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  1. Again, no. You may need to re-read what you quoted because it's nothing to do with Trump's response.
  2. It turns out their desire to protect their country from tyranny doesn't stretch to what they incorrectly deem as black issues. If they were being honest, they would admit they only want guns for their personal protection and have been using the second amendment as a convenient excuse, but when push comes to shove the application of rights in defence of others means nothing to them. The lawyer is right, Trump had armed agents violently clear a peaceful protest for a photo opportunity, but it's Trump and "lol libs got owned" so it's crickets from the gun nuts. Meanwhile, innocent people are having to deal with the poisonous element hiding amongst the legitimate protestors. There are videos of unarmed women deterring looters, standing in the way of businesses being targetted. So did David Dorn, a 77 year old retired police captain who was shot by looters as he tried to protect his neighbourhood, and he was black. Could do with a few rifle-toting flag-wavers in those cases, but I guess they're having trouble finding the courage.
  3. Doro


    That's a hell of a "reduction".
  4. Here's the pic doing the rounds: Apparently, protestors turned up to the gates of the White House, and Trump had all the lights turned off. As someone so aptly put it, like a house on Halloween that doesn't want the kids to knock because they've got no candy (or Bojo going into a fridge to escape cameras). Not a good look, as they say nowadays. People turn up to show their anger, and the president hides away in his bunker hoping they'll leave. Doesn't exactly show strength of character or leadership, at a time when he could be using this to try to turn people around (or at least away from Biden). As usual, all talk but nothing to back it up. It also suggests their defences are pretty weak if a bunch of protestors storming the building is a valid threat.
  5. Seems to be things are getting less strict now that Christopher Tolkien is out of the picture and they were already pretty lax before, what with living dragons, elk mounts, High Elf players, Beornings, etc. Whatever rule was in place at the beginning was slowly tiptoed away from over the years with each new lore-breaking change. That, or the years of claiming we were never allowed were a lie. I still think this has come far too late. The days of avid PvPers in LotRO ended a long time ago, hell it was dying while I was still on it during RoR. Even early on the Limited Servers, those of us who were begging to get the Ettens opened were few and far between, and the sparring fight club that was set up only really had a dozen or so people in it (which ended pretty quick because it was so unbalanced that a burg with all teal essence gear could nuke opponents in a couple of seconds). The sorts of whales that usually prop the game up weren't fans of PvP to begin with, either, so not sure who they're catering to. Any bets on what other gimmick servers they'll open? Perma-death servers, no level servers, hard-mode servers, no mob servers, man-only servers, chicken/animal servers? If they don't do a zombie server, they're missing a trick.
  6. Looks like he's throwing a tantrum over it. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/28/trump-social-media-order-expected-go-after-twitter-facebook/5265312002/ It makes total sense he'd do it, though. He can add Twitter (and social media in general) to his list of scapegoats/red herrings he so often uses to avoid responsibility. I'm with you on politicians on Twitter, Splay. The moment I saw supposedly respectful news programmes offering up Twitter screenshots as important to stories, I knew the bar had been lowered. Meanwhile, an American city is on fire because once again US police have murdered a person through their fascist brutality. Biden's playing the virtue-signalling sympathetic angle (easy to do when you don't have to do anything about the situation). Trump's going military, but it's sort of preaching to the choir to turn predominantly black neighbourhoods into (more of) a war zone.
  7. And confusing when you look at breakdown by sex. Deaths between males and females every year are roughly equal (which is itself interesting, since more men die from things like cancer, suicides, or even workplace accidents, so there's something killing women at a greater rate that must "balance" it out), and yet this year the split between is still 50/50 so far. That's despite 60% or more of COVID-19 deaths coming from men. Since women also tend to live longer than men, you'd think there would be more killed by the virus that overwhelmingly kills the elderly, but seemingly not. The poor health of male pensioners seems to be the biggest risk for them. So what's pumping the number for women? It should be closer to about 55/45 (under the flawed assumption that most of excess are because of the virus), but it's equal. Since it's not the virus, what is it that's killing older women at such a disproportionate rate? The government has a lot to answer for, especially now it's getting clearer among the general public that roughly half of all excess deaths are due to the fear-mongering and lockdown, and also potentially responsible for an unknown number of those in the expected deaths if it turns out rates have dropped for other causes of death during the same period for young people.
  8. Which is going to particularly sting, given Trump previously had the First Amendment used against him on Twitter to stop him blocking people. https://www.vox.com/2018/5/23/17385256/trump-twitter-lawsuit-block-users-loser
  9. I love that technique. Anything Trump says that makes him look as bad/stupid/unstable as he is, well that's just the Showman/leftists detached from reality.
