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  1. I've been using this fefe's ABC converter for months now and I've just loved it. I've not used any other programs for converting, because I've not have a reason to do it. This is how I usually make songs with fefeconv: First find the MIDI with google or what you prefer Upload the MIDI file you downloaded to fefeconv.mirar.org Listen the MIDI tracks with fefeconv and choose the instruments you will use I usually give one instrument to play various MIDI tracks at the same time, especially lute When instruments have been picked and MIDI tracks chosen for every instrument, I make an ensemble(parts of the song) After listening the song with current ensemble I change the amplify and octave shift settings Amplify, like I've understood, means how loud the MIDI track will play in-game, +45 is max and -45 min I usually set the theorbo MIDI track to +45 and raise up the other instruments volume as well (but not so much as theorbo) Listen again and change these two settings if needed Sometimes I make a custom drum conversion if drums doesn't sound right in-game Then I make a link from the song and copy-paste it to members of my band Only other program I use for making songs to LotRO is the ABC player. At the moment the fefeconv doesn't play the ABC file as good as the ABC player does. So, after making the ABC file with fefeconv I listen it with this program. This is a song I've made with fefeconv In this song the theorbo is +45, as you can hear. I didn't make the custom drum conversion to this, so it doesn't sound like it should be. Here is the song in fefeconv: Flying Taters Song
  2. The Shire Sunrise Vihtori in meeting with elks Back to the Shire... Flying Taters playing
  3. Do you know what pie is made of? We of People of the Shire do! The People of the Shire is a mature hobbit-only roleplaying kinship (max rank) on the Laurelin server. We occasionally have events and parties for our kin members, as well as non-kin members. Apart from roleplaying, we do instances too, often together with members of other kinships in the Eldariant Alliance. This alliance consists of a group of single race roleplaying kinships, currently Laiquendi Order, Linna na Gelaidh, People of the Shire, Genesis of the Free and Riders of the Riddermark. Being in this alliance has many advantages, you always have someone to quest or instance with, even when no kin members are around. More information about our kin can be found in the sections below, and on our website (People of the Shire), which also states our rules of conduct. If you require additional information, you can contact one of our shirriffs in game (Bovso/Jadite/Firefern/Carme/Dodero/Miralith). If you want to join the kin you can make an application in here. Your application will be posted to our forums for members to review. After your application has been reviewed we will contact you in-game with a letter or tell! The Rules of Conduct will be used as a guideline when reviewing. More information Our website: http://sites.google.com/site/peopleoftheshire/home Our alliance website and forums: http://eldariant.org/news.php We in Laurelin Archives: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/511 Hobbit Community: http://sites.google.com/site/brambleburygazette/home Our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/peopleoftheshire
  4. I followed Tanes, don't tell her though! *grins* Thank you for the forums, awesome!
  5. Hullo! The Bird and Baby Inn is always open, but Carlo seems to be in somewhere else at the moment... I wonder where is him! Well, luckily there is some selling ale. One Blagrove’s Brown for me, thank you! *gives 90 copper coins*
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