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  1. Doro

    And you thought the OF were bad...

    I've never liked that they went F2P. I've never liked that they keep putting Store-only items in. The whole thing has a distinct "EA: We fuck the game" feel about it. However, I can see that for someone who never knew otherwise, they'd not see a problem. They set their standard at a much lower point than was previously available, and that's just the nature of the beast. It fucks the rest of us over and results in a consistently shitty game from then onwards, but the perspective will depend on when you join. In terms of why an ability to not pay might be considered the best part, well it depends on your reasoning. Getting anything for free is nice, but it's especially good if you also think what's given is good. For example, if I got a free steak dinner from my favourite steakhouse, it wouldn't matter how good the steak was, the best part would be that it was free. Not that LotRO is a steak, it's more like the scraps powerwashed off the carcass and mushed together, but still.
  2. Doro

    And you thought the OF were bad...

    I may be misreading this, but it seems like they're saying they're happy they can play the game without ever having to actually cough up any money. I can see the appeal of a game where you slowly unlock content for free just by playing it, and I've often thought if I didn't have a Lifer account I would've done exactly that as a Premium player.
  3. Doro

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    If this is the same person, it looks like they use other people's charity to avoid having to pay for basic maintenance of a house. https://www.druidsfire.com/gratitude-and-accountability/
  4. Doro

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    This is the rub of it. They recently re-opened the winter festival on the servers, which gave a lot of people a laugh. So blatant is their lack of content for the casuals that they have to recycle more and more often. However, I repeatedly saw people asking for people to actually turn up for things like snowball fights or that weird theatre thing. I thought fuck it, I'll go have a butcher's. No layering mechanic needed, it was really, really dead. There's more people sitting AFK in 21st Hall than there is doing the festival. There's round the clock runs of Turtle, despite raiders being a small percentage of the player-base. Yet the festival doesn't get a lot of interest? Heavily suggestive that the majority don't do festivals, and yet it's the flowerpickers who keep getting changes and additions made for them. Precisely because they're the sorts of plebs who would use 45 mithril coins a night on rezzes. The whales (and I don't mean that about any particular streamer's weight) are the ones still funding the game, despite their small numbers. They're the only ones who need to be kept happy, and seemingly it doesn't take fucking much. But hey, if they're happy, good luck to them... the crayon-eating little bastards.
  5. Doro

    The Emperor Returns

    TFA was a victory lap of the originals. TLJ was an absolute mess that cauterised the plot points from TFA. This new one... my god, they're getting desperate if they're having to bait with Palpatine. "Oh no, all of our new characters suck, we'll have to resurrect an old one just to make people interested again!" Couldn't possibly revive Snoke instead, implying he's actually Plagueis himself, no they failed to make him as iconic as Emps. They only decent thing they included at all in the new films was a brief glimpse of the Knights of Ren (who should've been far more than just a glimpse), and it's too late to bring them in now when they would've made a perfect trilogy-wide group of sympathetic villains.
  6. Doro

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Okay, I gave it a watch and it was like nails on a chalkboard. I had to stop at the point where she keeps trying to pick up an item while she's got half a dozen mobs on her. If that's you providing commentary over the video, I have no idea how you sat through the whole thing.
  7. Doro

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    I can't watch video game streamers at all. They're often worse at the game than I am, I get annoyed that it's not me being able to pick and choose what's happening, and they're generally not particularly unique or charismatic individuals in the little camera box to make it any different. Obviously, the majority have seen how a lucky few are making easy-bucks from streaming, and think they can do the same, so there's always that hint of avarice behind it which puts me off as well. Despite all that, more power to those unfortunates that are hitching their wagon to LotRO of all games. After all, it's a game where its own "official" streams from staff average 100 viewers.
  8. Doro

    64-bit gossip

    I recently picked up my craft alt RK on the Limited Servers just to get the Loth crafting gear, and I've found this to be true. I've solo'd a hell of a lot on bear, so I always assumed other classes weren't up to the same sorts of feats, but even my shitty, under-geared RK can solo 3 man instances in yellow line. You can literally run into a group of mobs, then just kite in a circle popping heals, throwing out some lightning, and dropping the frost DOT patch when you get a small gap, no problems. If things get tricky? Two bubbles, one of which stuns the enemies attacking. Or wait until the DOT ends and hit them with that AOE daze and heal up for a bit. Daze one at a time with that pointy finger skill. Still, nothing compared to the bear, but easy for even a non-RK player to pick up and get to grip with quickly, so not sure how these streamers can fuck up so badly.
  9. Doro

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    It's definitely overrated. Tarantino does that annoying thing of making a character waffle on about some inconsequential, unrelated topic for 5 minutes at a time, and acts like that's how people actually communicate with each other. Sometimes it feels like he's just using his films as an excuse to say nigger.
  10. Doro

    64-bit gossip

    This has surprised me the most. I went back through the SoA landscape for quick deeds on an alt, and it's incredible just how empty it is. I'm tripping over rare elites now, whereas before I barely saw any, and there's plenty of nodes and mobs around... not that any of that is relevant now. If it's not cap crafting, it's redundant, and even the cap crafting "economy" is empty as fuck. It's pretty much just kins crafting internally, and people with multiple alt crafters getting fucked over by the rep gated Loth recipes. I'm curious to see what happens with Mirkwood. They can't surely expect people to spend 4 months doing that "mini-expansion" when Moria, the peak expansion content of LotRO, isn't enough.
  11. Doro

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    Other. I say that Jon and Dany's baby will be born this season, and everyone but Sam, Missandei, Sansa, Tyrion, and Gendry will die, leaving the incest baby as the true heir who gets raised by Missandei and Tyrion watching over her.
  12. Doro

    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    Secret World Legends. They already shot themselves in the foot when they "re-released" Secret World and didn't transfer paying customers' characters over, but they've also been having insane client issues with lag so bad it's practically unplayable. There's no dedicated, in-depth wiki either like bigger MMOs have (which LotRO also lacks now), which doesn't help the appearance of a healthy game.
  13. Doro

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    The campaign continues. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47786252 We're increasingly moving towards a post-government totalitarian system, where dissent of any kind is silenced by social media companies, banks and payment services can monopolise and then refuse based on ideology, and mainstream media promotes its own version of the "truth" whenever it wants. Not following the sanctioned agenda? Your life will be made very difficult for it.
  14. Yeah, there's around two dozen different D&D "settings" that give a different flavour, like Planescape (I think that one is about multi-dimensions), Spelljammer (fantasy in space), Ravenloft (gothic horror, I think), and Forgotten Realms. The latter is what Neverwinter is set in, along with Icewind Dale, which is one of my all-time favourite iso games.
  15. I'm a bear, though. I can just tank both at the same time and stand in one place for the clouds to stay around me. The only challenge with the trolls is their random hitting.