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  1. Back in the UK, Boris Johnson is now blaming care homes for the high death toll. Those same care homes he had the NHS fill back up with infected patients to make room for a pandemic in the general public that never happened. He properly messed up with the lockdown situation, but this weak deflection is the icing on the cake.
  2. Trump's really going for his greatest hits now, with some added projection/hypocrisy at Biden. Likes bringing up "kung flu", pointing at everything else as a problem, calling Biden corrupt and sleepy (the blackest pot to the kettle), keeping up the vague "America first" and "us vs them" rhetoric he was doing in the last election (but getting less of a reaction), all to distract from his failures as possibly the worst president of all time (probably tied with Bush, since Trump at least hasn't started a disastrous military campaign like he did... yet). Not only has he failed to uphold any of his previous campaign promises, he's failed to deal with problems that arose because of his actions/inactions during his term. He's not drained the swamp, he added to it with nepotism. Half of his administration are made up of revolving door positions, because the people he picks can't stand him or his incompetence. All he's done is waved shiny tinfoil about on Twitter to make media outlets money and his followers clap and cheer like the brainlets they are. Good use of four years, Teeny Trump. I half want him to win again, but this time to laugh at the mental gymnastics of his cheerleaders every time he fucks up, instead of drinking in the delicious lib tears from before (they get samey after a while).
  3. Looks like the world is at the 10 million confirmed infected mark. The UK has about 300,000 of those (roughly 0.5% of the UK population, which explains why I still don't know anyone who was apparently infected), the vast majority of which are pensioners in hospitals and care homes. The care home figures caused because the government was getting the NHS to abandon elderly patients and throw them back into what became plague houses for an otherwise nosocomial virus. From what I've heard, people don't even know what's going on any more. BLM protests for a foreign country's perceived problem are good. Going to the beach is bad. People are free to go out as long as they "stay alert". Except for Wales, where you'll be hit with fines that may or may not be legal, like England's fines may or may not have been legal. Normal schools are closed until teachers become immortal. Private schools are open this whole time because there's not really much of a risk to kids and their education is important. There's a vaccine going into trials, but no vaccine is on the horizon to set any plans to, and companies are scrabbling to be the ones to introduce tracking services (so-called "vaccination passes") and a host of other Nineteen Eighty-Four limits on personal freedoms being mulled over by the government. Plus Italy apparently had it months before they knew, so it's likely the UK did as well, which meant the lockdown was better at destroying the economy and pensioner health than stopping the inevitable spread, though the lockdown was apparently to help the NHS not get overwhelmed but was still in place even after it was understood that most hospitals were at less than half capacity. If the plan was to turn western society into a verifiable clown world, they succeeded.
  4. In red states, in the middle of summer, too.
  5. I've got a few. This is how I imagine it went down, based on his (lack of) character and previous interactions with people, and how similar people I've met have behaved: He likely has said it completely seriously to people in his administration who then looked at him like "you're a fucking idiot" and didn't put it in place (apparently a common situation in the White House) and he got annoyed about it. Someone daring to prod his ego? That's not allowed with Tiny Trump in the big boy seat, which is why he then took it later to the public saying "we were only getting so many positive results because we were testing so much" (he genuinely believed that was a valid defence for his mishandling of the virus). In his little mind, he was expecting vindication, but he got backlash from that as well. Fuck, well, it's mostly the media and his enemies that are behind it, it's still a good idea, surely? So he brings the same thing up at his rally, with all his supporters there ready to get behind anything stupid he says, but framed just enough as a joke in case there's even the slightest chance that he gets a bad third reaction from his stupid idea. Again, counter to his belief, a bad reaction, but luckily he was only mucking around this time so it doesn't count. His ego, while shaken by the previous events, is still safe because he went in only half-serious. Cue his blind arse-lickers on social media acting like he was always joking and was never serious, when the likelihood is this was a cautious third attempt at support so that he could finally turn around to whoever it was that's stuck in his craw and say "see, not stupid, they all agree". Unfortunately, it failed. With this in mind, I'll bet he'll keep going with the "joke". He'll say it a couple more times to really try to make people think it was always a joke, like trying to re-squeak a chair to show it wasn't a fart (even though it was), and if he never gets support his fanboys will say it's to troll the libs. Win/win for Tiny Trump in his deranged, petty mind.
