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  1. (Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.) "Sometimes we just get caught up on the little things in life. You make sure this tends to happen more often than not." - A Small Snag Quick Links: Skills and Skill changes In Depth - The Gambler trait line In Depth - Quite Knife trait line In Depth - Mischief Maker trait line Legacy Changes and Legacy lists Mechanical Changes These are misc changes not specifically tied to any one skill but change how you play and use skills Crit Chain Revamp The critical chain has been shortened down from 3 to 2 skill chain but the cooldowns have been reduced too. Burglar's advantage is now called gamblers advantage and has new effects. (Gamblars advantage is Tier 2 of the Gambler line so any spec can get it if you choose to) (Gamblars advantage has a stackable dot that lasts 15s) Your critical chain should look something like this: Crit -> Double-edged strike / Gamblers Advantage -> finisher many cooldowns and animations have been revamped / reduced and changes the feel of this fast rotation a lot! more details in: Skills and Skill changes Short Version Quite Knife Slip past your enemies as The Quiet Knife and stalk enemies with composed cunning. The Quiet Knife relies on Critical Attack skill-chains, ready to escape into shadow at a moment’s notice. ROLE: Premium Stealth Class, High Burst Damage, medium Utility, medium Survival, medium Crowd Control Gameplay: An assasin to quickly take down even the largest of foe's. The Quite Knife does increased Positional Damage and his Critical Responce skills do insane damage. With fast rotations and short cooldowns the Quite Knife must know his skills in detail as doing so will reward the Burglar with a heal-over-time chance on critical hit with Relish Battle. In a group with a tank holding aggresion the Quite Knife can perform Vital Target and decrease the enemies critical defense to aid himself and allies. Link to More information: In Depth - Quite Knife trait line The Mischief Maker Become a master of debuffs and disables as The Mischief-maker. Fight multiple targets and support your fellowship by trading burst damage for an arsenal of Trick and Trick-removal buffs. ROLE: High Debuffing, High Crowd Control, High Utility, High Survival, medium healing Gameplay: Trick and Trick removal skills are an important part of this tree. Early on you will able to reduce the cooldown of your trick removal skills with Perplexing Proposition. Planning how you will use Clever Retort can be important as it has a different effect depending on which trick will be removed. The Mischief Maker tree provides viable solo play, but appears to be aimed at group play. Tricks can cripple enemies, applying and removing them will provide additional effects like restoring power and morale of fellowship members and stunning the target. You can also opt to use Opportunist and Subtle Stab to gain quicker access to your trick removal skills again as Subtle Stab reduces the active cooldown on the trick removal skills. Link to More information: In Depth - Mischief Maker trait line The Gambler Put everything on the line in battle using skills with a random element that demands you and your enemies to react. Quick wits combined with buffs and debuffs make or break victory. ROLL: High Sustain Damage, High Utility, High Survival, medium Crowd Control Gameplay: The Gambler replies on high damage-over-time skills and Damaging Gamble to overwhelm enemies. He is great at causing CJ's to help his allies heal both moral and power if they work well with him. Gamblers who are proficient in understand thier debuff durations and cooldowns can cripple enemies with there Debuffing Gamble and keep it up (with some luck on his side). If Lady Luck is on his side - when he evades an attack The Gambler gets a heal-over-time from bob and weave and even unlocks his critical chain. Link to More information: In Depth - The Gambler trait line Burglar - Skill Allocation and Changes Skill Allocation Removed Skills Skills Not Tied to Tree's stances location is everything well placed strike confound escape clause Surprise Strike