  10. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you hadn't, as it definitely changes things. It flies in the face of what's being claimed. He didn't say "beat", he said "be", the context (and the sound) heavily backs that up regardless of what some claim to hear otherwise. People don't even have to make up things either, he's already using those Acme curved pistols to shoot himself with the whole "you ain't black" nonsense.
  11. To be fair to him, he doesn't say "beat" he says "be". He was asked a question about whether or not he's going to be copying policies of other Democrats and he dismisses it by saying he's going to be himself. That's why the question isn't included in the clip, or it immediately provides context for what is no more than (drum roll) fake news.
  12. Apparently, we had the exact same thing back in the UK. Old people were taken to hospital, discovered they had the virus, then chucked back into nursing homes out of fear they'd take up too many beds in the hospitals that others needed, only to realise later that it was just killing more old people anyway and the hospitals were barely over half capacity the entire time. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/15/discharging-coronavirus-patients-care-homes-madness-government/ The very people the UK was forced into an unprecedented nationwide house arrest for, to make sure the NHS could look after them, were told to fuck off and die in a place where they'd take more residents with them. We built extra temporary hospitals to cope with it, mostly unused but fuck it old people can't take a bed! And the trained seals still clap every Thursday to show their support for the NHS, who are so rushed off their feet with half the number of patients that they spend most of their time filming stupid TikTok videos. This whole thing has been a combination of incompetence and totalitarian malevolence, and they sure as hell couldn't pass up the opportunity to push the latter.
  13. Did you see the recent attempt at deception/deflection by his administration, where they tried to compare Obama's old pandemic response to the new one they claim to have always had but never followed? They literally had a woman hold up some sheets of paper stapled together to show Obama's (she even commented on it just being some paper), then held up two binders with potentially nothing but blank sheets in it (a trick they used before, but no journalist was allowed to open one to see). It was basically "look at how flimsy these papers are compared to Lord Trump's sturdy folders, that clearly tells you all you need to know about the contents of both!". I guess Obama is the current one Trump's latching on to for more of his deception/deflections. He'll be back onto China, and then the WHO, and then Democrats, and then fake news soon enough. Found it:
  14. Yup, and this is the current breakdown by age for those excess deaths: Under 1: 10 1 to 14: -67 15 to 44: 311 45 to 64: 4,194 65 to 74: 6,507 75 to 84: 15,915 85 & Over: 23,657 Pensioners make up a little over 90% of all excess deaths this year, almost 80% are over 75, and near half are over 85 (the average life expectancy is about 80, for comparison). So much for the idea the media keeps peddling that it's a threat to everyone. I still keep seeing parents afraid to send their kids to school or 20 year olds scared of being outside as though it's a death sentence, the fear-mongering got to them that much. There was a fella on Twitter who made a valid (if harsh) point that the people who said back in 2016 that pensioners shouldn't get to vote because they wouldn't live long enough to see changes, are ironically the same people now saying the economy needs to continue to be crippled and suffer long-term consequences... for the sake of those very people who won't live long afterwards to see it. I've been looking into this a bit more and there's some fairly rough statistics that can be used to get a less fuzzy look at COVID-19 deaths (though still frosted-glass level). Current estimates in some countries are that roughly 25% of all deaths attributed to the virus overlap with the expected deaths, along with another 25% being misattributed or died from something else while infected. That still leaves 50% of COVID-19 figures as additional deaths, which if applied to the UK at the start of May would be about 17,000 deaths, out of 50,000 additional deaths. Probably safer to assume 15% for each for the UK and have 23,000 out of 50,000 due directly to COVID-19. For the remaining 27,000, it's still unconfirmed what's the cause, though I believe it's a sort of perfect storm situation. The excess deaths started increasing dramatically 2 - 3 weeks after the lockdown (and so longer than the incubation period), I put it not just down to possibly half of those additionals being COVID-19 without mentioning it, but also down to the lockdown itself. The stress it put on the elderly, the change in routine, the impact on their diets due to panic buying reducing options and fear of being outside, the lack of social contact to help with mental well-being, the decrease in vitamin D production from sunlight exposure (another big one for non-whites living in the UK), the classic case of old people not wanting to make a fuss and dying of other things because they left it too late, the deterrence of going outside to get their medication, the lack of exercise, reduction in care workers being able to help out, and over-cleaning and lack of exposure to other microbes which has effectively made their immune systems "complacent". All those and more working together to increase the vulnerability of already vulnerable people. It's likely between 10,000 to 15,000 people have died from the effects of the lockdown itself, though how many of those would have died from COVID-19 otherwise won't really be known. The government should've thrown all they had into a properly assisted pensioner lockdown while everyone else got on with it. Instead, they killed thousands of old people anyway AND fucked the economy for young people as well. Two birds, one totalitarian new normal.
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