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  1. Read your own line again. Slowly. Even slower than normal. See the bit about people in this thread? That's the bit where you're talking absolute shit yet again. Nobody has said any of what you were pissing about, yet you still tried to suggest any of us align ourselves with it. That TDS you constantly bring up is your own Trump Dependency Syndrome kicking in. Back on to actually important issues; Europe hits 30,000 deaths, with two thirds in Spain and Italy alone. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52117883 There's been stories in Spain of retirement and care homes for the elderly being abandoned by workers for fear of contracting the virus themselves, as well as authorities struggling to adequately store the rising number of bodies. With funerals in a lot of countries now being limited to less than a dozen attendees allowed, these deaths come with the added pain for families of not even being able to be there to bury or cremate the people they've lost.
  2. Cool, let me know when the results are in. Ok. Yeah, in a country over over a billion people, the guys who were doing mask production are the same guys who were doing the clinical trial. They've been busy little bees.
  3. You've literally got no clinical trials to back up your position, and the only one available (which I posted) disproves it. Yet you think it's me with his head in the sand? Don't get me wrong, I'd love for a solution to this virus that's already available. However, there's just no evidence. I'm not gullible enough to buy unverified claims, and I'm certainly not going to trust the gut feeling of Trump of all people. If actual clinical trials show it helps, even for some segments of the population, then great. Until then, you're falling for clickbait and unproven claims.
  4. You're trying to back up your claim using the French "results" that claim the drug actually reduces recovery time, which is nothing to do with improving conditions until the natural recovery occurs. Currently no evidence to make such a claim in the context of this virus. The French "results" weren't a clinical trial, which is another part of the clickbait you've fallen for. People are recommending anything right now when it comes to life or death situations. If someone is going to die, they're willing to try anything based on results from other diseases. But none of it is based on confirmed results. Which aren't COVID-19. Some drugs help for some diseases, but can exacerbate others. The current data is far too low to say hydroxybloxyclororhrorowhatever is an effective treatment for this.
  5. Two things: 1. You're confusing potential management of symptoms with a cure. Paracetamol is as much of a treatment and even those sorts of drugs also have their concerns. 2. The only supposed clinical trial has shown no effect. As someone who has repeatedly claimed concern over unforeseen long-term effects of the virus, you should be applying the same suspicion to any claims of an untested, unverified cure.
  6. No, quite obviously I asked if you can find anyone here that agreed with the media that Trump shouldn't call it the China virus. You know, that thing you claimed despite the lack of any evidence to support it. In the very last line in your post where you tried to shove 4 failed points in your own imagination on the rest of us here.
  7. Can you find anyone in this thread who agreed with the media on this? He wasn't too slow, and nobody has said that here. It's the domestic spread he's fucked up. Testing alone =/= preventing spread. Where has anyone here said that?
  8. For what? You're the one making the claim of Trump's success. Try it. Leave that sort of shit between you and your orange master, little bitch. Except there's currently no evidence to make such a claim. Even Fauci, a man on Trump's own task force, admitted it. Don't be so gullible just because Trump has said something.
  9. Oh yeah, that's the lynchpin in everything, obviously. /sarc You mean Cuomo is having to suck up after Trump openly said he would only help governors who would stop criticising him. Little Donnie's ego needed to be massaged or he was going throw a tantrum fatal to a lot of New Yorkers. And yet the spread hasn't slowed. So that extra time to prepare apparently meant nothing. Nope, look up what actually happened and the details involved. You've fallen for clickbait. Well yeah, the virus did exist last year. November, remember? But no, I'm acting like the virus was a concern since the beginning of this year. Plenty of time to have converted over before now. Sorry if something like that seems so complex to you that you think months are needed. Ha, you keep telling yourself that. For irrelevant bullshit, yeah. Again, speculation of private companies filling needed roles in response to government incompetence, not really a mark for Trump's scoreboard that you're tracking. Ah so because Trump's been pretty useless himself, but he's previously praised privatisation, that means he should get that "credit" for when companies do something good. If only Tokyo hadn't delayed the Olympics, you could've entered mentally for gymnastics. And yet you did it again.
  10. Neither was I. It might have escaped your notice, but Republicans basically run things in the US right now. They're the ones with the power in this crisis, and yet you keep trying to point at petty Democrat shit as if that absolves Trump's failures. Nope, I'm saying Federal power is being requested to help State power, and Trump is delaying, refusing, or doubting the necessity of such help. You want to act like Federal power has 0% responsibility, go ahead. It clearly was, look at the infection rate in the US. The taskforce is a laughable joke when they've had 2 months to prep but still ended up here. International travel bans work on preventing spread to the country. It does nothing to prevent the internal spread. See how it's the latter the US is struggling with? Don't project so much. Or maybe projection is a secondary symptom of the virus? After all, we just don't know. It's a complete mystery. A drug for a different disease that has no evidence as treatment for COVID-19, that's Trump's doing is it? Or are we now including his snake-oil speculation to bulk out the otherwise gaunt list of Trump's successes in this outbreak? Something they needed earlier, but well done to those private companies for stepping up. Not Trump's doing, though. List it then. It's either verifiable, or it's in your own biased head. Even I could mentioned 2 or 3 points, let's see if you can. That'll be useful, but again private companies stepping up to help an incompetent government led by an egotistical liar isn't exactly one for the list of Trump successes. Trump's contribution to fighting the pandemic: a currently non-existent but hopeful possibility of more private companies helping out in the future. I sure was wrong! Let me know when he actually starts doing so. Like you being unable to argue your point and throwing in half a dozen irrelevant videos and images to hide behind while ranting about imaginary lefties. Change the tune.
