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  1. This was not supposed to be this hard..oh well, perhaps tomorrow it will work
  2. So i guess the EU servers are up, according to the official forums. Still got same error though, have fun playing
  3. No it has never taken me any further, the first attempt, and the rest for that matter, all lead me to the "We're sorry" error
  4. Thanks for attempting to help:) but the page does load:) it's just that it won't accept my codemaster username and password for some reason, comes with that stupid error message telling me to "try again shortly". Been trying again shortly for the past 4 hours
  5. To be honest it seems like the "We're sorry, An error has occurred, please try again shortly" message is not something temporary, judging by the forum posts on the official forums, few people have the error Man I just want to play some lotro, lol..
  6. Oh alright then, I can wait:) Was just worried that there were some problems with my account that's all. Thank you for your help!
  7. I am terribly sorry, but could you please rephrase your answer? Go back to lotro.transfer site aye? But what other option? Thank you
  8. So guys I would really appreciate if someone could answer me on this one: I open the transfer.lotro site thingy and I can't even seem to get past step1. It asks me to put in my codemaster details and I do, but then i get an error saying; We're sorry, An error has occurred, please try again shortly.. Could someone help me please? Thanks
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