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  1. At this point, I'm hoping he's the kind that sprays gasoline everywhere and then forgets to leave when he lights it (true story, a drug dealer in my old neighbourhood did that after the council kicked him out of his bungalow). The idea that he'll just scurry away without any repercussions is annoying. Doesn't he also get that ex-president stuff like taxpayer-funded private security and special privileges for the rest of his life? That's 5 or 6 years of wasted resources.
  2. The narrative is slowly unravelling to the normies. Figures so far have had to be reduced because of over-estimating supposed COVID-19 deaths, because they were counting people who died from anything no matter how long after they had the virus. But it looks like they're taking it in baby steps to admit figures are still inflated. From now on, they'll only count deaths within 28 days of a positive lab result for the virus. Not people who have died from it, not even people who died with it but from something else. Nope, it's anyone who got a positive result and died within the month, cause of death regardless. Can't back track all at once, or people might realise they overreacted and will start questioning what really has been killing old people, i.e. government lockdowns. No mention of what they're doing with suspected cases or those deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned in any capacity (which seems to be a large segment, based on what I've seen so far). I'll bet they're still counting them in addition.
  3. That's even funnier, because that means even the addicted whales over there now believe it's a fact LotRO is at its worst state yet. Otherwise, why report something they should agree with? They don't know what to feel any more. And yeah, that cunt in the Skirts thread has a major ego problem. Back-seat moderation still going strong over there.
  4. Apparently you CAN go too far defending SSG/LotRO. Out of all my recent posts, apparently these ones crossed the line. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682139-The-Extra-Monetization-Of-Rohan-Housing-(&p=8026939#post8026939 Someone said: "Let's just keep it to the facts, the increased monetization of this game is a clear sign of its decline, so is the overall quality. A healthy game doesnt need to charge unreasonable amounts of money for literally everything." I responded with: "That's not a fact, that's your opinion, and I disagree entirely." They then said: "This is not an opinon, numbers dont lie." With my response being: "Of course it's an opinion, you don't have any actual numbers beyond speculation, and speculation doesn't correlate to quality, either." Poof, both of my posts in that context gone. Theirs are still up, obviously. NO, BAD DORO, NO SAYING IT'S AN OPINION TO DISLIKE THE GAME OR THINK IT'S COLLAPSING! Seems like Cordovan acknowledges the game is shit now. I also lost a post made a little while after, breaking down what features the Rohan housing had in SSG's defence. I guess they admit they fucked up on the monetisation as well, it was an underhanded move to try to box people in to paying more for an advertised feature. Remember, guys, as much as you might want to defend SSG/LotRO from the truth, there are some truths that are too accurate to defend!
  5. Requirements of the Palantir Private Preview Program ... Must be able to interact with the community in a mature and constructive manner ... Nah, I'm fucked.
  6. Whoever made that thread sounds like a silly billy. Literally asking to spend more money by getting pet emotes? Fanboys never cease to amaze me.
  7. Hey! I think it's amazing and I'm super grateful we got another outfit to discard with each new character. If you swap most of the pieces out, it's probably the best cosmetic option in the game. And it's free, with is good because SSG are so generous, but bad because I can't support them. I'll have to buy some cosmetic from the Store to show my appreciation instead. Maybe buy multiple new premium houses. Oh god, what if I don't buy enough houses and LotRO goes under?
  8. Hey! You sound like one of those self-entitled troll whiners. Us defenders don't take kindly to that sort of talk.
  9. I've had some time to think about it and I actually don't mind this now. It's not an integral, necessary part of the game, and was never promised as free to VIPs, so it's fine for it to come with a cost. If people want it, they can buy it. If they don't, then there's regular housing still available. There's too much self-entitlement these days. People should be grateful they get to help keep the game they love alive, warts and all.
  10. You know that weird phenomenon where sub-beta males send cam-whores money online and buy their bath water? SSG is that cam-whore, the whales are those simps, and this housing is the bath water. They'll chuck that money down with the excuse of "I have fun" or "it's not a lot of money" or "I want to keep supporting them", but it's all weak attempts to internally rationalise being exploited.
  11. https://9gag.com/gag/a2WMryd At least the virus went away like a miracle in April because of warmer weather... Edit: I love that he says in the same minute that their death rate to cases is lower than some countries, but also that they're testing at a much higher rate than other countries. He's inflating the cases figure to make the percentage of deaths look better than they are. I guess he knows most of his followers lack the intelligence to work out that what he's saying really is "if we were testing at the rate everyone else is, I'd be trying to ignore the deaths vs cases figure, just like I'm ignoring the total deaths figure, because it shows how badly I'm doing".
  12. Shieeeeet, we wuz High Elves.
  13. It always comes back down to Trump's ego and his complete disconnect from reality. He can't fathom why he's unlikeable. If Fauci is approved of, and Trump was the one gracious enough to hire him, then why isn't he also getting some of that approval rubbing off on him? He deserves it just through association, in his mind. What could it possibly be about an idiot with misplaced arrogance that makes him so unlikeable? He just can't put his finger on it. It's probably just haters, or Obama, or the media, or China, or Democrats, or whatever scapegoat he surrounds his self-esteem with for protection, anything to avoid having to accept he's got absolutely no charisma, no intelligence, no humility, and is about as trustworthy as you'd expect from a failed businessmen/land-owner that's sailed through life on nepotism, i.e. not at all (and you can see why he has no problem putting family in positions of power). Fuck sake, even I'm rooting for a Democrat win now. At least Biden just sniffs people.
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