  6. As serious and abhorrent as they obviously are, there's still a giggling little gremlin in me that can't read "boogaloo" with a straight face. To be honest, this whole situation has this undertone of absurdity running through it. An ex-criminal and ongoing substance abuser is murdered in cold blood by police in the US, and suddenly riots happen over multiple nations because of the recurring myth that black people are being slaughtered by police (more white people are killed by police due to population sizes, but also are more likely to be killed by police during encounters than black people are). Never mind that black people kill each other in far greater numbers than police do, no there's no "Black Lives Matter" presence then. Or that multiple African nations are struggling with serious poverty, violence, and even ongoing literal slavery (apparently only historical black slavery counts), again nobody thinks "Black Lives Matter" about that. No, it's only very specific, very shallow, misunderstood, mostly fictional injustices in the West that need to be addressed, led by proponents of the victim identity dogma. And the media continues to spread that narrative as though it's completely real.
  7. Bolton the war-hawk is back in the picture. Trump's team have rushed to block him releasing his book, which contains claims such as: Trump asking China's leader for help with the 2020 elections, possibly by begging China to buy more agricultural produce from the US Even Trump's most trusted advisors talk shit behind his back about how inept he is There's apparently a lot worse that Trump has done with other leaders than he was impeached for By the time Bolton left, Trump was just as clueless as he was when he started (which is likely still the case, the man's an idiot) Putin was regularly able to use even blatant manipulation tactics to get Trump to agree with him The funny thing is that they're blocking it claiming it's got too much sensitive information that could risk national security, which suggests it's pretty fucking accurate. I guess someone like Bolton is just another RINO looking to undermine a guy who has previously registered as a Democrat, a Reform Party member, and independent but who is definitely a real Republican.
  8. Try changing some settings in the launcher window before it loads the game. I think there's a little down arrow in the top right corner. You might be able to change DirectX options there.
  9. Thanks for the rundown. There was one bit that was particularly interesting about the LIs. Did they really leave a non-cap grind in the middle of levelling that's required for a decent end-game weapon and can't be avoided without using the Store? I'm amazed they never bothered to look into that, but then I wonder just how many players ever go through a filter like that. You're either keeping up with each cap in real time, or you give up as a new player somewhere around Isengard/Rohan and never have to see it anyway.
  10. As an aside, this is exactly why Labour lost a lot of stronghold seats in the UK in the last election and gave the Tories their biggest win in decades. They kept trying to appeal to metropolitan areas only and ignored the northern working class vote they assumed was guaranteed, and lost them for it. Democrats would do well to treat all states as prizes in this one.
  11. Everything's getting back to normal here in Japan now. There's still restrictions on who can come into the country, some tourist sites are closed, a few bigger restaurants have put signs on every other seat to stop them being used, and supermarkets have bottles of hand sanitiser outside and some plastic screens up at tills, but other than that it's business as usual. There's castles, shrines, and streets that were absolutely packed the last few times I've been here, but now they're so empty that I can wander around and take my time without issue. Their equivalent of pubs are lively but never full so you can always get a seat. Accommodation has become dirt cheap because nobody is travelling here. Even the airports for internal flights are so empty that you basically get VIP treatment the moment you enter. It's fantastic. Funnily enough, it seems that the more US influence is involved in a business, the more ridiculous the procedures in place. Apple stores force people to queue outside that wrap around the block, and temperature scan people's foreheads before they can join. Things like Universal Studios parks are closed to anyone but local natives, except local natives don't bother with it unless they happen to work there, so it's pointless. Some American fast-food chains are getting outcompeted by local equivalents who have no arbitrary restrictions on customers. It's actually funny seeing the overreaction of Western companies compared to the general apathy of the Japs. Meanwhile, countries in actual lockdowns are doing so much worse with much more irritating restrictions in place. So much for needing to sacrifice the economy to "save lives", instead they nuked both with no beneficial outcome
  12. Trump's poor diet and failing health are catching up with him more and more clearly now. Struggling to raise a glass to his mouth, he's also been seen to need escorting down stairs (which he takes very slowly), and having random spasms during moments where he's supposed to stand still. This was a guy who wrote his own health eval and lied to say he was the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" and had "extraordinary strength". It's hard enough seeing your own body betray you and being unable to do anything about it, but imagine how hard it is for a man whose ego can't take reality. No amount of coke can help ignore it then.
