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To Arms!

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To Arms!

Beset by war, besieged by orcs,

we fight tonight with no support.

Defend our halls with axes high.

To Arms! To Arms! Tonight our foes will die.

They come in hordes to pillage our homes.

This must stop here, else their sin will roam.

We stand tonight, for clan and kin.

To Arms! To Arms! To end their wretched sin.

Our Bards will sing our tale for ages.

Statues carved to bare our faces.

Our women await a triumphant return.

To Arms! To Arms! For glory our foes will burn.

Beyond our hall they shall not pass.

For clan and kin, we must stand fast.

Who will stand, when the last orc's slain?

To Arms! To Arms! Our honor's earned today.

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