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  1. Getting back to the rather more interesting discussion about Orthanc... This is definitely the hardest raiding sequence in the game. I don't particularly mind that, as it makes for an interesting challenge, and it's inevitably one that will only be met by a handful of kinships. The main problem to my mind is that it's extremely unbalanced. Firstly, the gap between T1 and T2, and T2 and Challenge mode, is wildly disproportionate; I don't think making T2 more than twice as hard as T1 (in some cases) was a good design decision, as it definitely tends to discourage players. Secondly, and perhaps more seriously, the different wings are also badly unbalanced, with some being very much harder than others. Furthermore, the fact that several months after the raid was released, Saruman T2C and Fire & Frost T2C have still not been cracked on any server, is nothing for the designers to be proud of. And as many people have noted, F&F in challenge mode is effectively impossible: it requires maximised DPS, maximised healing and maximised mitigations, all at the same time, which is clearly impossible. At the moment, my kinship runs weekly T1 raids, largely farming Saruman for the clasp, and bi-weekly T2 raids, painfully trying to make our way through the series (one down, one half-way there...). Not brilliant, but not too bad for a non-hardcore kin faced with a diabolically difficult and still only half-baked challenge.
  2. Even though I'm only moderately into PvP, this seems to me to be potentially the most deadly in its implications: Customize your class the way you want from the very beginning! Equip your Creep with every Trait, Skill, and Corruption regardless of Rank requirements. I mean, "regardless of Rank requirements"? If you can buy any and every improvement "regardless", then there is no longer any reason to play at all...
  3. Finally got a response from Turbine to my ticket pointing out that I cannot access either MyLotro or the Turbine forums: Thank you for your inquiry. At this time we have reviewed your issue and have identified that your issue is a part of a larger matter that the Web Development team is currently working on. Unfortunately, we do not know when their work will be completed and your issue resolved. We appreciate your patience as we work on this issue and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. So that's all right, then...
  4. Aye, checked that as well.... I've even tried logging on using a newly downloaded, completely virgin application. Still refuses all attempts. And it's been well over a week now since I posted a ticket.
  5. If you post a Turbine Customer Support ticket, you quickly receive an automated email confirming receipt, and asking you to "please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you" if you have "any additional questions or concerns". What I should like to know is, how long on average does it then take to get a sensible answer. Any experiences?
  6. I have set Firefox to clear everything automatically every time I log off, but I still get the following error messages no matter how I try to get in: vBulletin Message You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again. or Authentication Failure, please make sure you're using your game login and try again. And of course there is still no response from Turbine beyond the original acknowledgement...
  7. Does anybody else have this problem? I am flatly unable to log onto Turbine's community forums. I sent in a ticket and received an automated response suggesting a number of solutions, all of which I have followed, namely: 1. Made sure I am using my game account username and password, both of which work OK for the game. 2. Made sure my username and pw contain only normal letters and numbers. 3. Made sure my username and pw do have less than 16 characters. 4. Successfully changed my password, without this making any difference. 5. I have also tried changing my forum password alone via the Turbine account page, again with no result. I now seem to have hit a concrete wall, and I'm not getting any further response from Turbine on my ticket (which I did respond to as requested). Any suggestions?
  8. Actually, apart from the icily polite "fuck you" corporate speak of the response, what comes across is the amazing authoritarianism: *removed on request *.
  9. The following was posted on The Western Alliance kinship forum today: *removed by request* Don't know about you, but to me that response sounds snotty and leaves a nasty taste, like something a sneaky and definitely hostile lawyer would come up with. If that's a foretaste of life under Turbine, I think may already be regretting Codies...
  10. Copyright presents an interesting (though largely theoretical) issue in this case. Who owns the rights in a forum? I would imagine that the graphic design and appearance belong to the host entity (in this case CM), but there is a very strong argument to the effect that they do not own the player-generated content. As a general principle, everything anybody makes or writes they own the copyright on automatically (i.e., you are not required to take any steps to secure it), so unless that copyright is specifically assigned to a third party, it remains with the author or creator. It's possible CM could argue that somewhere on page 875 of the EULA is a clause assigning them the copyright of all forum posts, but I doubt they would have gone to the trouble. Or did they?
  11. That's because LOTRO has normal deeds, obsessive deeds and utterly barmy, bouncing-off-the-walls deeds that nobody will even think of completing. This is one of them.
  12. Before FTP became a reality, a lot of people on Laurelin were worried about a massive influx of brain-damaged adolescents, but it never really happened, did it? I'm rather hoping this will once again prove to be the case. Of course, one pretty effective defence is the fact that most of us currently playing are likely to be l.65 and active in zones like Mirkwood or Enedwaith; it would have to be a pretty determined griefer who will level all the way up to 65 and pay for expansions just for the dubious pleasure of being a pest. Most likely they'll give up and go play something more congenial long before...
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