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Please can we use this forum to discuss lotro instead of Turbine?

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I think the idea and concept of this forum is a great idea: a place where you can discuss important issues without turbine's censorship. However it now seems slightly that nothing is discussed on these forums about the game itself. The huge majority of topics discuss turbine.

For this forum to become a genuine alternative to the 'official forums' maybe we could start actually discussing lotro instead of turbine. Because currently I think a lot of people are not interested in posting here, because they look at the thread list and only see threads bitching about turbine.

Thanks for reading.

p.s I agree with most of you about turbine, I just think we should start discussing the game a bit more instead of turbine's issues.

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If you have a topic other than "bitching about bitching about Turbine" or the plain old "bitching about Turbine" then go ahead and post it.

If you want somebody to talk about something new and different, why don't you go ahead and be that somebody.

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Much as I hate to have to agree with the undiplomatic Toe... Yep, I agree with what you're saying, Grin, but I do also agree that you have to start a topic. I'm not comfortable with starting random topics for the sake of making noise. We'd be better off, perhaps, if more people were the same - less "aren't Turbine shite" threads... ;)

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