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  1. and the train is rolling again wohooooo i finally recieved my station after 21 days *just so happy* *is just one happy hobbit* for turbine for the fantastic support when we failed to keep up the spirit alot of issues is being solved
  2. I highly doubt they are ignoring this they are working under heavy pressure at this point Alot of us have not been able to play since the migration started and turbine have been working alot to get us "online" Hopefully today's fix will get the rest of us Do not send multi tickets since it just slows down the rest of us whenever you write a ticket automaticly you should recieve a mail saying something like this - answer to this mail or we'll think you got your problem sorted- check the trash mail Have in mind about the time diffrence and check out when the account support team is working I have my doubts the office is open due the weekend Have you been considering to phone them ? some have been using skype since it has been the cheapest way It is just a thought I have no doubt they will help you Just give them some time since alot is going on at this point cheers
  3. sorry for saying but ..they are a sad bunch of people with alot of personal issues without a doubt ... Just to even consider doing a thing like this Thanks all for keeping the rest of us updated about this
  4. ack! thanks for the information all i will pass this on !
  5. Definatly feels better when you recieve information without a doubt! I hope they will be able to nail down the problems alright then maybe my problem will get sorted late next week *crossing fingers*
  6. you nutty people well seems alot of us have to wait so ..two three weeks who knows *gets more cookies*
  7. It's monday today so best of luck to all I hope we all get our accounts back Yes in this speed it will take a few hundred years to reach mordor
  8. I think more is having that issue here is the thread but i would sudjest you to wait until migration progress is completed before you fill in a ticket that is what they advice us to do unless we make a phone call to the support http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?399139-EU-subscription-06-01-2011-Pending-Cancellation
  9. Well i must say i made it to the final step without errors until i logged in today and realised my account status had moved down from vip to premium so right now i am one of many that have sent in a ticket about this issue It just seems endless somehow I am just crossing fingers the support is open this weekend :$
  10. Thorebane have you been checking the turbine support forum ? since i know i saw a poster about something with username and password error just a day ago i am not fully sure what the gm 's has responded on that thread but i thought it can be worth a look hope it will help some oh and have in mind the process is slow like my self and alot more it stil waiting to get our luggage
  11. *just had her second breakfast* well as long as there is some nice food on this journey..
  12. well it seems i am stil in line just waiting to get the final mail *yawns* but it seems to run alot smoother today thought *gets more coffee*
  13. They will be lurking around without a doubt *hides the newly baked cookies*
  14. A nice poster Undo welcome turbine
  15. I had no idea it was going to be up that fast not the eu server but the migration service I guess it's worth trying then
  16. I hope everyone will have nice three days and again thank you codemasters *comforts nim and offers some cookies*
  17. hi there i just wanted to drop a line and say i am not dnote i realised that my poster must have been making people confused :)i edited the poster so hopefully it got more clear this time :D

  18. what cookies? * have her whole mouth full* no one will steal the cookie jar from this hobbit *inspects the empty jar with a proud smile* Hi there welcome
  19. I can just agree with all the posters above
  20. well michel delving on Laurelin was filled with music last night It was a wonderful evening
  21. Hm riding hm have to admit my hobbit aint to found of riding but she will most likely be playing some music around that time in michel delving on laurelin Great idea thought*nods*
  22. Thank you so much for the great service codies crew due the years when i had to pester you all with something silly i truly appriciate it I will miss you guys
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