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    The biggest issue with Brexit is that vast majority of people have no idea how the EU works and how many things they take for granted will change for the worst if we leave with a no deal. Here are just a few that will be effected by leaving. There are tens of thousand of small schemes around the UK from building roads, building community centres, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation centres, specialist disability school etc.. which are vital to local communities which are all funded by the EU. People who regularly travel abroad will now require visa Being able to travel and work freely across Europe The EU funds tens of thousands of research projects Millions of workers have been protected by the EU emploent laws. Compaines being able to being able to work EU clients without having to worry about Vat, Tax and other duties Compaines being able to transfer funds to EU customers freely and quickly. Being able to export and import goods quickly and not needing extra checks, licensing etc.. Those who think that everything will be fine are deluded. Every industry from banking, manufacturing, services etc have all said that leaving with a no deal will be disastrous. The problem with Brexit is it has become tribal. All that matters now is to win. There has been study after study, report after report from people / organisations / experts that have shown time and again that leaving with No Deal is going cause huge harm to the UK but it doesn't matter anymore. It's gone past common sense, it's now all about winning. Since Brexit there has been a saying "Not all people who voted for Brexit are racist but all racists votes for Brexit" Over the last few months it has never been more relevant.
  2. What I find Ironic is how the those who claim they are fighting against fascism are the ones who are displaying all the attributes of being fasicst lol.. During the protest yesterday two people, both men aged over 50, were attacked by those protesting against Trump because they dared to speak out against them.
  3. So I played for a few hours using the new 64bit client and wow, it has made a massive difference for me. Everything is so much smoother. I know there is a lot of hate for SSG but for me they have been a really good job. This is the second time I've come to Lotro since I originally stopped playing back in the day and I have to say I'm really enjoying myself. I took the advice I got here and rolled a new character on one of the legendary servers and yeah, loving it
  4. So many many years ago back when Sap was in Charge I was banned from the forums. I never found out why. I just logged in one day and got the following message "You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never" At time I wasn't bothered as I quit playing Lotro. Anyway since I've decided to come back I wanted to visit the forums and found that I was still banned. I raised a support ticket and have been conversing with Cordovan It transpires that my account hadn't been banned, I had no infraction points, it was totally clean. What Sap had done was mess around with my permissions. In fact so much so that even after everything had been set right I still get the same message. It was suggested that my Forum Account might of been fubar during the 2013 website update. Basically my forum account is so screwed that I've been told if I want to post on the forum it is going to be a lot quicker and easier just to create a free account. So even after all these years Sap has found a way to screw me lol. Now I know a lot of people don't like Cordovan but I have say during my brief experience with him he was very helpful and surprising straight to the point which I like.
  5. Cheers for the heads up. I've done exactly what you suggested and to be honest I'm enjoying myself. I suppose having the luxury of already playing and knowing what a steaming turd the game is actually helping me go to some way to enjoying the game lol Also having 30k in TP helps lol
  6. Hey all So after many years out I've decided to return. I've had a quick play after spending nearly an hour to get the game to work and omg am I completely lost lol My Cappy is lvl65 and jesus has stuff changed lol The one thing which has totally got me is LI's. I have No idea what I'm meant to doing so if somebody can give me a quick idiots guide that would be great. The really good things is I have just over 30k in store credit. Guess it pays being a lifetimer lol So yeah, if somebody can give me a quick run down on the whole LI's I'd be really great full. Cheers guys
  7. Lol yeah. I'm just sick of having to listen to people who sound like walking advertisements for the Daily Mail. The thing is because of my work (I work in probation) I know full well that so called National Press love to print only half the story and the rest is just print plain bullshit to scare people.
  8. Sorry to say this but do me a favour and fuck off. If you are going to judge an entire country on the act of one stupid judge then I will kindly suggest your fucked because there is not a country in the world where some crazy shit hasn't happened. I am positive I could find some stupid story from god knows how many countries where I could point and say "Omg your country is fucked" Jesus just spend a few minutes on the r/NewsOfTheWeird sub in reddit and you will see what I mean. Christ it's like the fucking Daily Mail here.
  9. Lack of will to engage with a video game... Sorry but I'm not as quick as the others on here, could you please explain what you mean by that.
  10. To be fair Papi your more or less right, but if it's gotten to point where the trolls on the official forum are following people here then that's a pretty bad sign, especially when those trolls have a say on who gets banned.
  11. It's funny, I was actually considering re-installing Lotro after being away for a few years (I'm a founder, started playing during beta, taken many breaks after SoM), but if Amorey is an example of who is playing the game these days then I will give it a pass. Suppose I should thank her for saving me saving me some time but since Im still banned from the official forums guess I can't lol
  12. To be honest I do not think I would ever sign for another MMO.I tried many over the years (there has been a lot of years lol) but only really played two and they were Lotro and Eve. I play a lot of LoL but I do not class that as a MMO so. I played Lotro from day 1.. Lifetime account but stopped after RoR, tried it a few times since then but just couldn't get back into it.. the game just lost it soul. Eve, well there is simply nothing like it and that's why I have always gone back. Personally I feel that the traditional MMO has had its day. Quests collecting x of this, go speak to this guy, levelling up etc.. its all been done hundred times now and its a tired format.
