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  1. I am sorry to do this but I find it very difficult to take food advice from somebody who lives in a country that eats cheese that has no cheese it in. As for Twinkies.. This is food sent from the devil himself. Its is incredibly sweet, has so many preservatives the damn thing could probably survive a nuclear holocaust, eating one is akin to injecting fat straight in your heart yet they are so damn addictive !!!!!! Don't even get me started on Pancake and sausage on a stick with chocolate chips..
  2. You can not have any delay when using your skills in a MOBA sytle of game. It does not matter how good it looks, how good the mechanics are, how good the maps are, how well thought out your champions are, it will simply kill the game. MOBA's rely on the player being able to fire off their skills with no delay. In most MMO's you can get away with a 1 second delay, but in a MOBA that is an eternity. Now look at Turbines record in dealing with lag.. IC was always going to fail.
  3. Another thing to note is that it means feck all. I had zero infraction points, made a couple of posts (first time in years), a month later went back to find I had been perma banned with no reason. The posts I made contained no trolling, no swearing, nothing. I simply responded to a thread asking why lifers were no longer playing stating one of the reasons was I found the customer support from Codemasters to be better as it was much more personal, i.e they would usually talk to you first before issuing any warnings / temp bans (unless of cause it was a clear violation of the rules)
  4. Like most people I feel that skirmishes was a great concept, however like many other things in lotro its execution wasn't great and it was left to wither and die.
  5. The funny thing is LoL only has 2 tutorials and to be honest they are very basic. Tutorials are not the issue. If you need a large number of tutorials to play a MOBO then you are doing something wrong. I never ran any of the tutorials in LoL and all of the people I play with haven't run them either. The difficulty comes with which champion and play style you decide to play.
  6. I honestly can not see IC being a success. Riot (LoL) have been on a hiring mission for the past year or so. They have been targeting Community Support staff and are paying them the best rates in the market. They appear to building a specialized E-Sport Commentary Team as well as a dedicated EU Community Support Staff, 2 things which are vital to a MOBO to succeed and lets be honest hire, Turbine track record of Community Support is woeful and their experience in E-Sports is none existent. On top of this MOBO players do not tolerate downtime, bugs, any kind of server downtime. I having been playing LoL since it first came out and usually you will get a thread of hundreds of pages with minutes of the server going down. I just cant see how Turbine are going to have any success in this field with their track record.
  7. I was a kin leader for over a year, never once did I feel the need to quit Lotro because Turbine were being arseholes.
  8. Crell, the simple fact is that Sap has full control over the forums. He is judge, jury and executioner. If he doesn't like you or what you are posting, regardless of the rules, it will get deleted and you will get banned. Nothing anybody says or does will change this. It is obvious that Turbine have no issue with this otherwise he would of been stopped long ago. Sap is God God is Sap
  9. The difference being that you both a supporter and critic, where as berry I would say is 99% supporter and 1% critic. All I have seen is a person who has supported Turbine for a long time and seems not to have voiced any criticism until now because they are treating her with the same level of contempt as they do with 99.9% of their player base. The problem with berry is that I do honestly believe she thought because of what she does, Turbine would not treat her this way. As for it being a kin prize, surely her kinmates appreciate everything she has tried to do for them and would not hold anything against her personally because Turbine are full of douche bags, unless of course she made promises and claims that she could get it fixed. Either way when a person who has been such a vocal supporter decides to quit and one of the major reasons being that Turbine is treating them like they treat 99.9% players, like shit, then to me that is somebody who's ego has been burst and is now throwing a hissy fit.
  10. Well there is if you ignore everything Turbine have done over the years and the only thing that makes you quit, especially when you put in the time and effort she has and been such a vocal supporter is when you realise they simply do not care who you are.
  11. I have mixed feelings on this one. Maybe it is because I do not know the person, but it does come across to me as "I am special but Turbine have not treated me like I am special" If one of the main reasons she has quit because they have not responded to her at all, or in a timely manner then big deal. I am sure people who know her personally will say this is not the case and if that is right then fair enough, but yeah if it is about Turbine not treating her like a special snowflake then I couldn't care less.
  12. I know that you can get infraction points for talking about an infraction you have received, didn't realise it was an outright ban for just saying that Codemasters were very good at communication. That is if it had anything to do with that post lol as I said, that was about a month ago and I have logged in many times since then but not posted. Fact is that Turbine do not give a toss what any of their players think, they have proved this time and again. I have seen Turbine ban people outright not for trolling, swearing, being abusive etc, but for simply being what they perceive as negative. No matter what game you play, how good that game is doing, how many millions of copies it is selling, how many people are playing or how much money it is making, you will always get negative posts. The sign of a good company is how they deal with those negative posts. Turbine's reaction to any post or thread they don't like is to simply the thread and then ban any person who's post was negative. Their attitude to their players has to be the worse of any games company I have ever encountered and I am saying this as an old git who has been gaming to close to 20 years.
  13. You know when a game is on its last legs when you log into the official forums and get the following message You have been banned for the following reasons No reason was specified Date of ban lifted : Never No messages from anybody, no reasons, nothing. I had zero infractions and the last time I posted was about a month ago yet I have logged on to the forum many times since that post, so I have no idea why I should be banned. The only thing I can think off was I made a post in response to a post asking why lifers no longer play. One of the reason I gave was when Codemasters were looking after the EU servers that you had a lot better communication with the mods, in so far that most of the time they would tend to talk to you first if they could see a thread was getting heated, warn you to stop trolling etc. They would not just ban you outright with no reason and if they did ban you you were able to actually have a discussion with them. No silly automated messages, an actual conversion with a human being. At no point did I swear, mention anybody by name, attack anybody etc etc.