  13. For those who are almost miraculously still playing, where are we at for LotRO in terms of story, end-game, regions, and the like? I never got through Helm's Deep, but I've read a few things here and there since and the last thing I knew was that it's post-Ring destruction and Mordor is being run by the pseudo-Nazgul 2.0 led by the Mouth of Sauron. Are they still the big bads? Has the attention shifted to anywhere else? Has there been any new interesting enemies (like how the Ever-seer in the Rift, or the Mistress and Gwathnor in Moria seem to be unique creatures), or mysterious spirits (like the Huntsman in Enedwaith)? There's very little available on 3rd party sites now for obvious reasons.
  14. Looks like Tiny Trump changed his mind on the rally date. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/06/12/president-donald-trump-tulsa-oklahoma-rally-juneteenth/3181145001/ I guess even he knew there's no way to spin it to benefit him otherwise, since the sort of red-necks who would appreciate something like that are already his supporters.
  15. It's going to hell pretty quickly out there. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53017776 Difficult situation for Trump to navigate when the leaders in that area are opposed to him, he can't get away with his bluster and bravado while they're stopping him. He'd have to use that whole Insurrection Act thing, which to be fair has a legitimate point now since there's no police in this anarchist area, but he'd end up looking like a dictator trying to take it back. But this doesn't help: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53004628
  16. This is all pure nonsense. Cossie called you out on rejection of the polls linked because they don't fit your narrative (not that I put any weight in polls) and your response was to bring up something he hasn't even mentioned and then tried to claim he believes it. This "deeper and more complex thought" you claim to engage in has been to make up shit in your own head and try to argue against that. Even worse, you just paint everyone who disagrees with you as a leftist.
  17. Has he said that anywhere in this thread?
  18. I can't quite remember, but is there an option to run the game with a different DirectX version, like 9 or 10? I think people used to have trouble with that as well. Try fiddling with that.
  19. Incredible, Trump lies in public at least 15 times a day. It's like he can't help it. Mind you, this is a man who claims to be 6'3, but wasn't even taller in his little shoe lifts than Obama was at 6'1. His ego needs the lies to protect itself.
  20. Certainly none here, but that doesn't ever seem to matter.
  21. I once watched midgets fighting each other in a pit of snakes in Thailand, I think that's as close as I'll get to actual Hobbit civil wars. Now, I was being facetious with all the gimmick servers in my last post, but I'm actually coming round to the idea. I used to play a lot of Garry's Mod and Counter-strike Source, and the best servers were the custom game-modes. They were pretty creative, surfing maps, catching Pokemon, superheroes, horde mode, zombies, knives only, prison break, obstacle courses, climbing, etc., and a nice break from the official servers. I've got a feeling if LotRO actually added variant servers, I'd probably give them a go once or twice since I have Lifetime anyway. Not this weird PvP server, though.
  22. Doro


    It seems to also allow people to one-shot anything, just spar a champ and let them hit you with the cry, then take on whatever mobs are nearby. People have been killing training dummies for a laugh.
  23. Again, no. You may need to re-read what you quoted because it's nothing to do with Trump's response.
  24. It turns out their desire to protect their country from tyranny doesn't stretch to what they incorrectly deem as black issues. If they were being honest, they would admit they only want guns for their personal protection and have been using the second amendment as a convenient excuse, but when push comes to shove the application of rights in defence of others means nothing to them. The lawyer is right, Trump had armed agents violently clear a peaceful protest for a photo opportunity, but it's Trump and "lol libs got owned" so it's crickets from the gun nuts. Meanwhile, innocent people are having to deal with the poisonous element hiding amongst the legitimate protestors. There are videos of unarmed women deterring looters, standing in the way of businesses being targetted. So did David Dorn, a 77 year old retired police captain who was shot by looters as he tried to protect his neighbourhood, and he was black. Could do with a few rifle-toting flag-wavers in those cases, but I guess they're having trouble finding the courage.
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