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  1. Doro

    Update 23

    Modbreak: Merged threads for tidiness.
  2. Doro

    Update 23

    I don't mean this as an insult or an attack or anything like that, but are you playing this as a gamer (gear, rotations, strategies) or a sight-seer (wandering about, role-playing, casual)?
  3. Wait, the actual destruction of the Ring wasn't some sort of event or server-wide objective? I thought people were mucking about when they said it was just a cutscene.
  4. That's amazing. If only he was heading further away.
  5. Doro

    Possible LotRO GDPR Violation

    As far as I know, GDPR means that SSG has to both allow customers to retrieve a copy of ALL of the data the company has stored for them (which must be delivered in 1 month), as well as giving the customer the "right to be forgotten" and have said data deleted from their records. The latter is limited to data the company doesn't actively need to maintain a product/service adequately, so you can't just go "delete my data" but you keep playing, because they need at least some info to keep your account going. Your credit card information isn't required to play, so that should be deleted immediately. The problem is that GDPR is so fucking convoluted, it's hard to figure out what's a loophole and what's non-compliance. Anyone pushing to fuck SSG over with it is going to need to take it to a legal route pretty quick, or they'll just brush it off as a bluff. I'm sure they're being non-compliant in a whole host of areas (as US companies often to, and then just say "oops we're sorry" when they get found out, while continuing to do the same shady shit in other areas), so I doubt it would be a fruitless venture.
  6. Doro

    Barrow-downs death magic?

    Did you eat any Barrow-brie?
  7. Doro

    Barrow-downs death magic?

    I've never heard of anyone just dying for no reason in the Barrow-downs. The only thing I've had that came close was when I jumped off a small cliff and landed where an ore deposit was also spawning, which for some reason launched me so high into the air it killed me as if I was falling.
  8. Saw this today, and thought it was strangely appropriate.
  9. Doro

    Go Polish Your Brass Neck, You Gobby ...

    Yeah, Martin made the mistake of thinking he was cleverer than he is. He tried to set up twists and plots that he thought would be good, but because he was so slow at writing he gave his fans too much time to mull it over. I'm fairly certain now that he's been outclassed by half the fan theories that have come up, or they've been accurately guessed so he's trying to change it last minute to not get caught out. He painted himself into a corner and doesn't know now how to tie it all up without showing he was very, very lucky in his success with his first couple of books. It was pretty clear he messed up with timing of his plots too, since it should've all really ended after the War of the Five Kings.
  10. Doro

    Go Polish Your Brass Neck, You Gobby ...

    He's got a point, though, even if he's mistakenly treating both with the same lens. Tolkien's work is often very morally simplistic and more light than dark, and it's those moments where things are more murky that really stand out (at least to me). Boromir was more interesting than Aragorn because he was flawed. Gollum was more interesting than Sam because there was an inner turmoil. The idea of the Ring bringing out the worst in a person is brilliant. The Mirkwood elves in the Hobbit being darker than the airy fairy Lothlorien elves in LotR. Smaug not just being a violent, evil monster but a cunning, even polite villain. In the Silmarillion, all those tragic tales were what made it so good. Tolkien's work was intentionally inspired by legends, and the good guys winning and then everything being fine at the end all summed up was pretty weak for a story (and a lot of the LotR was bad from a mere story perspective) but completely understandable for a piece of myth.
  11. Of course those morons would still be whaling up this ex-game. Gag the fucking lot of those prissy plebs.
  12. Doro

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    Thanks, that's all making much more sense to me. I noticed a few games promo sites (since they stopped being journalism when they started selling themselves to games companies) that they're seemingly dominated by uber-leftists who are immediately on the claims of sexism and other such propaganda points. The usual "we're so morally righteous, look at all these cis-het-white-milk-men being evil" bollocks. They're well behind her position for no other reason than they're also part of the agenda. I then went to Twitter and found that female dev that got fired for being a dick to people and pushing her delusional beliefs into everything. She's repeatedly re-tweeted and commented uber-leftist positions to the point where if it was an uber-rightist they'd be fired, so I see no issue with it on that front (though I'd rather either side is free to be retarded, I'd take equal treatment if that's on the cards instead). It's clear she has a big fucking chip on her shoulder, and having anyone like that work for you is a big problem.
  13. Doro

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    Okay, because my attention-span for games dramas is pretty fucking low, I'm trying to piece together what the hell's going on in this thread while being unable to endure anything longer than a minute of video at a time. There's a female dev who got pissy because she posted on a public forum about how hard writing for a MMO is, one person said they disagreed and politely gave why, she kicked off and started pulling the "muh misogyny" card (because, apparently, disagreeing with a woman is not allowed and only women ever get disagreed with), and that's about as far as I could get. She got fired for it or something?
  14. I highly doubt that, considering there's been much, much worse done before and nothing happened then, either. Things like them promising a free raid to everyone, then selling it to people in Isengard (Draigoch).