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  1. So it's not only a blatant rip-off of the deed version, but it's also technically another Store-only mount. Well, they are Turbine 2.0 after all.
  2. I think I remember this whole thing, and I wasn't particularly opposed to it since it wasn't mounts only available via the Store. But this is just funny. "Quick, get some synonyms for the mounts and put them in anyway, even after we said we wouldn't!". Are we sure it looks the same as the Steed of Many Colours? Also, I just did a search for the phrase "Steed of Shifting Hues" and got zero results. Nobody has mentioned it on the other forum at all?
  3. Doro

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    Any rundown that doesn't involve me having to listen to a twink over the course of an hour?
  4. I dusted off a L75 hunter recently, always ran it in red line so I saw no reason to change that. Solo'd Limlight Gorge on-level, no special build, no special weapons, no real knowledge of a good rotation. Since that was considered the hardest on-level content at the time (and something I needed my hybrid build guard or champ for to solo originally), I don't expect it to be much harder anywhere else.
  5. Doro

    Spotted a bargain - post here

    You can currently get Shadowrun Returns Deluxe free from the Humble Bundle store. There are also a few massive discounts (80% off and more) for other games found there.
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    Ruhe in Frieden, Deutschland.
  7. Yeah, props to him that he admitted he fucked up. Still, him fucking up because he's a dev that doesn't actually know what the classes do and doesn't even seem to play the game, well that's just laziness. Either he oversold himself to his higher-ups about his competency, or he was thrown in at the deep end. Surely they have at least one person in the whole of Turbine 2.0 that knows the classes as well as players do, right?
  8. Not by what I've seen of the Ettens, it's in the worst state since the game's release. If any devs are looking at PvP at all, they're doing so with cataracts.
  9. Considering the new trend is to just copy Game of Thrones, I'm guessing they're going to try to make something dark (and I don't mean just because they'll cast a load of non-whites for white roles, which they inevitably do), full of political double-crossing (and probably a lot of political "progressiveness", which they inevitably do), and a lot of bad fantasy tropes.
  10. There's a lot of things like that I've noticed in my recent revisit to the game. One being the sheer number of landscape changes they've made to old zones but they've not bothered to update maps. I'm actually a fan of the way they've opened up Bree a bit more, but when the map says a mountain range is still there it's a bit of a surprise to find nothing but gentle grassy hills.
  11. Yeah, it's not necessarily offensive or the like, but I can definitely see some points this Vastin fella's said that have more between the lines than at first glance. The first half of the post is basically him saying "I made all the changes without really knowing what I was doing but just messed around for a bit on a Hunter and worked from there". Sloppy, but you can't expect much else if these devs don't play the game like actual players do. They're fumbling in the dark like a blind choirboy in a dark confessional. However, there's this part: "I encourage people to simply play the game, try out builds and new play patterns and see what works best for you - or ask others for advice. If I know anything about our more experienced players, it is that they are more than willing to give you any and all the advice you might need to get your build working effectively. I tried to balance the skills to a point where several different builds should be functionally effective within the hunter trees, so there should be plenty of space there to explore." To me, that sounds a lot like telling people to not complain and deal with it. If you're not a fan of the new build or rotations, then you're just not an experienced player and need to be asking for help, or you just not playing or exploring the build properly. A sentiment he follows up in the next sentence where he says: "The Hunter class clearly remains powerful enough that even novice or casual players should be able to manage even when employing simplified skill patterns or sub optimal gearing & builds." No one should be complaining unless they're below the level of novice or casual and using less than simple skill patterns and terrible builds, because hunters are fine. He says in the line after that he's fine for suggestions, but they're not rolling anything back so anyone that wants it can go screw. They're just noobs anyway, right? Not enough experimenting and good gear, that's their problem. Sounds like the kind of dev that thinks his half-assed decisions on a class outweigh all those people who have perfected certain builds. Those same people he's dismissing and needing their hand held to work out the new changes.
  12. Hashtag me too. I still think the old content (before Turbine started revamps and cutting up all the raids into weak scalable stuff) was the best I've found in an MMO. I'd say I would even push it to include Moria, and maybe Mirkwood just for the skirmishes. The problem they had with trying to scale those was that they did it for the grind and tried to tie loot behind it (like that Annuminas nonsense). They lost track of people playing for the fun of it.
  13. This still irritates me, even after all this time. I hated logging in and finding my character had been massively gimped, all of my rotations were gone, and any hope of customisation was gone. Plus, every time I tried to swap trait lines, all the skills would disappear and get replaced with other versions, which were never in the place I left them before or had a completely different icon/use now. At least before, you could trait what you liked and leave the skills you couldn't use on your quickslots but greyed out. Their war on supposed skill bloat was their most retarded and most lazy "fix" they've ever done on the game.
  14. I really don't doubt it. This guard hit me for a 60k crit. The highest I saw from any hunters or RKs was 50k.