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  1. 1. Write an open letter to the player base, clearly outlining what is going to be achieved, how and when. 2. Treat the players as customers you care about. 3. Hire more developers- and focus then on fixing all major known issues. 4. Revisit the f2p model and make it viable to be a paying subscriber 5, produce an expansion for fall 2013 worthy of being an expansion...
  2. What GW needs is the ability to show what your target is looking at. I think the biggest thing that lotro needs is a bullet to the brain....
  3. The game gets more and more broken. Think I'm even less likely to come back for Rohan now
  4. I'm having problems purchasing the game from the GW website. When I try and pay by card (have tried debit and mastercard) it tells me I have inputted the wrong details. When I try and pay by paypal it says there is an error processing the payment at the GW end. My bank cards are both fine. Any suggestions?
  5. The Suffering can be found on Frostclaw. There are a number of Snowbourn kinships are this server so if anyone else wants to come join the fun it will be good to see you there!
  6. I couldn't believe their nerve when I saw that email this morning. I'm dusting off my lightsaber as we speak, can the last one out turn off the lights...
  7. Logged in to official forums to look at responses to one of my threads only to find its been purged from their website.. The thread: I was asking the price of RoI in points in light of the fact they were advertising a points offer via email. They want us to buy points but won't tell us how many we will need and for what. I'm still not pre-ordering
  8. I think its great they have announced we are getting 5 new instances and the fact they are delayed I can live with. I just really want to know the points cost of the expansion and when I can purchase it. I have been saving my points up for this ever since the game went ftp.
  9. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?415426-Five-New-Instances-in-Update-5
  10. I think that change to riddle is stupid. I like the fact that Burgs and LM's can CC different things. Means both are needed. Will it not make burgs even better in the ettens as well?
  11. The Suffering would like to present to you: The Sufferers Our now thriving and active creepside family. Come join the darkside! With a dedicated weekly Ettenmoors night and creeps online every night The Sufferers are there for all monsters old and new (like the noob I am). So whether you want to: -Complete some quests -Raid the delving -Take a keep -Ninja a giant pineapple -Gank the free peoples from the Suffering kin or Just have a good laugh then why not join the Sufferers. T&C's All members of the Sufferers must also be members of the Suffering.
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