Subtle Stab Cunning attack Provoke Double-Edged Strike Riddle Reveal Weakness Purge Corruption Exploit Opening Addle Sneak Share the Fun Diversion Hide in Plain Sight Find Footing Touch and Go Safe Fall Burglar's Antidote Ready and Able Burgle Practical Joke Contact Pedlar Track Treasure Tree Skills Skills in Gambler line Skills in Quite Knife line Skills in Mischief Maker line Lucky Strike (spec bonus) Hedge Your Bet (spec bonus) Cash Out (set bonus 6) Gamblers Advantage - Tier 2 Exposed Throat - Tier 5 All In - Tier 7 Knives Out (spec bonus) Faint Attack (spec bonus) Stun Dust - Tier 2 Aim - Tier 3 Flashing Blades - Tier 5 Trip - Tier 6 Coup De Grace - Tier 7 Mischievous Glee / Delight (spec bonus) Trick: Disable (spec bonus) A Small Snag (set bonus 1) Dust in the Eyes - Tier 1 Startling twist - Tier 2 Trick: Counter Defense - Tier 3 Trick: Enrage - Tier 4 Clever Retort - Tier 5 Trickster - Tier 7 Skill Information Changes to Old Skills Disable trick: +15% attack duration -10% damage 15s duration Dust in the Eyes trick: debuff now 15s duration Counter defense trick: duration 15s lowers their crit defense instead of raising damage of incoming crits. Enrage trick: no longer confuses target all damage increased by 2% 15s duration Clever retort: cooldown 45s effect depends on what trick was removed Trick: Counter defense *****FIND OUT****** [*]Trick: Disable *****FIND OUT****** [*]Trick: Enrage *****FIND OUT****** [*]Trick: Dust in the Eyes *****FIND OUT****** Provoke: no longer effects aggro reduces opponents crit chance by 2% for 15s Burglar’s advantage: renamed gambler’s advantage also applies stacking bleed on each use, every 3s for 15s. Double edge strike: used at the beginning of the crit chain now Addle: cooldown 10s Feint attack: cooldown 15s (from 5m on critical: "+10% positional damage, +20% critical multipler" critical buff duration 30s A small snag: cooldown 15s (from 5m) on critical: "+15% trick removal effect" critical buff duration 30s Lucky strike / Gamblers Strike: cooldown 15s (from 5m) on critical: "+40% gamble chance" critical buff duration 30s Ready and able: cooldown 5m Burglar's Antidote Removed up to 1 disease, wound, fear or poison effect 15s cooldown Mischievous Delight 100% power heal chance heals fellowship members power and moral within 20m New Skills Blind bet usable after double edge strike 60% chance of debuffing gamble 30s cooldown. Cash out consumes damage gamble for instant damage consumes debuff gamble for +evade on burglar 30s cooldown. All in for 15s gain +50% damage, +20% evade, +finesse buff is removed on killing target If you don’t kill something in 15s you get the buff in reverse (-50% damage...) Stun dust 5s stun 1m cooldown Coup de grace powerful triple attack that marks target if defeated while marked you enter stealth for 5 secs, 1m cooldown Trickster buffs till end of combat tricks become AoE (3 targets) can have 2 different tricks on same target 1m cooldown Purge Corruption Removes up to 1 corruption effect from the target 15s cooldown NEED TO EXPLAIN WHAT GAMBLES ARE AND DO WHAT Spec bonuses SKILL - Lucky Strike lucky strike does medium damage and applies a damaging gamble this skill is used at the end of the crit chain 15s cooldown [*]SKILL - Hedge Your Bet A quick skill that does medium damage and upgrades the tier of an exsisting gamble on target 10s cooldown [*]PASSIVE - Your Crit chain now unlocks on evades Set bonuses Tier 1 - Bob and Weave - "grants a heal-over-time when you evade" Tier 2 - Blind Bet - Chance to apply debuffing gamble to the target. usable at the end of the crit chain. Tier 3 - Reveal Weakness - "Reveal Weakness gains the ability to reduce the target's finesse" Tier 4 - Overwheling Odds - Complete a fellowship manoeuvre will empower the burglar based on what was completed Tier 5 - Dealings Done - Lucky Strike becomes Gamblar's Strike (same cooldown and effects remain) Gamblers Strike can be used outside the crit chain Gamblers Strike upgrades any gamble on the target to 6 +10% gamble chance on other skills Tier 6 - Cash Out - earns skill "Cash Out" Consumes damaging gambler to deal instant damage depending on tier Consumes debuffing gamble to buff burglar's evade rating depending on tier Consumes disabling gamble to do something?????? 