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  1. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    My name is Blessing

    i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,

    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

    with. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    Hoping To Hear From You

    Yours Blessing

  2. On Gilrain, a number of kinships including ours, have set up a joint channel. It's a channel you get into by invitation only, and usually after a nice group-activity. All of the members of three kins are in it. The remainder are spread over quite a number of kins. A meta-kinship if you like. Works great. Also works great if your chars are spread out over multiple kinships. So, play PUG, behave well -- and who knows, you might get invited into one Binabik
  3. The term hacker It used to be that hacker was a positive term. In fact, everyone who knows a program VERY WELL, to the point where their knowledge enables them to use that program to do more than it was originally intended is a hacker. Then the media came along and hacker became a negative term. Then, the terms : Black hat hacker White hat hacker and Grey hat hacker popped up. Black = bad guy = destroys, is payed to destroy, exposes, is payed to expose White = good guy = solves, is payed to solve, informs, is payed to inform grey = the zone in between, is payed to solve and is payed to destroy and all other combinations. As for : who's bad ? Clearly : the people who break in and enter. But the companies who store passwords in cleartext are just as bad. You should not blame the end-user for choosing a too weak a password. There are plenty systems to enforce password policies, a user will always pick the easiest route. Those companies should put in place a system that forces the user to pick a complicated password of sufficient length. You expect your bank to put in place enough security to protect your money right ? So.. the guilty parties: 1) The burglar who knowingly went in and stole stuff 2) The company who should protect the information they chose to keep safe for you. in that order. Binabik
  4. Lol, not used to the interface yet... Accidently sent a report.. Not yet awake either.. Logging in and switching chars is A LOT faster. Not experienced ANY lag yet. Binabik
  5. Already did. On Riddermark. More fro Gilrain have done so too. Join /globalchat if you want to keep in touch. Binabik
  6. Here's George Carlin's take on rights : (4:23) and onwards) Binabik
  7. Lol.. no, but you still agreed to them. Remember.. it was the text that appeared right before you chose agree And if you chose not to agree, you couldn't play the game.. pretty harsh huh Binabik
  8. Freedom of speech doesn't apply to forums owned by companies. They decide what you're allowed to say on forums. You agreed to that when you first joined it. Lol. .. Jinx.. looks like many people (like me) are bored when the servers are down Binabik
  9. And, this of course implies, that Turbine has issued a list with "Authorized Player Interaction". Land of the Free.. yea right Binabik
  10. Somehow, this makes me think it might not be Turbine taking over -- but Codemasters getting from under Turbine's shoe. Which I would do too if I had someone peeking over my shoulder ALL THE TIME. Even for a community-improving event, they get slapped on the wrist. Binabik
  11. Exactly The kind of language people would use to sound important. Binabik
  12. "The threads have been removed. " translation: we have deleted the item and have stored copies in case a law suit needs to be filed. Codemasters ran a number of unauthorized events that were not within acceptable server performance and risk parameters. translation: Codemasters did not ask us for permission beforehand. They received punishment for it. We cannot run these on the US servers as the team that built the game never authorized these to be run on any server anywhere translation: We are not doing whatever it is you want us to do because it would cost money. As clearly a formal: 'fuck off' as you can expect from an American company -- they just don't use that particular kind of language. Binabik
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