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Accumulative thread for official statements

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I hope, that "accumulative thread" is the correct term for what I suggest.

Since we cannot expect, that the officials at Turbine will recognize this forum, I suggest that we start an "accumulative thread", where every user can quote official statement that were made in the Turbine-forums. Everybody can post an official statement he or she has found, no discussions in this thread, just the pure statements.

Possible template for the posts in this thread:

1. The topic or the context to which the statement is related to.

2. The statement as a quote. If the statement is a reaction to a question from the community, the question should be part of the quote as well.

3. Direct-link to the statement (this is the small "#number" in the top-right corner of the posts in the Turbine-forums).

An example


Concerning the support of the roleplay-servers.

We did seriously consider marking Landroval an official RP server, but as Elderban points out there were simply too many issues. Suddenly enforcing a rule set on an entire player base, many of whom never joined the server for RP, would simply have been unfair.

After the transition, US players will have something they have never had before; the ability to create a character on a world that officially supports Role Playing.

Link to the related discussion.


End of example

The subforums of the foreign languages may contain an accumulative with the translation of the statements.

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