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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! Welcome to our first twitter dev chat! Make sure you use the following tags when you ask questions.#LOTRO #DEVCHAT We'll RT your question, and then the answer. Answers will include the initials for the person responding (RH,AC,MZ, etc) #LOTRO #devchat Please keep your questions brief and as close to 1 tweet as possible! #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Today we have Senior Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell, Lead Systems Designer Matt “HoarseDev” Zimmitti,(cntd) #LOTRO #DEVCHAT World Designer Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey,Senior Content Designer Lauren “Budgeford” Salk,(cntd) #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Senior Content designer Joe “JWBarry” Barry, LOTRO Community Manager Rick “Sapience” Heaton #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Let's get started! #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q1:WhitewolfUK-How do you feel mounted combat has been received? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A1:MZ -MC has been very well received so far. We’re already incorporating feedback into the system…#LOTRO #DEVCHAT A1b:Specifically, we’re looking into ways to make the classes have more of a distinct impact in future updates.#LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q2:MRWarg-When will you make new creep appearances available in the store? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A2: MZ-I just stood over the shoulder of someone working on these this morning. We’re hoping for u10 and u11.#LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q3: @rwfrk JWB: Why did you remove raid locks from BG? Any plans to let us do the raid over multiple nights again? #LOTRO A3: JWB-Raid locks don't really work well with scaled instances. A3b: We think BG is doable in a night. OD will be multiple instances. #devchat Q4: Do you have any plans to make a new zone for Dale and Erebor or is it just going to be the Instaces? A4: Just the instances. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q5:Schinderhannes-Do you have any ideas/plans for Lotro nobody but you knows about and you think this would be great? #LOTRO A5: LS-Yes, yes I do! #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q6: @DWLobsters Level cap increases makes me feel like the endgame is increasingly less attainable. Why not add new content midgame? A6: LS- We're working on improving mid=level content such as the moria revamp. Q7:Lathius-Are we going to scale Rift/CD anytime in the near future? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A7: JWB -They're on the list. There's a lot of nostalgia and love for those spaces, so we're taking our time and treading very carefully. Q8:@Frickinidget-Great work on Bree/Archet appearance! Any plans for other older game areas? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A8: MF- We've been discussing older game areas and how we can bring them up to ROhan quality. Q9: @Strause64 -Hunter class are they getting anything new in future updates or game play? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A9: MZ- We're doing a comprehensive investigation into ALL classes. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q10: @Lord_Dolvic What advice would you give to someone interested in starting a career in game development? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q10: PLay lots of games. All games. Look for Entry level positions and work HARD. Q10b: Or learn to code and how to work well with others. ) Q11: Econn-When will we see some work done for housing? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A11: MZ-Hoo-ee…need to set the stage by getting neighborhoods consolidated with less vacant housing first. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A11:Working out the details of that stuff now.All I can say is that we have a lot of devs interested in doing some serious home Q12:@rwfrk In a recent interview with Lotro Reporter you acknoweledged video of a landmass. Can you tell us about region timeable? U10? Q12: LS- The next region is in the update after part II of the instance cluster. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q13: @dillwillson is there any way you can delete hunters so we dont have to hear them cry anymore? A13: RH - HEY! I'm a hunter! A13b MZ- Well in that case.... Q14: Bohrn_EU-When are you going to fix the forums? A14: RH - We just revamped http://lotro.com and the forums are currently in the web team's sights. No ETA. (Soon!) Q15: @EiledonTruvoice What do you do for fun? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A15: MF - I play lots and lots of games. I have very little time, I live here. Help me. A15b: LS- I work for fun. Don't help Matt. A15c: MZ- Brew beer. Make Cheese. Craft beards. A15d: RH- Matt Z has been holding out on me... Q16: @BloodSpeaker How far down the chain is a Helegrod scaling? A16: JWB - DONE! Go play! Q17:@Kheledlire Can we see something very awesome new feature in 2013?Character updates, better mounted combat or a very new feature? #LOTRO A17: MZ- YES! Q18:Sorig09-Will there be mounted combat instances in the future? A18: JWB-There's a lot of design and work going on internally to figure out how to meld MC and instance gameplay in a satisfying way. Q19: @arch07js Plans to expand Hytbold type of non-killkillkill questing to additional areas of the game? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A19: JWB - Variety is the spice of life! Yes. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q20: @scorp_71 Instance Finder was a perfect idea but never adopted by players.Do you plan to review it for Help solo players to group. A20: JWB- We're looking into it. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Q21: @DaveFortin are there plans to allow mounted combat in future regions? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A21: LS- Yes. We already have MC content in development. It's in the next region. Q22: @RannaDylin @Floradine_S: What are your plans to protect RPers from forced emotes? A22: MZ- Plans? We're done with plans.We're testing a solution right now. A22b MF - In the meantime we're also putting in "serious business' locales, where those emotes won't work. Q23: @Drewoid13 Are there any plans to revamp questing in the 40s? A23: LS- Now that Moria is finished, we have our eye on lower levels, but no solid plans. Q24: @Icekiro_RK Hey, My house is really cold. Anyway to use some dragon fire to heat it up?!? A24: JWB - Draigoch drops an animated fireplace. Q25: WhitewolfUK-What were your thoughts on releasing the Rohan cluster into two separate releases. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A25: MZ - This balanced approach allows us to focus more on individual spaces. Speed is often the enemy of quality… #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A25b:Cramming them all into one release can seriously bring the overall quality level down. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A25c:It also allows us to work on more long-term improvements that need to simmer at the same time. #LOTRO #DEVCHAT A25d: JWB-It was a very hard decision.We'd prefer to release it as a whole.But it's more important to have quality gameplay. #LOTRO That wraps it up! Thanks for all the great questions! Hope we answered some of your top ones! #LOTRO
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