30s cooldown Tier 7 - Loaded Dice - "you always play to win." +20% Even the Odds application chance -10s Blind Bet cooldown -10s Cash Out cooldown Traits of Special Mention Tier 2 - Gamblers's Advantage - unlocks the skill 5s cooldown used in the middle of the crit chain applies a dot, ticks every 3s for 15s on using the skill on a target with the dot already on: dot damage increases (up to 6 times) and refreshing dot Tier 4 - Double Down - provoke and diversion have a chance to apply a gamble. Provoke gains the chance to apply a disabling gamble effects are applied if used in-combat and out of combat. [*]Diversion gains the chance to a apply a debuffing gamble CHECK IF CAN BE USED WITH FAINT ATTACK STILL [*]increased application chance from stealth. Tier 5 - Exposed Throat - chance to start fellowship manoeuvre 20% chance for 6s stun 10s cooldown usable at the end of the crit chain Tier 5 - Even the Odds - double-edges strike may grant you a random buff if used on a target with an active gamble +20/40/60/80/100% application chance buffs last 8s applies 1 of 3 buffs to the burglar that stack -attack duration +critical rating +pysical mastery Tier 7 - All In - briefly boost your damage, evade chance and finesse rating to finish a fight for 15s +50% melee damage +20% evade chance +finesse [*]If you fail to kill the target in 15s you get debuffed: -50% melee damage -20% evade chance -finesse rating Spec Bonuses SKILL - Knives Out cannot avoid incoming attacks sets incoming melee damage to 20% on melee skill damage: reflect 30% 10s duration, 2m cooldown [*]SKILL - Faintt Attack Enables surprise strike from stealth 10s duration, 15s cooldown [*]PASSIVE - +2 Stealth level [*]PASSIVE - +20% stealth movement speed Set Bonuses Tier 1 - Improved Knives Out - reduces the cooldown on Knives Out by 45s Tier 2 - Critical Magnitude - +10% critical and devastating critical damage Tier 3 - Reveal Weakness - Reveal Weakness gains the ability to reduce the targets critical defense Tier 4 - Relish Battle - 25% to apply a heal-over-time whenever you critically hit a target Tier 5 - Location is Everything - Critical Chain skills bypass 10% of your target's mitigations Tier 6 - Practiced Bluff - Faint attack becomes Improved Faint attack +10% damage until removed +5% damage from stealth additional skills can be used as if in stealth Provoke Cunning attack Tier 7 - Improved Sneak - +100% critical chance of cunning attack and surprise attack used from stealth Traits of Special Mention Tier 1 - Footpad - Large bonus to stealth ability +3/6/9/12/15% stealth movement speed +1/2/3/4/5% stealth level Tier 2 - Stun Dust - Unlocks skill 5s stun 1m cooldown Tier 3 - Aim - Unlocks skill Next skill used is garenteed to critical 1m 20s cooldown Tier 4 - Vital Target - Critical response skills have a chance to lower your target's critical defense 15/30/45% chance to apply -5% critical defense 8s duration Tier 5 - Flashing Blades - Unlocks skill Skill uable at the end of the critical chain Deals high damage Spec Bonuses [*]SKILL - Mischievous Glee Removes a trick to heal you over time [*]SKILL - Trick: Disable Reduce's your targets damage by 10% Reduce's your targets attack speed by 15% 15s duration, 5s cooldown [*]PASSIVE - Stuble Stab reduce the cooldown of trick removal skills by 2s Set Bonuses Tier 1 - A Small Snag - "Sometimes we just get caught up on the little things in life. You make sure this tends to happen more often than not." Unlocks skill - Small snag uable at the end of the crit chain roots target for 15s, 50% to break out on damage +2% incomeing damage +5% attack duration 15s duration, 15s cooldown 10m range Tier 2 - Disabling Attack - Improves the potency of diables debuffs +5% attack duration -5% damage finesse debuff added Tier 3 - Reveal Weakness - Reveal weakness gains the ability to reduce the targets resistance rating Tier 4 - Joke with legs - I totally understand how batteries feel because I’m rarely ever included in things either. +5m trick range -30s riddle cooldown Tier 5 - A Trick for all Tastes - your trick removal buffs