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  1. Nothing to do with the mobs...just wanted to say, I love your forum handle...
  2. A couple of pics of a thunderstorm in the Ardeche, France. Taken on a bog standard Nikon Coolpix.
  3. The Monday patch is giving us back the Rescue at Nurz Gashu skirmish. Hurrah!! Linky
  4. Eeeek...999 I may join again just to end this...
  5. Good point, but hey, it IS Turbine after all!!
  6. Its in the Known Issues thread, in the Service Updates of the US forums. Linky
  7. Apparently there is a bug in it that prevents it from being completed. No date given for it to come back, just "an upcoming patch"
  8. This happened to me, my game froze every time I tried to enter Moria, only solution was to D/L the latest client. I would strongly reccomend this as it saves time and frustration overall.
  9. This for me, can't wait to see what Ninty have up their sleeves this time around.
  10. Hi all, ok, so I migrated with no problems, patched up, also without problems. However after signing in , I can only play for a short time before I lose the connection to the chat server, the game stalls, and I have to exit the game. This has happened on 2 separate servers. I haven't even been able to complete a skirm. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks guys.
  11. Before 60ms After 140 - 160ms TBH I haven't noticed any real lag probs, and loading and zone transition times are def faster. So far so good, and well done Turbine, after all my doubts they came through with a (fairly) painless transfer.
  12. Well, so far for me it has been very painless. Launched the game and it patched, followed the link to the migration site, filled in the details and I was done. I now have a level 7 Dwarf Minstrel on Landroval. If the EU servers come online any time in the next couple of days, you can colour me impressed. Well done so far Turbine.
  13. Hmmmmm, I go to 90% on the patcher, then it failed with an "unspecified patch error" ok, now I'm done patching , and its asking for Turbine user name and password...will try the migration page now...
  14. That is really well done guys...impressive. And a GREAT tune.
  15. Hi, I played on the Venture Co server for 3 years, had a completely OP Forsaken Shadow Priest, who melted faces. I had a blast I must admit, I even enjoyed the "Barrens Chat". Sadly my love affair didn't survive the Burning Crusade...it completely killed the feel of the game for me, so I quit. Was a fun few years tho...Tarren Mill to Southshore zerging...too funny.
  16. Well I for one welcome our new Turbine Overlords...
  17. I saw you there, and thank you.
  18. On Laurelin was a fun finish to a happy four years, a nice party in Bree, with lots of singing and dancing, and Sincilbanks and Satine. I am almost sure there was cake...but I couldn't find it. Thanks again Codies...you will be missed. Screenies to follow... soon It started with a few... and grew... and grew... Thanks Codies!!
  19. but...but... I thought that he was to blame for everything everywhere??? *runs frantically around Hobbit hole hiding cookies, tieing down all loose items and generally just panicking* But really...welcome Dnote, I think we now have a full set of Codies..Hurrah!
  20. Early Level Changes - Burglars First things first, we are making some changes to the early game for Burglars in an effort to get them into their role a little faster. Dual wield and Medium Armor will be available for every new Burglar. The early survival and damage will help them in those early levels. At level six, double-edge strike will be made available for training. General Usability Changes - Burglar Riddle and Confound will now work on beasts, creatures of nature and other non-sentient creatures. This change is a big one as it opens up a lot more crowd control to the Burglar.
  21. Berillac


    This a great idea, in fact +1 rep. *giggles*
  22. Berillac


    I also voted "No". It is not intrinsically a bad idea, but I am of the opinion that it only leads to abuse, this being "teh interwebs" after all. I feel that the moderators are the best people to decide if a post is over the top or inflammatory.
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