  11. Stop deflecting, nobody gives a shit what some out-of-power Democrats have or haven't done. What is it you think Trump has done that's helped?
  12. I bet you wrote these in the same post without any hint of irony. Still waiting on what he's apparently done, despite sky-rocketing infection rates. Proceeds to stamp feet about who should get credit. It's weird that you support Trump while also denouncing him with shit like this. I guess that's the idiot far-right for you.
  13. You're right. Silly me. People dying doesn't matter any more, only Trump getting credit does because that's in the US constitution. Again, you're right. Trump has no power in this situation, nobody should expect anything from him. Three for three! That list of all that he's done that you've provided was fascinating and completely undercuts that the US has the fastest growing infected population in the world. Sarcastic? Who, me?
  14. Trump's the POTUS. It's his job to deal with the situation, it's not a favour. He has to provide during the crisis, regardless of what colour state gets helped. It's not a thing where credit is the focus (funnily enough, people are more concerned with deaths than petty partisan point-scoring), he has to put the US first without any thought of recognition and do what's necessary. Which he isn't doing.
  15. And the outcomes were the same: recovery or death. You aren't asking questions right now. You're trying to correct what I've already made clear isn't correct yet, but wrong in your conclusion as to why the mortality rate is currently unreliable. You've fundamentally misunderstood what I've said if you think what I've said is remotely similar.
  16. Two. Death or recovery. Reinfection isn't an outcome, it's repetition with the outcome once again being death or recovery. Nothing sensationalised about that fact either.
  17. And again, because those are the two outcomes for the virus.
  18. I've realised I've been making a mistake, and that the US isn't top dog in this... it's the EU. Those sneaky globalists hiding themselves behind individual member state figures. Again, the mortality column will be more relevant as this progresses, but for now it's only really any use to compare to the world figures (obviously, I've removed China from this because their unreliable figures are throwing everything off). Give it a week and the US takes over the EU? Definitely before Easter, at least.
  19. Why would it? If you aren't already keeping track of LotRO, how would you know about temporarily free content? Without advertising, hype, or a large fanbase at their disposal, it's going to be a very, very small number of people that notice the game who weren't already playing.
  20. If it's about his handling of the Batarang Virus, it's alright here seeing as how the US is now the second largest centre for it (no one believes you, China). Anything else US politics-wise that isn't about Jiangshi plague would go in the election thread. Completely missed this. I've heard Bojo said he's going to work from home... isn't that what he normally does anyway? I guess he shook one too many hands at that hospital.
  21. I'd be careful of polls. They were the downfall of the smug left media when they thought they had Clinton all set, and the same for the UK with Brexit, only to find out they were well out of touch with the popular pulse. The whole point is that the majority of people aren't holding opinions or living the way the echo-chamber elite believe. Not to say Trump isn't supported by a lot of people still, since crises tend to bring out a temporary rallying effect.
  22. I like that his handlers didn't come up with an actual excuse for the Easter date for him to trot out as needed, just let him dangle like a tit in the breeze going "it's a lovely date and wouldn't it be nice". It's blatant it's to appeal to his religious voters, but even they've got to see through that when there's no other reason to legitimately point to instead. I guess being vague but trying to wink to Christians is a safer option for him than going full believer and saying "Jesus will save us on Easter". Then again, he was trying to say a miracle would save the US and it would all disappear overnight. If/when this really gets going in places like India, it'll be interesting to see just how much the religious element gets involved in this pandemic. It's been mostly hitting either secular or single-religion nations, but get a real mix like India and those tensions are going to catch fire.
  23. Country, Other Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered Active Cases Serious, Critical Tot Cases/ 1M pop Tot Deaths/ 1M pop USA 102,464 +17,029 1,607 +312 2,471 98,386 2,463 310 5 Italy 86,498 +5,909 9,134 +919 10,950 66,414 3,732 1,431 151 China 81,394 +54 3,295 +3 74,971 3,128 886 57 2 Spain 65,719 +7,933 5,138 +773 9,357 51,224 4,165 1,406 110 Germany 50,871 +6,933 351 +84 6,658 43,862 1,581 607 4 France 32,964 +3,809 1,995 +299 5,700 25,269 3,787 505 31 Iran 32,332 +2,926 2,378 +144 11,133 18,821 2,893 385 28 UK 14,543 +2,885 759 +181 135 13,649 163 214 11 Switzerland 12,928 +1,117 231 +39 1,530 11,167 203 1,494 27 S. Korea 9,332 +91 139 +8 4,528 4,665 59 182 3 Come on, I was pretty fucking close! 12 hours out, but still. Didn't expect UK to rise to 8th place, though. When did the lockdown come into effect? I guess there'll be no noticeable impact of a lockdown until around 2 weeks after it's in place, as all the infections in that time will have already happened without people realising it, they'll just start manifesting symptoms when they're inside.
  24. Just following your lead, broski.
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