast amount of people are likely selfish dicks like you and can't be relied on without having taxes forced on them. It really isn't. There's a whole spectrum of abortions, trying to be some sort of simplistic moralist about it is stupid as fuck. Not about using a gun, it's about procuring one. Read before you post.
  12. Sure thing, spastic. That's a genuine paradox among the right-wing. Anti-abortion, but anti-welfare. I know it's a bit of a cliche now, but it genuinely is that they only seem to care about and individual's life when they're a foetus or when they want to use a gun. Anything else, they're on their own. Starving kids? Fuck it, you didn't play the capitalism game well enough. Medical bills? Get a 2nd or 3rd job to pay for it, don't ask for help. That woman wants to expel a clump of cells? LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Maybe letting anyone buy a gun is a bad idea? WHATTABOUT PROTECTIN' 'MERICAN LIVES?
  13. You mean that video that has a woman in it even mention she grew up on a different plate to the one she's currently on? Yeah, I can see how you'd miss that with limited cognitive skills.
  14. Doro


    He's just a guy that was against the foreign invasion of Islam in certain parts of the UK, who then got some attention from it and exploited it for profit. His "journalism" amounts to standing outside courts holding trials of Muslim rape gangs and talking about it, which at least someone is doing I suppose. He's definitely been put through the ringer by mainstream media here, who wanted to demonise him, but his run ins with the law weren't just because the police have got a bias against him. All in all, he lost his way when it became more about right-wing profit than opposing Islam, hence his spotlight moving to the US instead.
  15. Doro


    Nobody here really hears of him at all. He's mostly an export to the US now after he joined Rebel Media.
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