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  1. Client patched, and US servers up, but all EU servers showing as down. So low level alt, or go do something else... hmmmm...
  2. They're currently sourcing a new hamster for the login server then
  3. Account migrated, correct amount of tp mentioned in email and client currently patching Oh well... that seemed painless in the end! (eats words)
  4. One trick I learnt to use with a particularly irritating brand of lenses I once used (no longer use those thank heavens)... Pass the lens from one finger to another before putting it in eye, drying finger in between. The idea being to lose enough moisture from the *outside* of the lens that it is more easily 'sucked' onto the eye. Before I figured that out, I could faff about for ages with them as they were keener to stick to my finger than my eye!
  5. Have to say I'll miss CM being involved. I've played a few games over the years, and in my own experience CM customer service was miles ahead of any of those. Thanks for a great job!
  6. So far it all seems very shoddy to be perfectly honest! They knew the handover was coming up ... they could easily have trialled it with backups / images received from CM weeks ago, to ensure it worked, and then have the handover site live within moments of the EU servers & forum going off. The actual server migration may be more involved, and time consuming due to data size (but it should be using a near common codebase and database schema), but so far it's like they're waiting for the data first, then they'll figure out how to migrate and test it. I've been involved with m
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