  14. That doesn't wash for me. Lotro was my first MMO. I had never played an MMO until Lotro and the only reason I started with Lotro and not with anything else is because I love the works of Tolkien. Yet even never having played a MMO before I still knew that I would be playing and grouping up with other people. I have nothing against anybody playing the game they want to play, if anything I hate people who think they have the right to tell other people how to play, however Lotro at its core is a multi-player game, so complaining about not being able to do x, y, z because it requires a group is simply mind blowing.
  15. I accept that it can be very difficult to balance a game in regards to solo v group activities. I remember a few times being frustrate trying to complete my epic class quest or wanting to run a particular instance that wasn't popular because I couldn't find a group, however that is part and parcel of playing a massively multi-player online role playing game, the clue is kind of in the title. Most of the time I was okay I was always happy to join pug groups (usually lots of fun) and I had a damn good kin. I do hate it when people complain that they do not like group base content when they are playing a multi-player game. I simply can not understand why you would play a game that advertises itself as a multi-player game, where you know there is group content and complain that you can't do x, y , z solo.
  16. From day 1 up to Moria. After Moria I started to get a little disfranchised, what with the LI System, Radiance and the ridiculous amounts of bugs which were reported during testing but left unfixed. Then Loth came out which made things even worse and I finally left when SoM came out. Now I am not saying Lotro was this amazing game up to Moria, it had its faults for sure but it also had masses of potential. Moria was Lotro's chance to push on to the next level, instead Turbine completely messed it up and it was the start of the end. Getting rid of Codemasters was also something I was not happy with. F2P, I never had a problem with this initially as I always said it was dependant on how Turbine implemented it. We know how that ended.
  17. This completely. Having played many MMO's, spent a lot of times reading and replying on various MMO's forums over the long years, I have yet come across anybody who treats their community with anywhere near the contempt that Sapience does. I have come across a few CM's and forum mods who are rude and obnoxious, but they do not even come close, not even in the same planet let alone the same ball park as Sap.
  18. Thing is I have always found that many EU and US players do not know anything about Asian based games. Also throw on top that most people who play Lotro like to claim that they have never played any other MMO and that Lotro is and always will be the only MMO for them (pass the sick bucket please) then Lotro did not fair badly. Fact is they went up against a 10 year old game that has spawned 1 or 2 sequels, has a big following and a big fan base and Lotro only just lost by a handful of votes. The number of votes they managed in such a short space of time was very good. If they had a little bit more time I am sure they would of got though the next round. Fair enough they probably would of been blown out of the water but at least they would of gotten that far. I do not see why people can't just say nice try and it was good to see what little of what is left of the community getting behind the game for once.
  19. Some people are saying that lotro lost to a game nobody has ever heard. Many very successful Asian based games do not make it to Europe and the US and when they do they tend not to well, but that doesn't mean they are rubbish or are not successful. Mabinogi has been going since 200, is available in a number of different countries and has generated 2 sequels I believe. I suspect that it has a much larger player base and fan base then Lotro has ever had and whilst this maybe typecasting, Asian based players do tend to be more shall we say dedicated then their European and US counterparts. When you take all of this into account I actually think Lotro did fairly well.
  20. They class it as vapour ware as it is a game that is no longer supported and is no longer running. I know the term vapour ware usually is applied to a game which has never been released but some people also apply it to a game which has been been released but has been cancelled and no longer exists. Technically SWG no longer exists as a game. You can not purchase it or play it.
  21. It is a shitty attitude to have however they have been proved right. That has always been the problem with the vast majority of Lotro players. They complain and complain but rarely vote with their wallets. You also have to take this into account. If Turbine / WB are investing less money into Lotro, whether it be staff costs, server maintenance costs, advertising etc then they do not need as big of a playerbase to keep making the same amount of profit. I suspect that they much prefer to have people play for a few months, purchase lots of TP and then leave then have players play for years but are VIP's and purchase little to no TP's. In my eyes Lotro is currently on life support, as little money as possible is currently being spent on it so I would not be surprised if Turbine / WB are making more money now ever.
  22. Pretty simple actually. The reason why they have never been shutdown is because SWG can now be classed as vapourware. Essentially because SONY no longer operate the game they can not claim that they are losing money and so long as those who run the private SWG server are not making a profit and are using their own code then it makes it even more difficult for SONY to shut them down. On top of that because those players are using the client software which they have paid for they are not in breach of any law. There is nothing to force you the player from using Sony's servers. When you take all of this into account it is simply not worth the time and effort required to have these servers shut down. Simply put, they are not making Sony lose money and are not making any so Sony don't care. As for WoW, well so long as you are not making any money they tend to leave you alone. Most private wow servers are quite a few years behind in regards to content releases as well. As far as I am aware Blizzard have only gone to court over 1 private server and that was because they were making millions of dollars in profits.
  23. Hehe.. you two do make me laugh. You should get a civil partnership
  24. lol.. you fail so hard it is unreal lmao. So whilst you were googling you ignored all the real world tests where the GTX 780ti beat the HD 7990 and decided to use a site where they even state the results are Theoretical... Classic Doro. Like I said, you are a very poor troll I can see why you hate Sap so much, he must remind you of you
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