apply to your fellowship Tier 6 - Little Annoyances - A Small Snag becomes Quite a Snag 30s root, 25% break out on damage +3% incoming damage +10% attack duration If critical: +15% trick removal effect - duration 30s 30s duration, 15s cooldown 10m range Tier 7 - Confound the Fools - You almost become as good as me at tricking people -15s trickster cooldown Mischievous Glee becomes Mischievous Delight Mischievous Delight has a 100% power heal chance Moral and Power heal are for fellowship members within 20s too [*]No focus loss from movement Traits of Special Mention Tier 1 - Dust in Eyes - throw dust in enemies eyes... what were you expecting? Increases targets miss chance by 20% for 15s slows target by 25% somehow for 30s 3 targets Tier 2 - Startling Twist - removes a trick to stun an enemy First rank unlocks skill skill stuns for 8s on trick removal Removed 3 corruptions from target Second rank makes Startling twist Aoe - 3targets Tier 3 - Perplexing Proposition - decreases the cooldown on trick removal skills by 5/10/15/20/25s Tier 3 - Trick: Counter defense - Reduces the targets avoidance rating and critical defense first rank unlocks skill second rank makes skill reduce the targets critical chance by 2% too Tier 4 - Enrage - Increases targets incoming damage First rank unlocks skill at +3% inc damage second rank makes debuff +5% inc damage 20m range Tier 5 - Clever Retort - Removes a trick to do a corresponding ability Tier 6 - Opportunist - subtle strike does addition damage on tricked targets +10/20/30/40% additional damage on next 4 ranks Tier 7 - Trickster - how long have we been asking for this? well we got it!!! buffs till end of combat all tricks become AoE can have 2 different tricks on same target 1m cooldown Legacy Changes Legacy changed Small Snag Cooldown -> Small Snag Damage Feint Attack Cooldown -> Feint Attack Damage Location is Everything Cooldown -> Gamble Damage Lucky Strike Cooldown -> Lucky Strike Damage Well Placed Strike Cooldown -> Trick and Trick Removal Damage Provoke Threat Up -> Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier Ready and Able Cooldown -> Coup de Grâce Damage Addle Cooldown -> Hedge Your Bet Damage Non-Enrage Tricks Duration -> Tricks Duration (including Enrage now) Gamble Chance -> Self-healing Multiplier Aim Cooldown -> Critical Chain Skills Critical Chance Hide in Plain Sight Cooldown -> Coup de Grâce Stealth Period Confound Countdown Duration -> All In Duration Main-hand Major Burglar Skill Bleed Damage Multiplier Small Snag Damage Feint Attack Damage Position Surprise Strike Damage from Stealth Surprise Strike Critical Rating Cunning Attack Bleed Stack Chance Critical Response Skill Damage Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier Main-hand Minor Riddle Range Trick Range Gamble Damage Lucky Strike Damage Trick and Trick Removal Damage Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier Coup de Grâce Damage Subtle Stab Critical Multiplier Class Item Major Skills Critical Multiplier Off-hand Critical Chance Positional Damage Devastating Critical Buff Duration Hedge Your Bet Damage Mischievous Glee Healing Tricks Duration (including Enrage now) Self-healing Multiplier Critical Chain Skills Critical Chance Class Item Minor Coup de Grâce Stealth Period Pulse Modifier for Mischievous Glee Sneak Movement Speed Stealth Level Clever Retort Damage and Healing Increased Reveal Weakness Range All In Duration Addle Induction Multiplier Tier 6 - Improved Hide in Plain Sight - because breaking the laws of physics wasn't good enough, you needed to IMPROVE it!!!! on final rank, Hide in Plain Sight removed all poison, disease, fear and wound effects Reduces the cooldown of said skill by 180 at max rank Tier 6 - Trip - Useable either in stealth or after faint attack, this skill causes a fellowship manoeuvre Tier 7 - Coup de grâce - "blow of mercy", a mercy killing of civilians or soldiers, friends or enemies, with or without the sufferer's consent powerful triple attack that marks target if defeated while marked you enter stealth for 5 secs, 1m cooldown (Taken from the Beta forums. Not my work.)
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