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  1. I cancelled it like 1-2 weeks ago (can't specifically remember when) and there are still a few days left of my V.I.P status.
  2. So I cancelled my subscription to V.I.P awhile, and I just checked the status and it still says "PENDING CANCELLATION" what gives? will it cancel it before I get re-charged for another month or should I contant Turbine soon?
  3. I guess they count other stuff into to (I don't know what, although I could guess) Or maybe they just want that extra £5
  4. Man the hackers have been active lately, Epic Games' forum was comprimised too, although I think they got it back in control.
  5. I wanted to have a look into how much/how long subscriptions for premium and VIP are, but I couldn't find the info for subscriptions without having to input my details, which I don't wanna do yet. Is there a webpage around I can look to at see costs of Points/Subs? I think im probably looking in the wrong direction.
  6. I used to play, before Cataclysm came out, I quit around October and played the Cata trial for like an hour but didn't feel like playing it again. The content of each Expansion is pretty much the same, Gear up through raiding, using your tokens to get raid entry level gear, then wait for the next raid content to open up and get the gear from that, rinse and repeat. I played a Paladin and liked the PvP on WoW the most, but it all kinda got boring. People get way too into that since the whole game is pretty much a gearing race that never ends, which is way certain guilds get too "zombie like" I don't RP at all, so I never got into that side of game, apart from trolling once or twice. (I respect their choices to RP and don't wanna get in their way, but when RPing becomes "tell other people your problems because they have no one else to speak to" I troll)
  7. I get it now lol, me and my friends thought we were waasting marks on the skills lol. Thanks for the heads up on the increased price thing, i'll be sure to keep them, unless I have loads or find something neat to buy
  8. The sound on LOTRO was fine before the update/migration of the client and servers, but now when I realised there was no sounds I tried to change the audio options, but there aren't any, wth? P.s. My audio is not muted, the other options (graphics, UI, ect) work fine and i've tried increasing one of the settings regardless of there being now heading, but it doesn't work.
  9. I know the Skirmish Soldiers level up with you, but what is the level that is listed under the Trait's description? Right below, The level of the herbalist Trait is 4 which I get, but under it it says the level is 33 in purple, what is this level for? Is it the maximum level that the soldier will level with me? If so, whats th point of buying past that level of trait since im like 8 levels away from that?
  10. Thanks for clearing that up guys, now I don't have to worry about getting to a high level and realising we chose the wrong setup to play with us three mainly (I don't have a problem with getting someone else, but having to find someone to do a certain role everytime was one of the reasons I got bored of WoW fast) Looks like im going to start tanking Yeah its pretty sweet leveling consistantly with friends, makes questing easier/funner
  11. Me and some friends started playing this like last week (yeah we're late lol) and we didn't really go into the game thinking of a good setup to play as and just went with what we liked. There are three of us, Champion, Minstrel and Hunter. Is this trio an okay setup to have? Basically for Skirmishes and other instances, or will we have to LF tank or LF healz to actually get through instances and stuff? (the small fellowship stuff ofcourse) We've already done some skirmishes which are fun, but we get out ass beaten by the instances.
  12. So uh whats the deal with the "Landy" server? everyone seems to be mentioning it here and there.
  13. It just worked for me thankfully, It wasn't working earlier. How long does it take to migrate?
  14. The website doesn't work for me sadly, can't actually open the webpage itself.
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