  13. I can't honestly make my mind up.. I loved the shots of the X-WIngs skimming over the water but hated the guy who was doing the voice over and that stupid little rolling robot.. Also I have to admit that light sabre did look cool. I will go and see it whatever happens but I have this nagging feeling that it will not give me the same feeling as when I watch the original Star Wars all those years ago, however it can't be any worse then the 3 prequels.. can it?
  14. Lol.. I started on Evernight when Lotro was released and it was actually a pretty cool server. Met lots of very nice and cool people there, shame to hear that it has fallen so far.
  15. Sorry dude, didn't realise you were from the US. It wasn't just the PvMP sections, as I said, the section for the Eldar server was just plainly horrible. Also whilst GD may not be as bad as it has been, but it was certainly no wonderful heaven. To be honest it was the same as any other game forum. you had trolls and haters just like everywhere else, it was nothing special. The way I look at it is that he must of had some talk or direction from who ever his manager was in regards to how he moderated the forum. Was Sap a massive dick.. hell yeah, and I can tell that you are not defending him and I agree that his manager or upper management instructed him to remove and stamp down on anybody posting anything that might look bad.
  16. Are you trolling here or just suffering from the selective memory. I remember the Evernight PvMP forum section.. it was so bad it was locked forever and a new one started and even that was continuously locked so posts could be removed, yet this was tame compared to the Eldar forum section. Sorry mate but there were sections of the Lotro forums that were cesspit's from day 1 The difference was how Codemasters regulated the forum compared to Turbine, i.e the mods would actually communicate with you via email and PM instead of just banning you.
  17. So, after a few years out I am going to come back and try out the new class. So, which server is the most populated and more important, friendly. Also I have a stupid amount of TP to spend, what items would you advise to buy to make the leveling up process more bearable
  18. I was going to log in and see how much TP I have.. I suspect it is around 20k but the launcher keeps stalling when trying to update and I can not be bothered trying to fix it lol
  19. I have an slight issue with your claim.. "Turbine was the first company of size to take on FTP in the mainstream video game market" F2P Games had been around for a good 10 years, especially in South Korea and China. There were games being played in South Korea and China that were F2P and had more players then Lotro could ever dream off long before Lotro was even released. China is now the largest online gaming market and is still growing. You could argue that if you go by numbers, Southern Asia is the mainstream. What you should of said was Turbine were the first Western Based Developer to change an existing MMO from Subscription to a Hybrid F2P model.
  20. Dathalion pretty much hit nail on the head. MEE is like every other company, money is what matters.
  21. IC was always going to fail for 2 primary reasons. First is that it would never be able to compete with League of Legends or DOTA. Second is when you are using a pre existing IP, in IC case DC Super Heros, is that you will either have to stick to lore which makes balancing an impossible task and very difficult to introduce new characters or completely piss all over lore, invent new skills, powers, characters piss off every DC fan, the very customer you are trying to entice. On top of this when you consider that MOBA's by their very nature can not have any lag to speak off then and Turbines history, never stood a chance. Riot have more money then god and still have the occasional hiccup which causes a huge amount of rage on the forums. Over the last 18 months Riot have been poaching staff from many other developers by literally throwing stupid amounts of money at them, the E-Sport angle has been incredibly successful, seriously who ever at Turbine thought it would be a good idea to make a MOBA now is a complete idiot. Most people that I know who have played IC have said that it "could be" a decent game but it needs a lot longer in beta as it requires a lot more polishing and has some fundamental flaws such as characters movements limited to a 8 way pathing, UI needs to be cleared up as it is very cluttered and character movement needs to be smooth by quite a bit. Essentially if it gets released with these issues they are going to lose a lot of players as the game play can not complete with either DOTA or LOL.
  22. I have used the Oculus playing EVE Valkyrie and sure it was fun but I do not think it will ever become mainstream. 3D is a fad that comes around every 10 - 15 years. I remember about 20 years ago playing on a full virtual reality arcade machine and it had the same hype as Oculus Rift does now.
  23. I will give you a 1/10 for your effort to troll
  24. I think the games fate was sealed long before that. I actually believe it started with the MoM and let me explain. The introduction of Radiance, the very poor implementation of the LI System and the ridiculous amount of bugs that went months without being fix left a very bitter taste in a lot of players mouths. I can't remember if they then messed around with skills just before Loth was released with with its released but that pissed off a lot people, especially Captains. After that everything things just got worse and worse but I would say the rot started with MOM.
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